Best Lotions For Elderly Skin 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Lotions for Elderly Skin

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageAveeno
  • Moisturize dry skin for a full 24 hours
  • Keep your skin soft, beautiful and healthy-looking
  • Fragrance-free, non-greasy and non-comedogenic
  • Blend of promega-7 for soothing and moisturizing effect
  • Clinically proven to improve distressed skin and skins tears
  • Free from fragrance ,paraben, cruelty, petroleum, soy, gluten and it's non greasy
ptsntbl-table__imageAlba Botanica
  • Moisturizes and nourishes dry, sensitive skin
  • No parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Absorbs into extra dry skin
  • Penetrates five layers of skin and reduce dryness
  • Skin is nourished and looks visibly healthier over time
ptsntbl-table__imageLove Beauty & Planet
  • Moisturize your skin up to 24 hours
  • Infused with Murumuru Butter
  • Provides incredible moisture benefits that makes skin look and feel gorgeous.

Aging is an unstoppable phenomenon in our lives, and we undergo many changes as age climbs up. Mainly, wrinkles, folds, acne, and scaling of the skin primarily indicate aging. To treat aged skin, using skin-friendly beauty lotions that go gentle on the skin and provide the most needed moisturizing effect. Aged skins need treatment by less harsh lotions and it applies to the whole body along with the face with the use of specialized products. The Best Lotions for Elderly Skin ideally needs to be used on a regular basis to avoid skin problems linked to age.

Issues like sagging, wrinkles, acne can be prevented and attain a young tone for your skin along with a smooth texture. Let us go through the top 10 lotions for elderly skin which may suit the purpose.

Top 10 Best Lotions For Elderly Skin 2021

1. Aveeno

Aveeno Best Lotion For Elderly Skin

The most reliable moisturizing body lotion from the most trusted brand of Aveeno. As per the recommendations from expert dermatologists, Oatmeal is one of its main ingredients. The oatmeal acts as a protective agent for the skin. It also helps your skin maintain a balance in pH and prevents dry skin by maintaining the moisture barrier of the skin. Oats have an enhanced ability to absorb moisture and prevent skin irritation due to dryness and itching.

The brand of Aveeno makes it easier for you to select the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin without any doubt. A very special colloidal Oatmeal is used in this body lotion, which locks the moisture and helps maintain the barrier without letting the skin dry. The 75-year-old formula from Active Naturals stands still even today in providing an effective solution for skin dryness in elderly people.


  • Effective in locking moisture within the skin and providing a prolonged moisturizing effect
  • Skin-friendly ingredients that are not harsh upon the skin and work effectively
  • Non-sticky lotion — easy to apply


  • Odor of the lotion may not be suitable for those who have allergy to fragrances
  • Takes time to get settled – Lotion might feel too thick while applying.

2. Adamia


It really hurts when your skin gets hurt or damaged, and we all cannot sustain damage to the skin. Thanks to the Macadamia Nut oil which is used as a therapeutic agent to repair damaged skin. Macadamia oil is a natural oil that works along with the natural oils in our body.

Adamia has come with a bright formula in blending the wonder oil Macadamia with moisturizers by creating a Promega-7 moisturizer. This serves as the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin to repair damaged skins and get conditioned. Adamia has won the women’s choice award for its effective therapeutic benefits for 2016-19 for their work in Therapeutic repair methods.


  • Free from any kind of fragrances, beneficial for those who don’t like to have strong fragrance from the lotion
  • Skin-friendly: Free from irritation, allergy to the skin and it feels natural enough to apply this lotion
  • Non-sticky: Due to the presence of Macadamia oils, the lotion is less greasy and smooth while using.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin with easily


  • Needs Excessive consumption – lotion needs to be used excessively to cover the body
  • Skin attains an ashy color after applying, might need to put more effort to clear it

3. Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica

Sensitive skins need sensitive lotions and therapeutic creams to get proper nourishment. This will help in preventing skin damage and keep it moisturized and healthy. Alba Botanica is an unscented moisturizing lotion that is made of natural ingredients made from plants. The ingredients include Avocado oil, Shea butter, and Jojoba seed oil which help get a non-sticky moisturizing effect to the skin.

