Best Tablets For Seniors 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Tablet for Seniors

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageApple iPad
  • 9.7-inch Retina display
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
ptsntbl-table__imageSamsung SM-T290NZKAXAR
  • Watch up to 13 hours on a full charge
  • 8-Inch display with dual speaker
  • Slim, lightweight and metallic finish design
ptsntbl-table__imageAsus MB169B
  • 15.6 inch Full HD display
  • Sleek and metallic finish
  • 2-way adjustable stand and protective sleeve
ptsntbl-table__imageApple iPad Mini
  • 7.9-inch Retina display with antireflective coating
  • 8MP camera and 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life of continuous use
ptsntbl-table__imageSamsung Galaxy Tab E
  • Stream video up to 12 hours
  • 9.6-inch display
  • Expandable storage up to 128 GB

Although buying a desktop gives a wider operating scope, it is a hassle to maintain it. You have to collect and install each of its parts starting from a mouse to the CPU.

To top it off, the desktop is cornered to one particular area as mobility calls for a humongous problem.

Smartphones are all the rave now. But the extensive radiation and small display lead to severe headaches. Long hours of watching the tiny screens is detrimental to the eyesight.

Some complex smartphones cause trouble for those who are not technology friendly.

If you want to gift your grandparents one such device that occupies their time and at the same time takes care of their every interest, what is better than the electronic gadgets that run on the internet.

However, a smartphone with its display and control inadequacies and immobility of the desktop is not suitable for seniors. Instead, the best option comes in the form of tablets.

They are portable, convenient, and light. A slim design permits long hours of hand-held operation with little to no discomfort. One of the best gifts for both the tech-savvy seniors and amateur elderly.

Tablets are created to complement the user and his/her taste, thus, operating any application is comfortable.

This article takes you on a roller-coaster of various best-selling tablets available on Amazon and their descriptions are penned after tireless rounds of researching.

Hopefully, you will find one of the best tablets for seniors, according to your taste, among those mentioned.

Providing the best tablets for seniors is not the ultimate aim, you would also acquire an insight into the world of these nimble devices and learn how to invest profitably.

Top 20 Best Tablet for Seniors 2021

1. Apple iPad, Space Gray

Apple iPad best Tablet for seniorsExpectedly, the tablet to take the first position among the bestsellers is an Apple iPad. Push off the usual monochrome hues and silver casing, this tablet sports an uncommon yet lucrative space gray color.

Why is it one of the best tablets for seniors?

Let’s take a look.

The 9.7-inch Retina display tablet has features supporting all activities that you can bestow upon gadgets.

The thoughtfulness of Apple manufacturers burst out with the powerful technology. Such technology was designed to assist everyone. Seniors with any kind of shortcomings can avail features like Vision, Hearing, Physical and Motor Skills, and Literacy and Learning; simply calling for the ever-dependable Siri would do the work without really lifting a finger.

Adjustable display colors work to provide visibility in any circumstances, although you can have the content readout if you have difficulty in reading.

The Hallmark of Apple is the Touch ID, where your data is kept secure as the iPad can only be unlocked using a fingerprint sensor. Simultaneously, iCloud backs up all your data in case you lose them in the future.

The spacious screen was designed to cater to multi-touch. The drag and drop peculiarity eases the movement of texts and files from one app to another. The smooth sailing feature has the power to make your work more interesting as you add colour to it with just a slide.

The large screen displays vivid colors which makes it hard to keep it away. Also, the iOS 11 brings the Dock into the limelight.

Multitasking has entered a new era.

With Wi-Fi LTE support, video playing is conditioned and uninterrupted. Especially when you can exploit the tab for 10 hours after quick charging.

iPad exhausts itself by offering a plethora of activities – from watching movies, editing, photography, drawing, creating to documenting.

The Apple Pencil works similar to a normal one, with which you can jot down important points or draw, paint, sign, etc.

An A10 Fusion chip and an HD camera work simultaneously to give a fast pace arresting imagery, especially when you want to experience Augmented Reality technology.


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Black

Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackThe second best-selling tablet being Samsung Galaxy Tab is not quite surprising. Samsung has been upping their game with every invention, trying hard to occupy, if not the same, the next position to Apple devices.

Subscribe to Samsung Kids, separately, to enjoy some quality time with your grandchildren. You can monitor their playtime, and engage in educational activities alongside them.

Though the storage space is a mere 16 GB, internally, you have the option to expand it to 200GB by sliding an SD card through the dedicated slot. Post which, you are able to save images, videos, movies, and games in abundance.

A 10-inch crisp display offers a 1920×1200 pixels resolution. This way, you get to sustain images that look vividly real and sharp.

