Best Lipsticks For Older Women 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Milani 2. Revlon 3. Burt Bees
Nude Crème Best Lipstick For Older Women

ColorStay Overtime

Blush Basin


Despite, whatever age bracket, a woman may be in, beauty products like lipsticks never fails to give you confidence. These are not merely makeup products designed to make you look good, rather they act as your best friends. Often, women advancing in age get confused when they look for lipsticks. No need to panic, you will see that there are various choices that you can pick from when it comes to, best lipsticks for older women.


It is imperative that you choose quality over price regardless of your age. This is because lipsticks not only render color to your lips but also play a major role in moistening it. Finding the color that matches your undertones can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, you can wear whatever color you want and step out for the day!

In thus guide we have made a list of best lipsticks for older women along with that we have listed few factors that may help you in buying the lipsticks for older women.

Top 10 Best Lipsticks For Older Women 2021

1. Nude Crème

Nude Crème Best Lipstick For Older Women

Relaunched in 2001, Milani has headquarters in Los Angeles and has rapidly become the manufacturer for some of the best lipstick for older women. As the name of the lipstick suggests, the product is here to make a statement. It is also available in 40 shades ranging from fiery reds to cool purples.

The nude crème is a classic beauty and can be worn on any occasion. Once applied, this lipstick lasts all day without the hassle of re-applying again and again. The weight of the product is 0.6 ounces which makes it relatively easy to carry. You can slip it into your clutch, ready for use whenever you want.

One of the most appealing attributes of the brand Milani is that these lipsticks are certified by PETA as products that have not been tested on animals. The lipstick is also blended with vitamins like A and C that provide nutriment to the lips.


  • Keeps the lips hydrated.
  • Stays for a long time.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Not too pricey.


  • Has a smell that might be bothersome.

2. ColorStay Overtime

ColorStay Overtime

Revlon has been in the industry of cosmetics for quite some time. Its ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor is a fabulous addition and is regarded as one of the best lipsticks for older lips. It is manufactured using a creamy formula that helps you to glide the lipstick over your lips with ease. It is available in 24 different shades.

The bare maximum shade is a highly coveted neutral shade that you can wear any time and on any occasion. The product promises 16 hours of staying potential. This lipstick is upgraded with a shiny topcoat. It is infused with Vitamin E that serves a dual purpose. It is an antioxidant as well as work to moisten your lips. The moisturizing contents also include soy and chamomile.

The lipstick has dual ends where one end provides the glossy shine and the other end offers a smooth color. It also claims to not dry or feather out. The product is made in such a way that it doesn’t bleed either.


  • Stays for a long time, even after having meals.
  • Does not transfer to other things.
  • Keeps the lips moisturized.


  • Tube is a little small.

3. Blush Basin

Blush Basin

Burt’s Bees has been responsible for releasing some of the most coveted lipsticks in the market. Blush Basin is one of the most magnificent satin shades of the brand. The lipstick is claimed to be 100% natural. This means that the formula used to manufacture this product consists of natural sources.
These sources include Moringa Oil, Vitamin E, Red Raspberry Oil, and Beeswax. These not only offer nourishment to the lips but also act as a source of anti-oxidant.

Blush Basin is free from SLS, parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates. It is also devoid of any fragrances that are synthetic. They are packaged in a way that can be easily recycled. This particular line of Burt’s Bees is available in 18 luscious shades.

The coverage provided by the lipstick is excellent. It is long-lasting and stays for 8 hours. The texture of the product is creamy, thereby keeping the lips moistened. The satin finish of the lipstick gives it an edge over the other lipstick brands.


  • Does not have any bad taste
  • Texture is soft and not greasy
  • Keeps the lips from drying out.
  • No artificial chemicals.


  • Does not stay if you are eating or drinking.

4. Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

When it comes to bold and versatile lipsticks, L’Oreal Paris is never far behind. It has garnered the trust of the consumers and has quickly achieved the mantle of the best lipstick for older women. The Colour Riche line by the brand is a revelation.

The Sugar Plum shade is exotic and will definitely amp your style whenever you wear it. The product is intensely colored and provides a creamy texture. It is claimed to be extremely hydrating and provides moisture to the lips.

To maintain the plush of your lips, Argan oil is infused to the formula of manufacturing lipsticks. Furthermore, the product is mixed with contents that include Vitamin E and Omega 3. The tagline of the brand fits perfectly with the quality and the finesse with which the product is made.


  • Does not dry over the lips.
  • Does not leave stains.
  • No bad taste or smell.
  • Very smooth to apply.


