Best Cellphone Plans For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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As the world walks towards becoming technologically advanced, the constant need to be on the phone to stay connected to the world keeps increasing.

No matter how much our parents keep nagging us for being addicted to our mobiles, the truth remains that with the introduction of internet services worldwide, everyone has been constantly feeding on online information. The figures of sharing, chatting, blogging, marketing, etc., have all been simply increasing day by day.

To access these net services we often browse through various plans to avail the cheapest option possible. This might be the case for most of us young people. However, there are a number of plans specifically put forward for senior citizens according to their needs. This article will deal with informing you about the best cell phone plans for seniors.

The usability criterion for senior citizens may vary from individual preference. Our parents and grandparents might have become tech-savvy with the rest of the world and their internet consumption might be more than ours. Some of them might want to keep it simple with just texting and calling. Others might have mood swings to decide what they want. Whatever the case is, we’ve got you covered.

The article talks about the famous telecommunication providers of the United States. Each category caters to one service provider and their senior cell phone plans.

1. Verizon

Verizon is a subsidiary owned by Verizon Communications. It’s a telecommunication provider functioning in the US and is quite popular among cell phone users.

Most Liked Internet Plan

$80 for 2 Lines ($40 each)

This plan is specifically designed for the 55 age group. To buy this plan, you’ll have to register yourself on the online platform of Verizon, pass the eligibility criteria (which is to be 55 years or older), and then add the service you’re interested in. If you’re an existing user, you’d have to simply check for your eligibility and buy this plan.

It’s an extremely cheap option as compared to the other plans Verizon has to offer. Such cell phone plans for seniors can even be used as a shared connection in the family. The service can be activated only for a 55 individual, but the connection can be shared on two mobiles. You can connect unlimited smart gadgets, etc., and enjoy buffer free online streaming facilities.

Verizon is deemed to provide the best cell phone plans for seniors, and rightly so!

Let’s look at the services you’d get in this plan:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE internet connection
  • Unlimited Calls and Text
  • HD Streaming
  • Verizon Up Rewards
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

The facilities given at $80 per month for a twin connection is a knock off deal. If you’re a senior citizen who loves to be on the Gram or simply love watching online documentaries at home, you should definitely purchase it. The unlimited HD video streaming, topped with unlimited calls and texts, will keep you updated and connected with the world and your loved ones.

Verizon is a trusted telecommunication company and its services have always been impeccably cheap and affordable for every age group.

Other Plans By Verizon

Verizon Go Unlimited Plan For Senior

Verizon is often known to be the pricey yet useful cousin of other network operators in the US. The price cap of Verizon is mostly on the higher side but the offers and network coverage it provides is incomparable. For our beloved golden agers, affordable pricing, discounts, and operator security have been the major reasons for its popularity. With Verizon, you can be absolutely tranquil about emergency contacting or impromptu facetime. The network will never falter and so won’t the pockets.

This one’s a specific plan for people residing in Florida. It can be activated by those who are 55 and are in Florida. The discounted price can be availed only in the prescribed region. Therefore, this one would work only for a select few. Nonetheless, if granny and grandpa decide to travel to another state while the plan is active on the cell phone, Verizon is going to let them keep it. With the autopay option, they’d be able to avail a 20% discount. Isn’t that amazing?

The cost of Verizon Go Unlimited is $60 per month. It offers various benefits such as:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited texting
  • Unlimited data tethering
  • Bonus benefits in Canada and Mexico

If grams and pops are not in Florida, they can avail the same benefits but at a tweaked price. For regions outside Florida, they’d have to pay $75 per month.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a subsidiary brand name for a German telecommunication company, Deutsche Telekom AG. It’s quite popular in the US as it has the cheapest price for great plans. It’s a GSM service provider that offers the cheapest internet services.

Cheapest Plan For Grandpa/Grandma

T-Mobile PayGo

This plan is for our old lovelies who like to keep the usage of phones minimal. The plan not only would provide an inexpensive alternative to our grandparents to stay connected but also keeps them clear from incurring huge bills to pay.

It’s one of the most widely activated senior cell phone plans for obvious reasons. Our grandparents have lived life to the fullest and never relied on the internet for anything. The authenticity of letters, timeless love stories based on pure feelings and trust, uncountable memories that have been imprinted in their minds forever; that’s exactly how some of them want to live now as well.