On the other hand, the octa-core processor leads to a proficient operation. Multitasking has never been so fluid and watching videos repeatedly that too for 13 hours long, is left unhindered.

Samsung Quick Connect can connect your unit to the television for family viewing, and the Samsung Smart Switch can transfer your data from your tab to your Samsung Galaxy device with just a single touch.

Although you receive a multi-window mode, it is not applicable for every app.

Ram – 2 Gb
Hard Drive – 16 Gb Hybrid Drive
Dimensions – 6.1 X 0.3 X 10 Inches
Power Source – Battery


3. Asus MB169B USB Portable Monitor

Asus MB169B USB Portable MonitorThe world’s lightest and willowy tablet, ASUS MB169B, takes third place among the bestsellers.

This wide 15.6-inch monitor portrays prolific portability and a metallic finish. Being a USB-powered monitor, the box includes a USB cable that is used for video signaling and to achieve a complete high definitive quality.

The 3.0 USB cord can be connected to another device. In this manner, you can set up a mobile, or a second monitor and experience top-class resolution while exchanging photographs or videos or gaming.

Having a 0.3-inch width, it will feel as if you are carrying a feather in your hand. Such a thin piece can be brittle as durability is questioned.

Toggling between portrait and landscape mode, the intuitive tab can sense your orientation and switch its position.

Wedged along with the tablet is an ASUS Smart Case including a protective sleeve and an adjustable stand. It also offers a warranty for 3 years.

Moreover, ASUS prevents blue light emissions from the device that might affect the eyesight of the user. A filter system minimizes the traces of blue light reducing stress and headaches.

Ram – 2 Gb
Dimensions – 18.3 X 12.5 X 3.4 Inches
Power Source – Battery


4. Apple iPad Mini 4, Silver

Apple iPad Mini 4, SilverApple equates excellence; and so is proven by the mini-tablet in question. A feather-light iPad is acutely slim and easy to hold.

A personal favorite of seniors, this 7.9-inch Retina display has a fabulous 8MP camera – although the shutter speed is a bit disappointing – to cater to your inner photographer.

Nevermind that, have you ever heard of an HD front camera?


Well, this little fellow here proudly shows off one, FaceTime will now make you look interesting.

The multi-touch screen is coated with an anti-reflective layer and secures your documents with a Touch ID feature.

The mini has a slower memory response compared to any other Apple tabs, therefore, it is more economical to purchase one with 128GB internal storage. The speakers are extremely monophonic. Such a downside can be a turn-off if the mini is not connected to a stereo.

An operating system running on iOS 9 and chipset of A8 is sufficient for performance based on the mini, however, when compared to the Pro, it feels slower.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Black

Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackThe Tab E boasts a 9.7 inch, spacious screen were watching your favorite videos and reading your favorite books can go uninterrupted with approximately 20 hours of battery life.

Although sporting a standard resolution, the tablet is gifted with a separate FHD resolution (1920x1080pixels) for videos. WiFi connection is mandatory for browsing the Web. However, the experience will depend solely on the connection speed.

Tab E runs low on storage space with a mere 16GB internal memory and half of it being occupied by the device. You can expand to 128GB through a micro SD card making it easier for you to store pictures, videos, movies, and games.

Switch between a video and camera mode. You take clear video calls and vibrant selfies through the 5MP front camera. The rear camera provides two advanced features; namely the Panoramic mode and Continuous Shots mode.

With the former, you can encourage an entire shot to be captured in one take. Whereas, the latter can chop down a sequence shot by shot.

The Samsung Galaxy Essentials widget and Samsung app are two additional features. While the widget showers you with necessary applications befitting your preferences, the application assists you to call for customer support, exclusive content, and device tips.

Ram – 1.5 Gb Ddr3
Hard Drive – 16 Gb Flash Memory Solid State
Dimensions – 5.9 X 0.4 X 9.5 Inches
Power Source – AC and Battery


6. Apple iPad, Black

Apple iPad, BlackAn Amazon Renewed Product that is refurbished, tweaked and cleaned to give you a new model. Such a product comes with a Refund guarantee, according to which, if you face any technical glitch or malfunctioning, they will replace the product or give you a refund, without question.

The refurbished products usually come with a 90 days warranty and Amazon ensures that those sellers who possess a high-performance remark can sell a refurbished product.

This iPad doesn’t include cellular support, but it functions very well under available WiFi hotspots. The iOS 6 can be upgraded to the latest operating system too.

The 9.7 inch LCD display iPad offers a mighty performance with top-notch video playing facility. Such a robust activity stems from a dual-core processor along with an Apple A6X chipset and PowerVR Graphics coprocessor.

