Best Bras For Older Women 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Bras for Older Women

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imagePlaytex #4693
  • Floral jacquared pattern design
  • Spanette fabric keeps you feeling comfortable
  • Straps help relieve pressure and prevent digging in
ptsntbl-table__imageBali Minimizer
  • Slims your look and helps clothes fit better
  • Hidden underwires help provide comfortable fit
  • Silky smooth lining pampers your skin
ptsntbl-table__imageHanes Seamless
  • Super soft seamless pullover bra
  • Knit-in zones for support and shaping
  • V-neckline and racer back design
ptsntbl-table__imagePlaytex Wire-Free
  • Lift panels in cups provides beautiful natural-looking shaping
  • TruSupport design delivers comfort with floral jacquard fabric
  • Cushioned straps papmer your shoulders and stay put
ptsntbl-table__imageBali Revolution
  • Buckle closure
  • Front closure for easy fastening
  • Comfort and shaping, without sacrificing fit and support

Boobs play an essential role in bringing out the physical beauty of a woman, and make her look attractive and sensual. But with age, the breast muscles tend to become loose and they begin to sag and take a tear-drop shape. One of the attributes that contribute to a lady’s self-confidence and boost up her spirits is wearing the best clothing. Here, we will help you select some of the best bras for older women, so that you can feel comfortable and look bold while wearing them.

In this guide, we have listed top 15 bras that are most suitable for older women with sagging breasts. We will also inform you about a few factors that you must consider while buying your bras.

So, let’s get ready to boost them up and lift up your spirits!

Top 15 Best Bras For Older Women 2021

1. Playtex #4693 

Playtex #4693 Best Bra For Older Women

It is one of the best bras for older women that can give you 18 hours of comfortable wearing. It is brought to you from the house of Playtex and is available in sizes ranging from 36B to 56DDD. One can get this bra in various shades to match with the dress.

The interlining cup band straps are made from 100% Polyester with 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex frames. No matter your boobs are sagging or heavy, this #4693 bra is sure to give you full coverage and keep you comfortable for a long duration of wearing. The cups are seamed with soft lining.

You can get them in a variety of colors and bring forward your inner beauty with the floral and jacquard patterns. Although it is a back closure bra of hook and eye type, the straps provide the best support and do not dig on the shoulders. With the four-way feature to give full support, it is one of the top bras to have in the closet of every older woman.


  • Extensive straps
  • No digging
  • No spillage due to round cups
  • Frames have higher sides for the perfect coverage and fit
  • Spanette fabric to give perfect support and day-long wearing comfort
  • Available in various colors and cup sizes


  • The shoulder straps have no provision for adjustments
  • The cup size is different from other brands

2. Bali Minimizer

Bali Minimizer

Although it is an underwire bra brought by the house of Bali, it is perfect for giving your boobs an ideal shape and size if they are heavy and sagging. If you are anywhere between 32C and 44G, then the worries are over, as the manufacturers have something or other for all.

It can minimize the massive and heavy chest up to the limit of 1.5 inches without giving any uncomfortable feeling. The underwire is hidden and encased, and it does not cut on the skin either. The bra is made from 24% Spandex and 76% nylon material with easy to fasten back closure.

If you fancy colors, then this bra comes in a variety of shades with some of the best linings to give that comfortable feel. The straps can be adjusted according to the requirement to get the perfect shape so that you can stay confident wearing any dress.


  • Hand washable
  • Smooth and silky linings that do not give any heavy feeling
  • Can minimize the size of the boobs by around 1.5 inches without any discomfort
  • Lightly cushioned straps so that they do not put stress on the shoulders


  • The sides have huge gaps
  • The seam of the shoulder straps cuts inside the body for many, even after adjusting them

3. Hanes Seamless

Hanes Seamless

If you are in trouble flexing your arms backward to wear the bra, then this seamless and wire-free bra from Hanes should be perfect to wear. It is super soft and 100 percent pullover bra made from 96 or 91% nylon and 4 or 9% Spandex material, respectively. With a racerback style and seamless pullover design, one can stay comfortable with any size and type of boobs.