The PayGo plan has exactly that to offer. No, they won’t let them send letters or print the memories of good old days on paper. But it would keep their lifestyle almost the same with the security of connecting to you as and when required.

What’s the deal? Here it is:

  • 100 call minutes
  • 3 cents per additional minute
  • 100 texts
  • 1 cent per additional text
  • 100MB 4G LTE data
  • 3 cents per additional MB

The deal holds all of these benefits for $3 per month. Yes! That’s how affordable T-Mobile has made it for our oldies. We can go on and on about the bang on deals T-Mobile has to offer but we’d save you time and just discuss the important points right now.

The plan has an add-on option that can be additionally activated if oldie goldies exhaust the existing limit. The 1-day add-ons have been mentioned in the chart already. However, there’s another option for weekly add-ons.

For 1 week of additional data, i.e., 1GB per week, they’d have to pay an amount of $10.

For 1 week of additional texting services, i.e., unlimited texts, they’d have to pay $10.

It’s likely that this offer can be a contender for the Guinness Book Of World Record for the cheapest wireless services across the United States.

Other Plans by T-Mobile

T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55

What could be better than being able to connect to your loved ones no matter which part of the world they live in? The augmentation of internet services has bridged the gap beautifully and the technology-driven world is making its use easier and simpler.

T-Mobile has been a pioneer in providing affordable deals on calls, texts, and internet. The Magenta Unlimited 55 is mindfully designed to be the best cell phone plans for seniors. The name says unlimited and it gives unlimited!

Want to know the plan benefits? Here they are:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited texting and 4G data roaming in 140 countries
  • No hidden terms and conditions

That’s a lot, isn’t it? The price is $50 per month and an added discount on the autopay option. The only requirement to avail of these benefits is that the registered user has to be 55 or older!

If the whole family wishes to avail of these mind-blowing benefits, you can opt for the 4-line option. You’d be getting a connection for 4 lines at $100 per month. That’s even cheaper than the previous offer. T-Mobile is definitely the year-round Santa Claus for everyone!

3. Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is a telecommunication brand that offers affordable and flexible communication options to old adults. Its plans cater to the older generation which does not use phones often and is not adept at managing fussy technical aspects.

The Most Affordable Plan

Consumer Cellular No-Contract Plan

Consumer Cellular has perfectly divided its plans on the basis of requirements, which makes it easy for users above 55 to choose from. The plans are divided into Talk plans and Connect plans.

This classification makes it absolutely simple to choose what the consumer wants. The well-designed structure of each cellular recharge works for all types of users. You won’t have to worry about canceling the plan either, because the no-contract policy lets the user end it without any termination fees. Not only that, but the user also does not have to pay any extra taxes or hidden charges. This transparency by Consumer Cellular makes it one of the most popular service providers in the States.

We’ve divided the plans accordingly for you to choose from:

Talk Only Plans
  • 250 minutes for $15 per month
  • Unlimited minutes for $20 per month

Connect To The World Plans

  • 250MB per $5
  • 2GB per $10
  • 5GB per $20
  • 10GB per $30
  • 20GB per $40

The best thing about Consumer Cellular’s mobile plans is that it gives the user absolute liberty to choose what they need as and when required. Much like the forgotten concept of consent, CC is quite firm in its beliefs and lets the customer choose what they need without any hidden taxes or fees.

The amount for each recharge is quite reasonable and affordable. You can get these benefits by bringing your own unlocked phone to the center or you can choose from a range of smartphones offered by the company. The thoughtful division of price tiers makes it easy to choose from and maintains the bills according to your usage.

4. AT&T

AT&T is a subsidized telecommunication firm that deals with providing affordable wireless connections to its consumers. The subsidiary was set up in 2017 and has set its mark in no time.

Pay As You May Plan for Oldies

AT&T GoPhone Daily

Not all goldies are tech-savvy or like being on their phones all the time. It’s probably never on their mind until they feel like FaceTime-ing their munchkins aka grandchildren or run some basic errands that require their cell phones.