The screen is equipped with a back-lit scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating to certify multi-touch function.

As usual, the Apple iPad is best known for its camera. The 5MP rear camera has an autofocus ability while the 1.2MP sensor in front has a face detection mode.

Ram – 2 Gb
Hard Drive – 16 Gb
Dimensions – 7.3 X 9.5 X 0.3 Inches
Power Source – Battery


7. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Silver

Samsung Galaxy Tab, SilverDo your grandparents love to draw? Or have a flair for artistic scapes?
Then this is one of the best tablets for seniors at your home.

Accompanied with an S Pen and a detachable keyboard, this device lives up to the benchmark created by Samsung and their Galaxy series.

As the description so beautifully states, Tab is indeed a blank canvas where you can pour out your heart’s content. Whether you use it for gaming or productive work it will stand by your side with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

One cannot award it as the best tablet for the elderly depending on a few features. Tab surpasses all with a staggering expandable memory of 400GB.

The tablet sports four speakers affixed on each corner for booming sound quality and is tuned with AKG. Such a technique enables intuitive navigation that follows your movement and is oriented with online streaming.

A theatre-like feel is perceived with the out-of-the-world AMOLED display as you encounter colorful details with every swipe. The cinematic experience is enhanced when videos stream without any lags due to two of the best quad-core processors – 2.1 GHz and 1.6 GHz.

Now, we come down to the revolutionary invention of Samsung- the S Pen. The stylus requires no charging as it performs to the best of its abilities. It is adept at responding at the slightest pressure and can be used to translate, paint and move about the screen smoothly.

A detachable keyboard is added to give you the feel of touch and feel of a laptop. It switches easily as per your convenience and the feather-light extra unit does not need to be charged.

The keyboard, however, is sold separately.

Ram – 4 Gb
Hard Drive – Flash Memory Solid State
Dimensions – 9.3 X 6.7 X 0.2 Inches
Power Source – Battery


8. Fusion5, Oreo Tablet PC

Fusion5, Oreo Tablet PCThe latest Fusion5 is certified with Android 8.1 Oreo OS. Gaming or streaming videos are no longer punctuated with unnecessary buffers as the robust operating system caters to it.

With a standard resolution of 1280×800 pixels, the 10.1 inch IPS display screen satiates you with high-quality images and colourful angles.

Slimmer than its fellow devices, the rear panel has a scratch-resistant coat to prevent wear and tear.

It has a 32GB storage space which can be expanded up to 128GB using a TF card. An inbuilt Wi-Fi sports a 2.4 GHz radio band and 4.0 Bluetooth. These can be connected to various peripherals in order to play music or videos.

With 2GB RAM and an A35 quad-core processor, you can perform endless gaming fluently. The plastic casing has a durable front coupled with a pre-applied protective screen guard.

Although one of the eye-catching drawbacks is the camera quality. A mere 2MP rear and 0.3MP front camera capture poor photographs. The battery life of 5000 mAh works only for 5 hours consistently and requires periodic charging. Thirdly, the maximum volume range is less audible compared to its competitors.

The unit is designed to serve various connective outlets. It contains a micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone port, TF card flash, a mini HDMI slot, and speakers. The low speaker audio-ability can be boosted with the SpeakerBoost app available in the Playstore.

Nevertheless, the box includes an inbuilt LiPo battery, a CE charger warranty card, and a user manual.

Ram – 1 Gb
Hard Drive – 32 Gb
Dimensions – 11.7 X 9.6 X 1.8 Inches
Power Source – Battery


9. Asus ZenPad, Black

Asus ZenPad, BlackZenPad, with its large 10 inch IPS screen, is perfect for those seniors who have a visibility weakness. Although the size and weight might hinder portability, it can be used as a mini laptop.

The 64-bit quad-core processor makes the navigation swift and the response, fluid. Driven by MediaTek chip, the Marshmallow 6.0 and ASUS ZenUI present unlimited access to more than a thousand features.

Although under $200, the ZenPad with its exceptional RAM rivals an iPad in its quality. The vinyl textured material at the back makes gripping evidently firmer.

A DTS headphone is required to feel the power of the audio speakers, which is quite off-putting. Another downside is its cameras. Dual 5MP and 2MP Pixelmaster might possess an assortment of modes, but they do not provide satisfactory results.

These drawbacks are made up of its splendid display. The ASUS VisualMaster consists of a horde of enhancements engineered to offer picturesque imagery.

Tru2Life technology along with an ambient sensor helps you to control the brightness in accordance with the glare. Ergo, using it outdoors is hassle-free.