Also, the presence of Cucumber, Aloe vera, and chamomile, soothe the skin and give it a smooth texture. Alba Botanica stands as the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin due to its 100% botanical formula which is less prone to allergies. The use of phthalates, parabens, or any artificial fragrance ingredients were not included in this lotion.

Also, there are many options among body lotions such as damage repair, complete body lotion, and original body lotion with different compositions. Unlike other chemicals, Alba Botanica products were not tested on any animals and are Leaping Bunny certified.


  • 100% Vegetarian products – Ingredients made exclusively from plants with natural benefits without any side effects
  • Skin-friendly – Due to the presence of natural oils and ingredients, it gives a soothing experience to your skin
  • Natural absorption – Lotion gets into your skin naturally and protects it from drying or any kind of seasonal skin damage.


  • Uncomfortable fragrance – Natural oils scent would be uncomfortable for some
  • This lotion is not comfortable for those having sun-sensitive skin – watch out for ‘Sun sensitive’ information on the label of the bottle.

4. Jergens


Moisturizers serve the purpose of offering a simple moisturizing effect to the skin and keeping it nourished. Along with the moisturizing effect, if you are looking for the visible glow to the skin by using the moisturizer, then Jergens Ultra Healing Dry skin Moisturizer may get you the needed solution.

It is made of HYDRALUCENCE and Vitamins B5, C and E special blend. This special formula helps the moisturizer penetrate through 5 layers of the skin and cure the extra dry skin. Due to the effective penetration of the lotion, your skin looks in a better tone, texture, and glow.


  • Best for relieving your dry and itchy skin within no time and feel the smoothness
  • Goes deep into extra-dry spots where very few moisturizers could have helped you for a soothing effect
  • A moisturizer that gives a healthy glowing effect to the skin


  • It May not be suitable for those who are allergic to strong scents
  • Overall bottle packaging and quantity are inadequate

5. Love Beauty & Planet

Love Beauty & Planet

Beauty and health both go hand-in-hand and when it comes to body lotions, it’s a rare combination. Many of the best lotions have harmful chemicals and also at the same time, purely natural lotions are less likely to give a visibly healthy tone to the skin. Love Beauty & Planet Body Lotion Delicious Glow is the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin because of the presence of Amazonian murumuru butter.

This special ingredient is helpful in making your skin soft and glowing at the same time. Also, the natural scent from rose petals makes you feel the lotion very warm and pleasant. Thanks to the 95% naturally derived ingredients which are free from dyes, silicones, phthalates, and parabens


  • Available in four different options – Argan oil and Lavender, Coconut oil and Mimosa flower, Shea butter and sandalwood and the rose flavor
  • Lasts for 24 hrs — Love Beauty & Planet Body Lotion lasts for 24 hrs with a long-standing moisturizing effect.
  • 100% natural — The lotion is made of 100% natural ingredients which are absolutely safe for your skin


  • Rose perfume felt like artificial — Unpleasant smell
  • A bit sticky to the skin, might need limited application to prevent this

6. Lubriderm


If there is any lotion that can provide a moisturizing effect for extra-dry skin in an advanced therapeutic manner, then it is Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion. Combining a moisturizing lotion with advanced therapeutic purposes makes it a Best Lotion for Elderly Skin. Lubriderm is a dermatologist-developed brand that has a clinically proven formula to moisturize the skin in a healthy way.

This Lubriderm moisturizing lotion helps your skin to get moisturized for 24 hrs and brings back the bright and smooth skin into action. The lotion is composed of vitamin E, B5 plus which naturally mix with the body lipids in the skin and strengthens the skin and its moisture barrier. Its Non-greasy formula makes the lotion usage very comfortable and smooth.