The cups of the bra give full coverage and bring out the confidence in wearing them without any discomfort. The bands also stay at place irrespective of your movement. Available in various sizes and colors and priced somewhere between $7 to 20, it is one of the best bargains you can find in the market.


  • Pullover style of wearing the bra
  • No need of any hooking and locking
  • Available in multiple beautiful colors
  • Soft fabric that does not pinch on the nipples and other sensitive areas of the boobs
  • Perfect to wear while staying inside the house or walking in the lounge
  • Light fabric that does not put any stress on your boobs or shoulders


  • The US and UK sizes differ, and unless one gets the measurement correct, getting the perfect fit is difficult
  • Sometimes the bra rolls up while sleeping wearing them

4. Playtex Wire-Free Lift

Playtex Wire-Free Lift

If you are looking for a full coverage bra with lining, then this one from Playtex with eye and hook closure at the back should be one of your choices while planning to purchase the best bra for older sagging breasts. The center belt of the cup strap is made from 19% Spandex and 81% Nylon, while the lining is made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex material.

It is perfect for lifting your sagging boobs, as wearing this bra can get that sensual look without much effort. The worries of women with big boobs are over now, as one can get sizes ranging between 36B and 46G in this model. Set aside your worries about the colors as well, as the manufacturers have brought them in a variety of colors, ranging from white to blue and magenta to nude.

The bra is perfect for hand wash and can be worn for 18 hours continuously without any discomfort.


  • Wire-free bra
  • Four-way support system given to the boobs and the body
  • Allows full coverage
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lightly cushioned straps to prevent digging deep into the skin
  • Wide straps, so that they do not fall off from the shoulders


  • The “O” hooks are not that strong
  • The top and the sides sometimes spill out while doing certain activities wearing this bra

5. Bali Comfort Revolution

Bali Comfort Revolution

If you are searching for a wire-free bra that can keep your body and boobs comfortable, then this one from Bali should be in your shopping cart. The linings of the cups are made from 100 percent polyester material, and the outer body uses 6% spandex and 90% nylon material. It has buckle closure at the back, and one can get them between the sizes of 32b and 42DD.

It is imported in the United States of America, and the price range is within $100. Although the bra is made from light material, a woman can stay comfortable wearing it, as no part of the nipple is visible, unlike many other ones. It is time to stay comfortable as well as in shape wearing this bra under your dress, as it is available in a wide range of colors and textures.


  • Proper support and shape are given to the wearer
  • Does not cut on the shoulders
  • Skin can breathe through them
  • The foam cups are ultra-thin, yet the nipples are not visible
  • The bra is 14 inches wide and 0.7 inches high
  • Made from two-ply material for perfect back support
  • Can be washed by hand


  • The price is on a bit higher side, considering the attributes while comparing with other similar products
  • Wearing the bra can give a flat chest look or a uni-boob look like many sports bras

6. Playtex #4049

Playtex #4049

If you are looking for a wire-free bra that can hold your boobs in style and also give you a feel of comfort, then this #4049 style from the House of Playtex should be one of your preferred choices.

With cushioned straps and seamless cups, it is available in vrious primary colors and multiple sizes to fit all body and bust types. The scale ranges from 36B to 46DDD. One can wear them continuously for 18 hours to have that supportive coverage and comfort. The straps and the cups are made from 76% nylon and 24% spandex, while the inner straps are made from 100% nylon material.

It is a perfect bra to get full coverage and hide the bulges that would have been visible in many other types of bras. It comes with the hook and eye system for the closure at the back.


  • Cups made up of 2ply material
  • Seamless moisture-wicking lining
  • Cushioned straps
  • No pressure on the shoulders
  • Covers the entire bust area
  • Prevents odd bulges


  • The band sometimes rolls up while doing certain activities

7.  Bali Comfort Revolution

Bali Comfort Revolution

If you are looking for a softly padded bra, then this one from Bali should be one of your selections. This bra is entirely imported to the United States of America and is available within a price range of $ 65. The lining is made from 100% nylon material, while the fabric for the body comprises of 95% nylon and 5% spandex fabric.