The HD display has a 178° wide-angle viewing function, and colour clarity. The low light mode in the camera captures pictures even at night, without flash. These photos come out 400% brighter and are full of quality.

Along with a 64GB internal storage, you receive 100GB free storage in Google Drive, free for 2 years. You can also add an SD card up to 128GB to gain more space.

Another thoughtful feature is the Bluelight Filter. This reduces stress while reading, and protects your eyes from the damage incurred from the blue light. The filter minimizes blue light emissions and warrants a lavish viewership.

Ram – 2 GB LPDDR3L
Hard Drive – Flash Memory Solid State
Dimensions – 9.9 X 6.8 X 0.4 Inches
Power Source – Battery


10. Apple iPad Pro, Silver

Apple iPad Pro, SilverAs far as gadgets are concerned, none can come near an Apple iPad. A gorgeous silver weighing merely 1.85 lbs, the iPad Pro comes at an exorbitant price.

However, this 10.5-inch unit judiciously follows the quid-pro-quo philosophy.

Let us start with the security aspects this tablet employs. The fingerprint sensor IDs the user with a simple touch, ergo, your data and information are safely stored in the flat box.

Running the most versatile and advanced operating system, iOS presents an App store to browse through millions of applications, including an AI.

A 12MP rear camera adds to an oomph factor, whereby you get to capture breathtaking photographs. Apple is renowned for its unbeatable camera lens, aside from a sturdy unit.

Facetiming is even more intense with a 7MP front camera. Now, opt for group FaceTime and share screens with your people for better connectivity.

A 10 hours battery life does not tire out easily due to the powerful A10X Fusion chip. The Retina display feature and the LTE mode guarantee heightened performance in the streaming of videos and games.

Accessories like the Apple Pay app, a Smart keyboard, four speakers, a Lightning Connector, and Apple Pencil enhances your experience.


11. Simbans TangoTab, Black

Simbans TangoTab, BlackDelivered to you within a gorgeous red box and cased in faux leather, the Tango tab can be categorized as a perfect gift for your grandparents.

Android 8.1 Oreo gives you the platform to download and play endless games effortlessly – be it Angry Birds or Sims. Simultaneously, the 10 inch HD display screen acts as a catalyst towards showcasing a vivid array of colours while you watch videos or movies on your tab.

The inbuilt camera and microphone come in handy for photography and video calls, respectively. Apart from the characteristic Google Apps, you are permitted to download various apps like Facebook, Instagram, Photoshop from the Playstore.

Being the most affordable Android tab, it has a screen protector already affixed and a quad-core MediaTek CPU. Thus, enabling efficient multitasking.

No other tablet has such a vast range of connectivity options as that of Tango. Two USB ports- full and micro, mini HDMI port, headphone jack, charging slot, and dual SD card flash are traced along the left side of the unit.

Besides the premium leather case, you receive a universal adaptor, 1 micro USB cable, and a user manual. The pre-applied screen protector hinders the responsiveness of the device, as it counters in a slow manner to every input.

A 32GB internal memory supports thousands of data collected and saved in the device, while the FCC and CE standard certification relieves us of poor quality manufacturing.

A 5MP rear camera captures raw pictures and videos. Save as many images as you want with an expandable memory of 128GB. The 2MP front camera simplifies your use while video calling.

A 1280×800 HD resolution brings you a whole new world of gaming, with crystal clear images and vibrant display. This tab can be connected to your television set with the HDMI port if you want to watch Netflix or play games in a wider area.

Ram – 2GB DDR3
Hard Drive – 32 Gb
Dimensions – 13.9 X 7.9 X 2.1 Inches
Power Source – 1 Lipo battery


12. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy TabThe popular Galaxy series have released yet another Tab to compete among the bestsellers. With additional features such as Samsung Flow, you will be pleased to wield such a user-friendly unit.

Samsung Flow connects Tab A with your smartphone, Samsung necessarily, so that you can share files, messages, texts with a simple slide.

Another feature unique to the Galaxy Tab series is the Bixby Home mode. Here, by inputting your daily routine and wishes, your device would provide you with news updates, weather reports, latest music religiously.

The 8-inch tablet is packed with a user manual and USB C charger. The 14 hours of long-lasting battery motivates the user to use the device to its full potential.

A high-definition display provides clarity to the photographs snapped using the 8MP camera. Although it is endowed with a flash, the low light mode rarely lets you use the former.

An HDR mode is more effective while taking landscapes and a 5MP front camera helps you snap moderate selfies or video chat with your family and friends.

When you have an internal memory of 32GB and an expandable one of 256GB, a shortage of entertainment should be the least of your worries.