  • 24-hour moisturizing effect especially useful for extra-dry skin at critical areas in the body
  • Naturally Nourishing formula – The presence of vitamin E and B5 provide natural nourishment to your skin
  • Turns the skin resilient and healthy due to its non-sticky nature


  • Price slightly on the higher side provided its quality and size
  • The scent may not be comfortable for everyone

7. Gold Bond

Gold Bond

Proteins and lipids are very important for the human body for nourishment. When it comes to skincare, lipids, proteins, and vitamins are the key building components for healthy skin. As aging comes over, all the vital proteins and lipids get worn out and the skin looks lifeless due to dryness.

Gold Bond Ultimate Cream Strength and Resilience has all the essential Lipids and proteins in the form of a moisturizer blend made of 7 kinds along with 3 vitamins. The blend of which allows the skin to regain its resilience and bring back the strength and glow. This is the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin as their skin needs most of the nourishment at that age.


  • The Best suitable for mature and aging skin – mostly for elders
  • Resilient skin – The protein and lipid-rich moisturizer ensure your skin appear more resilient and healthy
  • A blend of 7 Moisturizers – Nourishing moisturizer with extended moisturizing effect


  • The presence of parabens and other artificial perfumes makes it less comfortable
  • Poor dispensing mechanism of the tube might be uncomfortable for some

8. Honeyskin


Organic products have a special demand for their purely organic approach which helps to attain health in a natural way. This best body lotion for older skin is made of Manuka honey, Vitamins, Aloe vera, and other important minerals and thus this lotion gives a super-moisturizing effect on your skin.

It also makes the lotion feel less greasy and has lesser thickness making it easier to apply. Your skin gets rejuvenated by this unique organic formula which stiffens the skin for elderly people.


  • Organic ingredients – A cream that feels like a lotion with quality organic ingredients.
  • Skin repair – Not only as a moisturizer but also acts as a skin repairing agent as it addresses itching, dryness, and other related problems
  • Less greasy – it is smooth to apply this cream over the skin without any sticky nature


  • Little problem with absorption, may get clumped up on the skin
  • Might turn allergic reactions for a few kinds of skins

9. Cetaphil


Cetaphil lotion is undoubtedly the best body lotion for older skin as it nourishes dull and sensitive skin. It will help the skin look youthful, healthier due to its effective moisturizing effect. Cetaphil Restoring lotion is one among the very few lotions that come with antioxidants along with Niacinamide (vitamin B3). Both of them provide hydration to the skin and restore a healthy skin glow.

The amazing formula of Cetaphil boosts your skin hydration overnight and makes your skin stay healthy by the next day. Being a number one brand recommended by many Dermatologists, Cetaphil gains your promise to serve the purpose. The specially formulated, hypoallergenic Cetaphil causes no irritation and goes easy on your skin. Also, the skin restoration lotion is available in many forms for different types of skins suitable for your purpose.


  • Moisturizing lotion with Antioxidants – Best suitable for elderly people to keep skin healthy
  • Zero irritation- Due to the quality of the ingredients, it causes zero irritation while in use
  • Clinically tested – Proven clinically and can be used for sensitive skin


  • The lotion is thick at times, it is difficult to pump the lotion out of the bottle
  • May take too much of time to apply it on the skin and slightly greasy

10. EpiMD


Mature, aging, and dry skin need the most attention through moisturization in the form of body lotions. When it comes to elder people the problem of dry skin and aging is the most common, and they need the most attention to solve the issues. EpiMD Moisturizing Body Lotion is the best body lotion for older skin as it is a formulated lotion by dermatologists.

This lotion is especially for those elders with fragile skin and it is suitable for use on their skin without causing any kind of damage or irritation. Thanks to the ceramide formula which includes important botanical oils, that strengthen the composition of your skin. It is completely free from Paraben, Fragrance, and stickiness. Faster absorption and high-value ingredients make your skin stay healthy for a longer time.