This model is available in various colors and patterns. If you choose the right sizes, there will be no problem in wearing them for long, no matter your boobs are small or substantial. Select the appropriate size from small to 3X large and stay relaxed.


  • Padded linings
  • Wide straps are wide
  • Seamless fabric that can stretch in any direction
  • Special knit zones to support the vulnerable areas of the chest
  • The material of the bra is soft and comfortable
  • Soft and light pads that can even be removed


  • The straps sometimes slip from the shoulders while walking or jogging

8. Glamorise #1000

Glamorise #1000

If you have massive and sagging boobs, it is time to go for the Plus size lift and support bra #1000 from the house of Glamorise. Their size chart starts from 36B and ends at 56J, due to which it can be considered as one of the best brands to support and lift busty women. Their range of bras is made from polyester, nylon, and spandex and is completely wire-free.

With more than 100 years of experience in designing bras for plus-size boobs, the company does all the designs in New York so that the blues of wearing the ill-fitting bras by healthy women are over. This range of bra from Glamorise is available in many colors and patterns. It comes with some amount of lace at places, so that even the plus size women can feel confident wearing them and enjoy the sensuality and look attractive.


  • Cups made from two-piece material to maintain the structure, balance, and shape
  • Reinforced inner bust-bands to carry and lift the bust load without ant wire
  • Crisscross type of designs on the front to provide significant support
  • Extra-wide and padded shoulder straps to carry the load and prevent them from digging inside the skin
  • Full coverage bra with lace, so that the skin can breathe easily


  • The lining under the straps begins to shred after some days of use
  • The cups make the boobs pointed that are not liked by many

9. Bali Double Support

Bali Double Support

If you are looking for a good quality double support bra that can prevent the uni-boob shape, then this one from the house of Bali should be added to your shopping list. It is available between the sizes of 34B and 48DD and is perfect for older women. It can be considered as the best bra for older sagging breasts, as it has adjustable closure, seamless lining, and unified cups to give the desired shape and opacity.

The material of the bra is light, and one can wear them throughout the day without any uneasiness. The slings at the back are made from 8% spandex and 92% nylon material, whereas the cups are made from fabric consisting of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.


  • Fabric can be stretched in four directions to support the under-bands
  • Wireless cups and molded lines maintain the breast shape
  • Leotard and satin back to give the perfect finish


  • Not all sizes of this bra has straps that can stretch

10.  Bestena Seamless

Bestena Seamless

If you are looking for a pullover yoga and sports bra with removable pads, then this one from the house of Bestena is challenging to avoid. Priced within $20, it is one of the favorites for many who are not only engaged in sports or yoga but also dancing and daily household works.

The pads can be removed when one wants to stay light without the need for extra privacy. They can again be inserted for enhanced privacy and getting the shape when required. One can get them in small to 4X large size.

This sports bra is made from a soft and breathable material, and the elasticity remains fantastic even after multiple usage and washing.


  • No hooks or buckles
  • Wide straps that do not slip from the shoulders
  • Perfect for daily wear or sleep-in bra
  • Removable pads to allow the boobs to breathe
  • Entirely non-wired
  • Truly elastic
  • Fits perfectly in all body structures


  • Many women complain that the underarms are a bit tight
  • The stitches sometimes get revealed after a few days of use

11. Playtex Plus Size

Playtex Plus Size

While looking for a front close bra, this model with flex-back will always be on the top search list for the best bras for older women. It is made from imported 100% polyester material, and it is ideal for older adults who cannot flex their arms at the back. It is a plus-size bra and is available in sizes between 36B and 48DD to make the busty women or the women with sagging breasts feel comfortable wearing their size.

It has the hook and eye closure at the front and comes with a frame without wire that is m–shaped to get the perfect shape of your boobs. It is available in five different colors and is priced within $50. The bra is lightly padded so that one can stay comfortable wearing them and doing the regular work.