YouTube Red, Music, and Samsung Kids are a few of the free facilities you enjoy for the initial 3 months, where you can download or play unlimited movies and music.

Ram – 2 Gb
Dimensions – 8.3 X 0.3 X 4.9 Inches
Power Source – Battery


13. Microsoft Surface, Black

Microsoft Surface, BlackThe product in question is an Amazon Renewed Product. Meaning, this has been tested and tweaked to look brand new with all the latest upgrades. A qualified supplier inspects it for any malfunctions before putting up for sale.

The biggest advantage of investing in a renewed product is the guarantee of a refund in case the device turns out to be defective.

The surface is a nimble device that sports 32GB of internal memory. An SD card slot extends the storage to 64GB and favors your desire to store plenty of data – images, videos, applications, and the like.

A delight to hold, the lithe Surface can be hooked up to your preferred media with a 4.0 Bluetooth and 2.0 USB port. A 720p HD camera captures ravishing photographs using LifeCam.

The above-mentioned kickstand offers a hands-free experience as you video chat with your friends or family. The 5 points multi-touch and a 16:9 form factor amplify the responsiveness of the screen.

When you want to possess a tablet that is both classy and user-friendly, the first name that pops up is Microsoft. A matte black, smooth finish ending with a back stand, for splendid support, is perhaps one of the best tablets for seniors.

Ram – 2 Gb
Hard Drive – 32 Gb
Dimensions – 10.8 X 6.8 X 0.4 Inches
Power Source – 1 Lithium Ion Battery


14. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Silver

Samsung Galaxy Tab, SilverA fan-favorite among the assortment of tablets gives the seniors ease of control and an extraordinary battery life of 10 hours. A user manual and a USB cable is packed with utmost care for heightening your experience.

Elders are on luck as Samsung offers a hot bulk of lucrative deals for the new users. After signing in with your Google account, the Google Play Music application allows access to YouTube Red and YouTube music. This offer, however, is valid for initial 3 months, after the end of the trial period it will be charged.

The 4x Digital display heightens the resolution more than any other counterpart. Each colour burst out vividly with 1200 x 800 pixels. The luscious design with a 16:10 form permits a comfortable hold, even for hours.

When you decide to purchase a particular gadget, you tend to sniff around any particular feature characteristic of that product. Since the consumers are the end to the brands’ means, they present you with a Bixby Home function. This mode serves you with content relevant to you, such as the weather, news, routine, etc.

The device performs on Android Nougat 7.1.1 operating system. The internal storage of 32GB can be extended to 256GB through an SD card.

When used moderately, the battery can last for an entire day without charge. A widget called Battery Solo is available in the Playstore for you to keep a tab on your battery life.

The 8MP camera comes with a flash- so you can click pictures even in the dark. 8 MP might sound like a low-quality camera, but you will be surprised at how clear the pictures turn out once snapped.

The audio quality is a major setback as one tiny speaker hardly rewards you with any satisfaction. In such a case, you can avail yourself the Bluetooth headset to augment your experience.

Ram – 2 Gb
Hard Drive – Flash Memory Solid State
Dimensions – 8.3 X 0.3 X 4.9 Inches
Power Source – 1 Lithium Ion Batteries


15. Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet, Black

Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet, BlackFusion5 has proved that Windows is the best OS when it comes to using tablets or computers. The upgraded version of the Intel Broadwell GPU processor together with the latest Windows 10 rewards the user with a breathtaking experience.

Wedged between an AC adapter, user manual, and USB charger, this device is the epitome of consumer-friendly as the user receives a US warranty for an entire year.

A TF card can be purchased separately, as the tab supports up to 256 GB of external storage. The 4.0 Bluetooth is another specialty, apart from the IG sensor.

Watching movies or playing games on a whopping 10 inches display remains uninterrupted for 6 hours. Correspondingly, the 4GB RAM enables you to use more than two windows at the same time.

You receive an exceptionally responsive system with the quad-core processor whereby the downloads working within a blink of an eye. Using a stylus for highlighting or selecting any data works effortlessly, however, it is not too dependable.

One of the crucial drawbacks is the sound quality. Although equipped with two speakers, the maximum volume is just audible. Employing a Bluetooth headset will omit this problem.

The ultra-slim tablet is a perfect device to be used while on the bed, for light surfing. Ergo, such simplified operations embody it as the best tablet for the elderly.

Hard Drive – 64 Gb
Dimensions – 12.4 X 10.6 X 1.6 Inches
Power Source – Corded-Electric


16. Sony Xperia, Silver

Sony Xperia, SilverThose who claim that older people prefer blandness are up for a shock. Sony, as usual, designs a compact tab for its Xperia series which bags the award for the chic-designed gadget.