  • A lotion which is tested, recommended by dermatologists for elderly people
  • The botanical formula strengthens your skin and maintains the moisturizing barrier
  • Applicable for all genders among elders with fragile skin with a high absorption rate
  • It has very little to zero fragrance than other lotions and is very comfortable for elders to use


  • Price is on higher side when compared to the quantity of the bottle

Factors To Look While Buying Best Lotion For Elderly Skin

There are many skin and body lotions for elderly people to maintain good skin health. There are different criteria, compositions, and purposes for each kind of lotion. Anyhow, keeping few things in mind is needed before going to opt for any lotion. Going by the recommendation of others or by brand might not be helpful for you all the time. To figure out the best body lotion for older skin, one needs to look into the following factors:

1. Ingredients

Knowing about ingredients with which body lotions are made is very important to watch out for. Especially for Elderly people, Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient that prevents sagging and the formation of wrinkles. The presence of Hyaluronic acid needs to be checked in the lotions for better results after using them. Glycerin and Dimethicone are also important to retain moisture in the skin.

Along with natural components and anti-aging actors, one should also watch out for lotions having antioxidants. These are equally important as any other ingredient in the lotion. Antioxidants help the skin to gain additional strength and get nourished while the other ingredients help in the anti-aging process.

Also, check ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Cucumber extracts. Aloe vera, Honey extracts, Coconut oil, Cocoa. The more natural the ingredients are, the better the moisturizing effect you experience.

2. Thickness

As the lotions are intended for older people, the most common problem they would be facing is dry skin. Creams and lotions that are thicker, tend to have more oils that are suitable for usage with dry skin. Lotions with cocoa butter, shea butter, fatty acids, plant oils, and other non-fragrant oils are preferable.

Anyhow, for people having skin between normal to dry, serums and lotions are most helpful. These serums will give a light-weight and smooth experience on their skin. Liquids, Gels, and non-aqueous serum are suitable for oily skins as they do not tend to clog the skin pores much.

3. Skin Type

There are different skin types, and for each skin type, there are different body lotions. Therefore, you should check the label and figure out what kind of skin it is meant for and buy it accordingly.

FAQs on Lotions For Elderly Skin

1. How Often Do I Need To Apply The Lotion?

How long to use the lotion depends upon whether you are using a body moisturizer or a face moisturizer. It is recommended to moisturize your face daily twice, also once at night before bed. It is better to apply moisturizer on the chest and neck for better results.

Usage of an exfoliant might be needed to get rid of irregular dry patches on the face. It is recommended to use an exfoliant once a week for better results. Lotions without irritants will need to be applied and also contain natural extracts with vitamin A, E, and other antioxidants.

2. How Do I Know If The Lotion Is Best Suited For Me Or Not?

It is easy to identify, whether your current lotion is suitable for you or not. If there is a burning sensation or any slightest feel of burn on the skin while applying, it may indicate your skin is not comfortable with the lotion. This will happen mostly because if there is any pH imbalance due to the lotion applied.

Another striking feature one can look out for is the formation of pimples which indicate the pores are getting clogged due to the lotion.

3. How Fast Can I See The Results Of The Lotion?

Skincare products take a considerable amount of time to get the results. It also depends on the person who uses it, depending upon his/her frequency in using them. Generally, moisturizing lotions show up results quickly, mostly those having hyaluronic acid as the ingredient.

Anyhow, the lotions which make you look bright as soon as you apply may not keep your skin moisturized for a longer period of time. Products that have Ceramide as an ingredient will take a week of time to show up the results.

4. Will My Body Lotion Make My Skin Glow?

Yes, in few lotions brightening qualities are embedded, and they add shimmer and glow to your skin.

5. What Kind Of Body Lotion Is Suitable For Oily Skin?

You should find out a lotion that is labeled as “noncomedogenic” which means that lotion will not block your pores. Other than this it should be lightweight and oil-free.

6. Are Petroleum Based Lotions Good For Elderly Skin?

Yes, petroleum-based products with AHA and antioxidants keep elderly skin hydrated and wrinkle-free.

Personalize Your Skin Care To Get Best Lotion For Elderly Skin

Skincare isn’t a simple medicine that we use to cure any ailment like the common flu. Using skincare products needs personalization to obtain ideal results. The Best Lotion for Elderly Skin can be chosen by considering all the above-mentioned factors whichever suitable for your skin. Utmost care is to be taken care of, as these products work on fragile, elderly, and aging skin.

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