  • Extra-large eyes and hooks to allow easy opening and closing
  • Front closure system makes opening and closing easy and comfortable
  • Crisscrossed elastic back
  • Soft lining on the back to allow free movement without any tension
  • Breathable inlets made from a polyester mesh allowing the breasts to breathe and stay ventilated


  • The cups are little pointed, which are not liked by some women
  • Many older women complain that the fabric is a bit stiff

12. Bali Double Support

Bali Double Support

If your back irritates while wearing a normal back closure bra, it is time to shift to the spa closure technique introduced by Bali. It has gel-like padding on the part of the hook and eye to keep you comfortable. The bra is imported and sold in the United States of America with a price tag of less than $55.

On can get sizes from 34B to 44DD, and it is available in a variety of shades and patterns. It is a completely wire-free supportive bra with having a floral fabric design on the cups. It is made from 81% nylon and 19% spandex, and it has no padding on the cup, thus giving a free and comfortable feel to the wearer.

It has four hooks at the back, giving enough confidence to any busty woman, as it will not snap while holding the load, like others.


  • Machine washable
  • Straps can be adjusted from the front
  • Back closure is tagless
  • Comes with the Bali special spa pouch
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lining of the bra has no seams


  • Many complain that the straps are a bit short and make it difficult to lift the sagging boobs
  • The band sometimes rides up and needs to be pulled down

13. Warner No Bulge

Warner No Bulge

It is one of the simplest wire-free bras that any woman will love to have in her closet. It is an imported bra made from 94% nylon and 6% spandex material. Warner, the supplier, is selling this bra at around a price range of less than $50. One can get X small size to XX-large size, each available in a variety of shades.

The bra is straightforward to wear and does not have any fitting problems, as the straps can be adjusted easily at the back. It comes with a hook and eye closure at the back. The straps are wide enough to not dig into your shoulders, and keep you comfortable all day long.

Available in a multitude of colors and designs, you can choose the one that exactly matches the dress you want to wear for the day. The padding is thick enough to prevent your nipples from being visible.


  • Machine washable
  • Extensive straps that do not fall off
  • The soft material used for making the bra
  • Wide area of converging around the bust
  • Prevents bulges


  • The padding is thin, which can pose a problem to women with small boobs

14. Bali Ultralight

Bali Ultralight

If your skin is tight in spite of aging and you fancy an underwire bra to showcase your inner beauty, then this U-Shaped Ultra Light neckline bra should be in your shopping cart. It comes with full coverage lining and is available in a wide range of colors. The sizes available are between 34B to 42DD, and the design is truly lightweight and helps the skin to breathe.

With the U design, the straps do not move from their place and help to get the perfect shape desired by any woman. The straps are convertible, allowing wearing various back-cut dresses with style. The inner slings are soft enough to give perfect support and enhance the shape of the boobs.

The outer cup is made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex, while the back center belt has a mix of 8% spandex and 92% nylon. The classic hook and eye closure system keeps the bra simple to wear and open, and the fabric is good enough to be washed by hand.


  • Underwire cups in two parts
  • Gives full coverage
  • Adjustable back straps
  • Convertible straps to be worn straight or crisscrossed
  • A lightly padded bra that gives a perfect shape to the boobs
  • Keeps the skin breathing
  • Helps to hide the back fat
  • Boobs do not bulge out at the sides after wearing this bra
  • Available in a multitude of colors
  • Hand washable


  • The wires sometimes dig on the skin
  • The straps are a bit small
  • Many complain that the nipples are visible, as the padding is light

15. Warner’s Wirefree

Warner’s Wirefree

If you are looking for a simple yet good bra within a price range of less than $20, then go for this no side effect wire-less bra supplied by Warner’s. It comes in white and toasted almond color and is made from 80 percent nylon and 20% spandex material. The fabric is quite soft and gives a smooth feeling on the skin, particularly on the sides and the nipple area.

It is imported and has hook and eye closure at the back. The cups are lightly contoured to provide the needed shape and support to your body. The straps are front adjustable, so that you can easily adjust them even while wearing them for the needed shape. Since it is a wire-free bra, you can wear it continuously for several hours without any feeling of discomfort.