If you want to add sophistication to your laid-back life, nothing can be better than this 9.4-inch screen.

Ascribing an unlimited amount of entertainment seems to be its second nature. This tablet sports a universal remote that can be paired to your television or cable box, rendering control with a single touch.

A quad-core Tegra 3, 1.4 GHz processor is accompanied by an NVIDIA GeForce graphics coprocessor, levying a slick control.

Sony is said to be corroding where the latest upgrades are concerned, nevertheless, the Xperia in question has the best battery backup of 10 hours- the highest compared to its fellow devices.

Ram – 1 GB DIMM
Hard Drive – 16 Gb
Dimensions – 10.7 X 10.2 X 1.6 Inches
Power Source – 1 Lithium Ion Battery


17. Lenovo Smart Tab, Black

Lenovo Smart Tab, BlackOne of the incredible characteristics of the Lenovo Smart tab lies in its screen. A 10″ display is sharpened with 1920×1000 pixels HD resolution. The Qualcomm 1.8 GHz processor enables an efficient two-in-one tablet.

Docking the device will convert itself to Alexa mode. The inbuilt Alexa will do as you command, whether it is to stream music or play movies; it notifies you about the weather conditions and the latest news.

Hands-free to give you access to endless Alexa functions- from setting a timer to dimming the lights with a simple voice recognition facility. The dual speakers affixed in front supported by Dolby Atmos enhance your musical experience with booming sound streaming from Spotify or iTunes.

Additionally, the 3W speakers attached in the dock augments your home to an experience similar to that of a theatre. Your smart home is perfected with a smooth operative style owing to the Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor.

The 3GB internal storage can be expanded up to 326 GB when you add an SD card of your choice.

On one hand, 8.5 hours of battery life draws users towards this gadget; on the other hand, the handling of this gadget turns out to be challenging, especially for a senior.

Ram – 3 Gb
Hard Drive – 16 Gb Hybrid Drive
Dimensions – 11.2 X 2 X 9.2 Inches
Power Source – Corded-Electric, Battery


18. Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet, Grey

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet, GreySeniors seldom need an active, energetic lifestyle. They prefer to sit down with either a book or a movie and spend hours relaxing. After all, spending an entire life racing demands moments of peace from a certain age.

Dell Venue is the best tablet for the elderly that is manufactured to suit the seniors and their desires. A plethora of reading apps can be installed and comfortably read using the Reading mode- be it Kindle or Nook or Google books).

An 8.4″ OLED edge-to-edge display magnifies the operation, simultaneously, the 16 GB storage capacity provides ample space to save photos and videos.

Optimal browsing is acquired when the Intel Atom processor Z3580 clocks at a 2.3 GHz speed and a 10 point touch is activated. Dell Venue’s operating system can be updated from Android 4.4 KitKat to Lollipop 5.0.

7 hours of battery contributes to hours of photography employing both 2MP front and 8MP rear cameras. Regardless of how attractive the 2560 x 1600 pixels sound, the short life of this tablet is a put-off.

Hard Drive – 16 Gb
Dimensions – 8.5 X 0.2 X 4.9 Inches
Power Source – 1 Lithium Metal Battery


19. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Black

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, BlackThe description of such an award-winning contraption is hard to pen briefly. With innumerable astounding features, Xperia Z4 can be called as one of the best tablets for seniors.

While you exploit the 5.1 front camera video chatting and the 8.1 (rear) for photography, the ultra-thin and lightweight tab will not feel like a burden in your hands. In fact, this one is perfect for handling with one hand.

A 6000 mAh battery brings you the advantage of using the tab for 2 days without charging. Both the camera and keyboard are NFC as well as Bluetooth enabled.

You can watch videos, movies, or play games in high definition with a Hi-Res Audio – 10.1″ 2k display effortlessly. The quad-core Snapdragon processor alongside a waterproof design is a deadly combination.

Family time is amplified when you, along with your grandparents get an opportunity to play PS4 games using the PS4 Remote Play option in Z4.

Although it qualifies with the highest water-resistant rating, the tab should not be projected underwater or in saltwater, especially with the ports unclosed. The micro SD slot can support an additional 200GB of data, apart from the 32GB native storage.

Ram – 3GB
Hard Drive – 32 Gb
Dimensions – 6.6 X 10 X 0.2 Inches
Power Source – Battery


20. Toshiba Excite AT275T32 Tablet

Toshiba Excite AT275T32 TabletToshiba, with its endless collection of gadgets, manufactured a new range of Excite tablets to make your life even easier. Among the family of Excite, we bring you the AT275 model which is best known for its 3G sim card slot.