Paying for days that they haven’t used the internet or communication services at all is like throwing that amount in the garbage. The value of money has been decreasing day by day, but our grandparents understand the value of it. Nothing would make them happier than saving a few bucks and paying only for what they’ve used.

Keeping this in mind, AT&T introduced GoPhone Daily. It’s one of the best cell phone plans for seniors. The mindful designing of the plan caters to the simple functioning of seniors. It has hands down been the best thing to come across lately!

Want the details? Read on!

  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited texting
  • Free incoming calls and texts
  • 100 MB data per $1

According to this plan, there would be one recharge of either $25 for 90 days or $100 for 1 year. This would be the base plan that is required to be activated before availing of the benefits. Once done, one can be relaxed about the phone bills. The charges would be charged 1 cent per minute for nationwide calls; 1 cent per text; and if your grandparents wish to use the interest they’d have to get an add-on of $1 per MB.

The best thing is that they won’t be paying anything for incoming texts and calls. There won’t be any charges for days when the services have not been used at all either. Isn’t this sounding like the best cell phone plans for seniors?

This would keep the bills in check and give grandma and grandpa the liberty to connect with you as and when they like!

Other Plans by AT&T

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

This one for the basic grams. The Senior Nation Plan by AT&T provides a load full of benefits sans an internet connection. It’s perfect for people above the age of 65, who are comfortable using the basic CDMA services.

The plan gives these services at a nominal price of $29.99 per month. Listed below are the major benefits available in this plan:

  • 200 anytime minutes
  • 500 weekend minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • No cancellation charge if you bring your own device

The anytime minutes work like Tinkerbell’s magic dust. The customer would be getting 200 anytime minutes to talk to anyone living in any zone of the country. Like magic dust, garms can use those specified weekday minutes to connect with family and friends. The same procedure goes for 500 weekend minutes, which means the customer would be getting an extra 500 minutes every weekend to catch up with the fam-jam. The cherry on top is that if they make a call from the AT&T network to another phone with the same network operator, no charges would be cut. Unlimited calling, with no hidden or extra charges at all!

The only drawback is the non-availability of data in this pack. However, for that AT&T has various other senior plans. This one for the old and gold basic grandparents who don’t like to fuss around the online world.

5. Ting

Ting operates on T-Mobile and Sprint’s carrier. It’s absolutely fast connectivity and reasonable pricing tiers make it perfect for old adults. The carrier divides the usage on the basis of talk, text, and data which is then highlighted on the bills. It means that you won’t have to pay for anything more than what you’ve used and the payment slip would reflect the services that you’ve been charged for.

The Build Your Own Plan

 Ting Single Line

Ting is a fairly new network and internet service provider in the American market. It was established in 2012. It’s a company based in Canada but does not provide service there.

Ting’s single line plan lets the user choose what services they’d want on their phone and pay only for what they’ve used. No hidden charges or taxes and absolutely no unnecessary terms and conditions attached.

Listed below are the prices and benefits of this pack:

  • The base price or activation charge is $6
  • $3 for 100 minutes
  • $3 for 100 texts
  • $3 for 100MB data

That’s how simple the division is. The above-quoted prices are the base. According to the needs of the individual, the tiers can be moved up. The higher prices would give you bigger benefits. However, since we’re talking about old people and assuming that they don’t use their phones often, this plan at the base level would work the best for them. In case they require more of any of the connectivity options, they can get the recharge done separately without affecting the price of other options. All details of the same would be reflected separately in the payment slip which makes it the best cell phone plans for seniors. There’s no other carrier that provides such comprehensive facilities to its users.

6. GreatCall

GreatCall is actually a health technology company that provides health safety products. It works over the Verizon network and specifically focuses on the senior strata. Its plans are thoughtfully designed for the old age generation.

Keeping It Simple Plans

GreatCall 250 Minutes

GreatCall services are exactly what you’d expect them to be–a great call. These services are extremely relevant to the needs of any average old aged person.

GreatCall offers its signature phone. The Jitterbug flip that has an incredibly easy-to-use interface. Big buttons, a bright screen, a loudspeaker and large display texts will make life easier for your grandparents. The cell phone is perfect for not so technologically advanced individuals and will prove to be of great help for their everyday call needs.