  • Lightly contoured cups to give full support to the boobs without compromising on the shape
  • Straps can be adjusted from the front
  • Convenient for many with arm flexibility problems
  • Lifts the sagging boobs even without any underwire
  • Value for money product
  • Cheap price
  • Simple look
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft fabric


  • The look is too simple
  • Available in 2 colors only

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Bras For Older Women

As you go on to purchase the best bra for older women, you should look into a few factors, including the following:

1. Size

If you are not sure of your bra size, then measure your old bra or pay heed to the experts available at the lingerie stores. Most online stores also have a sizing chart that you can use to measure your boobs and body.

Remember, an ill-fitting bra can cause shoulder pain, neck pain, distort or compress the breast tissues, stretch the tissues of the breasts, and even cause headaches. Even if you are wearing the right size of the bra and do not feel any of the problems, scooping or swooping in the areas that come out of it should help the bra to carry the weight of the breasts.

It is best to wear a bigger cup size if your boobs are overflowing. Again, adjusting the straps up can ease the tension on the shoulders and allows the breasts not to sag further. Give a try to some of the nearest sizes, and choose the best bra for the elderly that can give you the most comfortable feel.

2. Material

The material of the bras for older adults is specifically meant to be comfortable and breathable. It is not only the support, but also the comfort that matters. There are various types of materials used for making bras, like cotton, spandex, Lycra, nylon and polyester.

With the trial and error method, the best fit and material of the bras can be found over time. Cotton is the most popular, so as spandex, while Lycra is best suited for older women who want to get involved in some sports activities like aerobics and jogging. It is best to avoid bras made from mesh fabric, because as the skin loosens and thins due to aging, this type of fabric can cause irritation.

If you are looking for the safest option, then cotton is the best of all. One should always define the purpose of wearing different materials of the bra, so that the best comfort can be achieved.

3. Closure Type

One of the most significant factors to consider while selecting the best bra for older sagging breasts is the closure type it comes with. It is best to search for the front closure bras for elderly women, as due to the age factor, it may not be possible for them to twist their hands, reach at the back and hook the bra.

Many women loop in the bra in the front and then rotate them on the back and then put the straps on the shoulder. It should be avoided as far as possible, as it can cause bruises and the bands can lose elasticity or cut the joints while pulling them up.

Even if one buys the back closure bras, one should always try to use the first hook and the loop without much strain on the arms and the spinal cord. With the front closure bras available in the market, dressing for older women has become much easier than before.

Apart from giving a supportive fit, one can even sleep wearing them if needed, and it is easy to take them off at any time. If you believe that they are unattractive, well it is time to come out of the myth, as some of the best front closure bra brands are more attractive than the back closure ones. If you have arthritis, a bra with a Velcro closure on the front is a good option to buy.

Apart from front or back closure types, some models are pullover bras that do not have any closure system. You can just wear them over your head like a T-shirt and stay fit and comfortable.

4. Wired Or Unwired

Although wired bras are suitable for women with a heavy chest and give the perfect lift and support, it is best to avoid them if you are aged. Unwired bras are made from the same fabric without any wire at the bottom seam. They do not cut the skin, and the elderly women can feel more comfortable wearing them all day.

The primary purpose of wearing a bra is to stay comfortable, and the unwired bras are most suited for use. Without any hard material on the seam, unwired bras can be worn by everyone and feel comfortable. They also provide a natural lift and bring out the shape without any hard and sometimes body piercing materials.

They can also give full coverage more perfectly, trapping the bulges inside the bra and enabling them to carry the weight of the boobs while staying comfortable. These types are considered as one of the best bras for older women.

5. Color

Although a nude color bra as per your skin tone would stay invisible under any color of the outfit, that doesn’t mean that the elderly have to stick with this color only. The elderly can also flaunt their inner beauty by wearing bras of different colors matching with their dress like blue, black, white, pink, red, etc. Choosing the bra color is a matter of personal preference, but make sure that whatever color you buy, it should give you 100% comfort.