Being the only one to possess such a feature in its range, this tablet delivers power-packed performance along with its engineered design.

Packed along with an AT275 ac adapter, this lightweight tablet boasts an AMOLED, 7.7 inches screen protected by a gorilla glass and cased in aluminum/magnesium covering.

Besides putting up a durable front, it also has a quad-core processing speed of 1.4 GHz, conducted with the help of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Excite AT275 features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a Bluetooth keyboard.

A 5 MP rear webcam gives you high-quality pictures of 1280×800 pixels. Furthermore, you can play games or watch movies endlessly with an extended battery life of 9 hours. Both the input and output is quick and efficient with the hard drive rotating at 5400 pm.

Although it is inclined towards an expensive purchase and might possibly have a life of 2 years, with the features AT275 attributes what more do you want?

Hard Drive- 32 Gb
Dimensions- 1.4×8.3×11.8 Inches
Power Source- Corded – Electric, Battery


Best Tablets for Seniors: Factors to Consider

Choosing the best tablet for the elderly can be arduous, particularly when the elders have a variety of unique needs.
However, you should not purchase any product before careful analysis. The purpose that the device shall serve has to be clear, along with the experience and physical limitations possessing the seniors.

The device you aim to possess should be efficacious. The goal behind purchasing must be fulfilled so that the device caters to each of your needs.

Aside from reviewing a number of best-selling tablet devices for the elders, we also researched the determinants which one should keep in mind while selecting a product. Whether you come across one with umpteen positive remarks or a brand new model, obtaining an in-depth idea about the requirements, is always required.

Some of the key factors are mentioned below:

1) Purpose Of Use

Once you decide to buy a device, the foremost priority is to think about its objective. Why must you purchase a tablet?

Determining the reason for using the tablet is easy- some prefer it for the convenience and portability it provides while working; while others wish to play games or for multimedia consumption.

Now, picking the best tablets for seniors is a tad bit different from a working adult or a playful kid.

Seniors mostly long for devices that connect them to their loved ones. Technology is capable of bringing friends and family close.

Through video chat or social media the elderly members of your family can happily stay united.

Some tech-savvy seniors prefer the convenience of tablets for photography, editing, or working on spreadsheets.

Other than these, you can utilize the contraption for reading Ebooks, browsing the internet, online shopping and banking, sending emails, playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and printing documents.

2) Physical Capabilities

With age, our physical capabilities take a hit. Solving labyrinthine mechanisms might not have sounded wearisome during the 20s, the seniors yearn for less complex devices.

Similarly, spending hours at one place feel strenuous. Tablets bring portability without the hassle of carrying a long and heavy cord for charging.

Moreover, the touch control features benefit those who face difficulty navigating a mouse. If this seems hard, imagine assembling an entire computer unit and setting it up?

Laborious, isn’t it?

Tablets also benefit their users despite the physical limitations. You can hold it in your hands while lying down or place it on a dock, wherever convenient, and commence working.

If you struggle to hold these devices in your hands, you can opt for tablet stands made especially for such occasions. The voice recognition features imbibed in tablets will help you in operation.

3) Size And Weight

Tablets are designed to be held for longer periods of time. Therefore, both the size and weight are important constituents. A lightweight, but the durable tablet is often favored, unlike a hefty and wide one.

The lightness of the tablets is a catalyst for their mobility.

The best tablet for the elderly must feel comfortable while hand-held, like its dimensions, measures neither too small nor too large.

Not every perfect-sized tablet can be suitable for you. On average, the products sport a width of 7 to 10 inches. You may bargain for others measuring 8/8.5/9 inches.

Settling for the one you feel comfortable with is a wise choice. Simply certifying your preferred dimensions will not end your search. The choice of the display screen is another important aspect.

These days display screens are created to serve various purposes – eye-care mode being its primary one. From LED to RETINA to AMOLED, these myriad choices reward you with the best operating experience.

Display screens are followed by their resolution. Although you get 1280×800 pixels at a cheaper rate, the 1920×1080 is termed the ideal resolution. The high-definition displays assist in better viewership at any angle.

Aside from resolution, screens also possess factors such as coating, viewing angles, and brightness. The brighter the display, the more visible it will be under the sun.

4) Comfort Zone

We strive to make our lives more comfortable each day. Thus, the invention of technology is so widely appreciated. The burden of our work is lessened and made quicker than an average human.

Our elders have encountered a fair share of struggle during their young age, so naturally, after retirement, they desire an opulence.

One essential determinant for the tablets is the UI. For seniors who are not well acquainted with the latest technical upgrades or are habituated with the traditional desktop interfaces, struggles arise with intricate systems.