The plan includes a basic list of benefits that will work amazingly well on their JitterBug flip handset. To know what the benefits are, read on!

  • 250 minutes for calling
  • Health services (optional)
  • 5Star Urgent Response

The added health security benefits are valuable. The customer can add extra services such as weekly wellness calls, or daily wellness calls to their plan. After activation, health staff will call the client weekly or daily to check up on their regular health and if any health issues occur, they will immediately connect them to a hospital or look into the basic medical procedures until family or relatives arrive.

The JitterBug handset also has an emergency button that can be activated with the activation of 5Star Urgent Response. This feature will connect the caller to 911 in cases of emergency.

GreatCall gives out only calling facilitates in its basic plan however, the added health security is transcendent. The calling facility can be availed at $14.99 per month. For adding texting facilities an add-on of $3 is to be purchased that would give 300 free texts.

If your parents or grandparents are too old to learn the hi-tech shenanigans of a smartphone, give them GreatCall’s JitterBug. It is going to be the most thoughtful gift they’ve ever received.

Other Plans By GreatCall

JitterBug Smart2

There’s basically one plan that covers the important features that any old aged person would need. This one plan for $14.99 by GreatCall can be run on its CDMA and GSM handsets alike. There would be minimal changes to the plan on a GSM handset.

The JitterBug flip handset supports simple calling and texting. The other handset by GreatCall, JitterBug Smart2 is a smartphone that will work simply and give out required results. The smartphone is designed to have a bright screen, big buttons, easy navigation, etc., to assist seniors in stress-free usage. The company’s prime focus is to provide the best service options for the old class.

This handset will work with the $14.99 recharge. If there’s a need for the internet, a top-up of $2.49 will provide 40 MB data. As mentioned before, the health checkup calling facility and emergency calls will also be available on this smartphone. Doesn’t it add up to be one of the best cell phone plans for seniors?

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these plans are specifically designed for senior citizens who are not well-versed with the advanced technological gimmicks. If there’s a need for more than these basic facilities, GreatCall offers more options that can be explored. However, these options are just for our golden-agers.

7. Boost

Boost is a telecommunication brand that is operated by two companies in Australia and the United States. The US sect is under the subsidiary of DISH Wireless LLC. They use Sprint’s network to provide its services.

Unlimited and Affordable Deal

Boost Mobile Unlimited

Cool grandparents who like staying up-to-date with the world trends need a plan according to their taste. Their constant requirement of staying connected to the internet, well working calling and texting facilitates without errors is an absolute must.

Boost Mobile Unlimited provides just that. The plan is perfect for any tech-savvy senior and makes standard streaming an affordable and reliable option. An upgrade of $10 can be made for HD streaming. Gran is never going to be bored since she’d have a plethora of classics to choose and watch from.

At a monthly payment of $50, the following benefits will be provided:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited texts
  • 12GB for mobile tethering

That’s a lot for $50 per month. The offer can be used by youngsters as well however, we’re only talking about the senior group in this article. The mobile tethering option which provides additional data of 12GB can be used by other individuals.

The Boost Mobile services are owned and work on Sprint’s network. There’s a surety of no network lapses or connectivity issues. Gram’s can easily stay connected to whoever they wish to, without you worrying about their well being as Sprint has an efficiently well-structured network system.

The benefits provided at a cost of $50 per month is absolutely amazing. Unlimited calling, texts, and data will keep your grandparents or parents well entertained and connected all month long!

How Much Internet Does An Average Old Individual Need?

Since the introduction of the internet, it’s consumption has only increased. It’s nearly impossible to determine how much internet an average human needs since the usage varies vastly from person to person.

However, it’s possible to monitor the internet usage of an average senior citizen because they’re all not actively invested in the online world and use the internet for mostly generic purposes.

This would also help you choose the best plan for any old aged person at your place. Keeping a tab on how much internet they utilize in a day will do the job of understanding their needs and browsing through the plans accordingly.

Listed below are some everyday net requirements and how much data would that need at an average:

1. Web Browsing

Old people tend to surf the internet for the latest updates and news. The net consumption may vary from site to site considering the type of page you’re accessing. Although it’s the least data-consuming activity. Web browsing is quite popular amongst the older generation since they tend to like the ease of use. The information on online platforms is of great importance and this gives them a plethora of options to choose from.