All in all, comfort is the primary purpose, and one should select the best bras for older women from the best brands available in the market, even if you have to compromise on the color at times. The Health benefits of wearing the right bra to support the boobs should always be given priority.

6. Price

Of course, price is a major concern for many elderly ladies. One can get some of the best bras for older women from reputed manufacturers at a most reasonable price. Even if you get some of the best ones at a bit higher price, it is best to go for them and stay comfortable than to pay to the doctor or the medical bills for various shoulder, back, neck pain, breast tenderness, or chapped nipples problems.

Paying a little extra can give you much comfort in the long run. Do not compromise with the quality, material, and design of the bra either, else you might compromise with your health and comfort.

7. Body And Skin Type

You need the best bra as per your body and skin type as well. The one that you buy should be able to hide the bulges and carry the load of your breasts, even if they are massive in size. Again, for many, it may be the perfect lift that is needed to get those sensual cleavages or to ease the shoulder pain that may happen due to wearing ill-fitting bras.

Many women may develop skin rashes, because as their skin becomes thin due to aging, they may develop allergies against some particular fabrics. Therefore, choosing the best skin-friendly material is recommended. Cotton is the best material for women with such skin types.

FAQs on Bras For Older Women

1. How Do I Know My Cup Size?

Many women, irrespective of age, get confused with the perfect bra size and cup size they must buy. It may be mentioned here that even if the bra size is right, a faulty cup size can’t give the desired look and comfort.

To know your cup size, wear an unpadded, no push-up bra and take a measuring tape and wrap up under the breast. Note down the reading, and it is your band size. Then measure the fullest part on your boobs in the same manner, which is your bust size.

Now, subtract the band size from the bust size and the difference will ascertain your cup size. For example, if the difference is 1”, the cup size is A, and if it is 11 inches, then the cup size is J, and so on.

2. Which Material Is Right For Bra That Does Not Stick To The Skin?

Well, usually bra materials these days are either made from a combination of nylon, spandex or Lycra, or polyester. They are also made from 100% good quality cotton. Whatever may be the material, make sure that the skin around your breast can breathe and stay cool.

Again many women are allergic to a particular type of fabric. If you develop skin rashes wearing any bra made from any of the materials mentioned above, then shift to another alternative. In any case, cotton is an all-time skin-friendly material, and good quality cotton can help your skin to breathe.

3. How Do I Take Care Of My Bra?

Caring for the bra is quite easy and straightforward. One does not need to wash the bras every day and can reuse them after airing and sun-drying, provided your sweat do not smell.

Regular washing may damage the fabric, color and fitting of the bra. Although many brands recommend that their bras can be washed in the machine, it is best to hand wash all types of bras. If you have a removable pad type of bra, then do not forget to remove the pads before washing the bra.

Do not use any bleach to clean your bra, as the strong chemical in it can damage the attributes of the fabric, including its elasticity.

4. My Bra Is Overflowing As I Am Fat And Have Sagging Boobs, What Do I Do?

The main reason for this problem is the wrong cup size even if your bra size is right. It is best to try a bigger cup size than the existing one that you are wearing currently. Not all measurements turn out to be perfect, and by trial and error method, one can get the right size of the bra that will prevent overflowing.

It is, therefore, best to buy bras from any online store or any local lingerie store that has an exchange or return policy. One can change the bra if the size is not suitable and get the perfect size in exchange.

Stay Sensuous And Look Bold With The Right Bra For Older Women

If you are in your 40s-50s, it does not mean that you have to wear a scarf over your T-shirt so that your sagging breasts cannot be judged by anyone. The right bra as per your size and shape would be able to carry a load of your boobs perfectly and bring out the desired shape you had in your 20s.

With many brands of best bras for older women available in the market, it is easy to think that age is only a number and nothing else. Wear the right bra after following the measurement techniques mentioned above, along with other factors you must consider while choosing a bra.

So, with the best options available out there, it is time to flaunt your curves and cleavages wearing some of the daring dresses. Wear the right bra, feel confident, look attractive, and experience the joy of presenting your hidden beauty sensually.

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