Such instances require the intuitive touch facilities of the tablets.

When you buy a complete desktop set, you need a particular location to park it. Tablets, on the other hand, are handy enough to be carried from one part of the house to another, and even outside.

5) Storage And Features

Compared to desktops or laptops, tablets have lesser internal storage space. One of the drawbacks of sporting a solid storage facility.

Referring to the proverb – where there is a will there’s a way – you are given an opportunity to expand the built-in storage space. Among the Android devices, most possess an external slot for a memory card, known as the microSD card.

The Apple iPads, unfortunately, do not support any unit for external storage. Here, you solely depend on the cloud to expand your internal limit.

If the key purpose of using the tablet is to surf the net and read books or send emails, 16GB of space should suffice the user. Once you try to download extra applications or videos, the quantity of memory will be exhausted in no time.

Such cases demand a higher storage capability, ranging from 64GB to 128GB and more. Whereby, downloading innumerable games, songs and movies does not threaten the amount of space provided.

The common storage space available is around 16GB to 32GB. Both IOS and Android incorporate 64GB of space, while the latter can extend it up to 128GB externally.

Similarly, for the mere task of emailing and reading books, you can opt for a tablet owning exclusively those features. While photography and gaming require powerful battery life, storage, and additional keyboards.

6) Applications And Service

Apart from the basic applications that are pre-installed in the tablets, you need to make sure the additional ones you require are available for download or purchase.

These extras must be in accordance with your taste and purpose of use. If you aim to send emails consisting of presentations or have a flair for graphics, multimedia, and documentation applications can be chosen.

Photography usually requires a good camera, editing, and photoshopping apps; various gaming apps for games – simple or complicated; movie apps; and music applications.

The more applications you download, the higher storage space you will need.

Another ongoing trend is purchasing a refurbished product. A refurbished tablet is not a new unit, it is an old model tweaked to seem as new. However, the refurbished units work pretty similarly to a new one.

Before you purchase any particular unit, note down the services they offer once you land in a quagmire with your device. With every best-selling tablet, you receive a minimum of 12 months of US warranty – some companies even extend it to 2 to 3 years.

US warranty guarantees free servicing for your tablet in case of any technical glitch or system collapse in various company service centers sprayed over the USA.

7) Ram And Operating System

Tablets come with a RAM between 1GB to 4GB. Storing data and performance of the device is accomplished briskly with a higher range of RAM.

Furthermore, you need to be on the lookout for your preferred operating system. Different tabs have different operating systems.

Windows is the most widely known operating system available in the market. Elderly people are habituated with this age-old interface as it runs on every device starting from tablets to desktops.

Unfortunately, Windows are more susceptible to malware and frequent updates. Ergo, the safer option is the Apple iOS for tablets. They are sturdy, convenient, and secured – appropriate for every senior.

Android, unlike the above-mentioned operating systems, comes in a plethora of versions. Originally created by Google, Android has its manifold versions customized by Amazon.

8) Connectivity And Battery Life

Each tablet is equipped with WiFi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. Cellular support enables the use of a sim card, through which you can access the internet service. Such a feature helps in browsing and downloading data in places where WiFi availability is uncertain.

Speaking of WiFi hotspots, it is important to know which forms they would support. One of the easiest ways to overcome the arising problems is to support either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio bands.

Using Bluetooth, the device can be connected to other units in order to play music or keyboards to enjoy games.

It is hard to understand the average battery life of the tabs as it depends upon power loads. Repeated downloads, watching videos and movies, and playing games extensively can lower the battery life than promised.

Though a good tablet is said to have an approximate battery life of 8 hours, heavy usage of the device can lead to the rapid deduction.

9) Pocket Pinch

Last but not the least, budget is one key factor that determines your choice of tablet. Tablets with more than the necessary features, both WiFi and Cellular support, an uncountable number of accessories, and higher RAM will certainly cost more.

Apple iPads, despite being the most convenient tab, are quite expensive than an Android one. Where an Android unit can cost $200 and above, the price range for an Apple iPad starts from $500.

Ultimately, it is you who have to decide the price you want to pay to achieve the best tablets for seniors.

Best Tablets for Seniors: The Choice is Yours

Tablets being the current trend for portable computing bridges the gap between laptops and smartphone devices both in terms of size and functionality.

They are best suited for browsing, gaming, reading, and watching movies anywhere and anytime.

While on an exploration you will come across a few dealers who might trick you into buying a malfunctioning unit or bestow you false information about the product they are trying to sell.

Hence, whenever you search for the best tablet for the elderly, make sure to take into account all the considerations that are laid down in this article.

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