If it’s a photo-heavy page, the consumption would be more as the loading of good quality pictures uses more MB’s. Sites such as Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc, will amount to heavy consumption of data. A simple textual content-driven page would comparatively utilize less internet. Although old people tend to spend more time reading online news or basic information, it won’t be a major problem for them. There would be minimal chances of them overstepping their monthly internet threshold. Even if they do, we’ve provided perfect plans to choose from that won’t let this become a problem.

Keeping all these factors in mind we’ve narrowed down to an approximate value of 60MB per hour i.s. 1MB per minute.

2. Facebook

Facebook might not be as loved by the younger generation but the interface has been quite popular amongst old-sys. What Instagram is to us, Facebook is to them.

Facebook is an extremely photo heavy site that automatically bumps up the MB count. The videos will significantly add up to internet usage too.

Regular usage of the Facebook app may add up to 80MB of data per hour. If the age-old web browsing method is used, it would account for comparatively lesser data.

3. Music

Music connects directly to the soul and it really doesn’t matter who the listener is. Music streaming has been a refreshing introduction in the online world. From 80’s classics to today’s EDM, all artists have found a way to connect to the audience regardless of their age. Our grandparents often end up feeling lonely and music can be their best friend at times like these. If you’re worried about the internet consumption it would take, significantly increasing the charges, don’t worry. We’ve estimated the requirement per song and have suggested some applications that stream good audio quality at low MBPS

Playing music online might take up approximately 12MB per song. That is if you choose music streaming apps like Spotify. However, Spotify provides users an option to reduce the quality of music which would lower the amount of data being used per song.

Other streaming platforms like Apple Music, Google Play Music will have different data usage requirements. The strength of your internet connection also plays a major role in deciding the streaming quality and MB consumption. High-quality audio would take around 10MB per song on Apple Music. For Google Play Music, the quality of the network would be a major factor to consider. At a stable speed, one song would utilize around 10-12MB data. However, with weaker signal strengths the app automatically reduces data usage.

The varied yet economical usage of data on music apps makes it easier to keep a check on internet consumption. It’s highly unlikely that gramps would have to worry about listening to too many songs because there’s nothing more fulfilling than a sweet classic playing around the house, filling the atmosphere with love and contentment!

4. YouTube

YouTube has been a source of visual entertainment for everyone around the world. The growing popularity of the site with amazing videos to binge-watch on has made it quite popular in youngsters and seniors alike.

YouTube decides the quality of the video you’re playing automatically, based on the signal strength. You can expect using up to 300MB data per hour on YouTube.

If you’re using the live streaming option, the data usage may vary according to the quality of the stream.

5. FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the most popular applications that come pre-installed in all iPhones. It’s an easy way to stay connected to friends and family, without having the need to go see them in person.

FaceTime will use up to approximately 85MB of data per hour. The video call quality may differ on the basis of your signal strength but at the prime network, that’s the most this app would use.

6. Netflix

Netflix has a varied group of users ranging from toddlers to senior adults. Based on how much time an average old person uses on this app, the net usage can approximately be between 500MB to 1GB per hour.

Netflix has an option to reduce the quality of streaming, which will automatically reduce data consumption. In such a scenario, the approximate data usage would be about 250MB to 500MB per hour.

Nonetheless, there are various comprehensively formulated plans for seniors who are avid fans of online video streaming. There are many other video streaming applications available, and their streaming quality would be the same as Netflix based on network strength.


We often forget about the basic needs of our parents and grandparents. They’re all not the same and keeping up with the new normal for them might be a task. The comprehensive planning done by mobile operators to provide an easy to activate and access the atmosphere for senior citizens is what makes the world a better place for them.

You can choose from various pocket-friendly plans we’ve listed above. They’re all thoughtfully designed for the senior citizens of the country to keep them well connected with their families and the world.

The best cell phone plans for seniors can be judged on the basis of affordability, connectivity, and benefits. There are a plethora of options that give amazing benefits but at a high cost. This article is a well-researched one that brings together the most affordable senior plans to choose from. Each plan is curated on the primary idea of assisting senior citizens for everyday basic cell phone usage. You can further explore your options and choose what suits them best!

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