  • Not long-lasting and has to be reapplied from time to time.

5. Copper Charge

5. Copper Charge

Maybelline has a diversified color palate when it comes to lipsticks. They range from matte to shiny to ultra-matte. Each of these lines has varying shades and is unique on their own. The Color Sensational line is just as elegant as the others. There are various shades that can be found in this line.

The copper charge is an amazing mix of brown and nude. It is appropriate enough to wear on weekends as well as in the workplace. The color of the product is bright and makes the lips look suppler. It is also infused with ingredients that keep the lips moisturized and delivers nutrition as well.

The product is somewhat between matte and shiny and gives you the perfect subtle shiny look. The pigmentation of the lipstick is very good and aims to provide you with the sensational feeling.


  • Not too shiny or glittery.
  • Highly pigmented and is easy to apply.
  • Does not dry on the lips.


  • Need to apply it again after eating or drinking.

6. Continuous Color

Continuous Color

COVERGIRL has emerged as an influential makeup brand since its inception in 1961. The brand mainly aims to provide affordable but top-quality makeup products to the countless women who wear makeup to boost their self-confidence. The Continuous Color line of COVERGIRL is as rich as it is diverse. As such, it has quickly earned the designation of best lipstick for older women.

Vintage Wine is the kind of nude shade that you must have in your purse. It is elegant and brings out the queen within you. It is manufactured using a formula that helps to keep your lips moisturized. The lipstick is blended with ingredients like Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

The product also claims to offer 6 hours of staying power. The texture of the lipstick is smooth and is equipped with a creamy finish. The frost present in the lipstick distinguishes it from other lipsticks. It weighs 0.8 ounces and is a perfect fit for your purse.


  • Not too sparkly
  • Does not weigh on the lips and is easy to glide.
  • Quite inexpensive.
  • Keeps the lips hydrated.


  • Does not offer full coverage of the lips.

7. I Lead

I Lead

Inspired by the breathtaking sunsets of Paris, the Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain collection is undoubtedly marvelous. They have successfully made themselves stand out amidst all the other liquid lipsticks. Firstly, the way the shades are named fuses some strange kind of power within you, making it a little bit easier for you to move on.

I lead is a lovely shade of red and brown mixed in the right proportion. The product works amazingly as a liquid lipstick as well as a lip stain. The finish of the product is a satin matte which empowers your look even more.

On applying the product once, you will get a stain hue which, lasts for a long time. If you apply it more than once, you get to witness the excellent pigmentation without feeling the weight of the product. The tip of the applicator is pointed and concise. This is incredibly helpful in applying the lipstick.


  • Applicator is a masterpiece.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Does not bleed around the edges of the lips.
  • Smooth and is easy to reapply.


  • Not completely transfer-proof.

8. Varnished Rosewood 

Varnished Rosewood

L’Oreal Paris has given us some of the most stylish and rich lip colors ever. Their Colour Riche Shine Glossy Lipstick line is sheer beauty in itself. The wide range of colors that are available in this line makes it all the more appealing to the women out there. You can choose whatever suits your mood.

The Varnished Rosewood is a concoction of brown and neutral shade that is perfect for almost any occasion. If you are a fan of nude shades, this is definitely the color for you. The product is designed with a formula that has about 60% oils and a little amount of beeswax. This has made it one of the best lipstick for older lips. The product feels light on the lips and lasts long. It keeps your lips moistened and prevents them from drying out.


  • A great mix of lip balm and lipstick.
  • No odor or taste.
  • A perfect balance of color and shine.
  • Creamy texture and hydrates the lips efficiently.


  • Does not last all day long.

9. Go Wild

Go Wild

Almay has produced some high-grade products in the last few years but, their Lip Vibes collection takes the cherry. It is available in a total of 24 shades, out of which 10 are mattes, 12 creamy, and 2 toppers. The outlook of the lipstick is quite funky and nudges you to be bold and adventurous. Also, the names are unique and funny, and that’s half of the appeal of the product.

The Go Wild shade falls under the matte section and is infused with rich color. It is made by the formula containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also consists of Shea butter which, has been added to keep your lips soft and moistened.

The lipstick feels quite comfortable on the lips and is not at all sticky. It also does not dry out, making your lips look chapped and is easy to apply again. The product is free of any kind of smell and is hypoallergenic as stated by the brand.


  • Gives a smooth feeling over the lips.
  • Does not bleed around the edges of the lips.
  • Does not settle heavily over the lips.


  • Matte texture is not very good.

10. Bright Mocha 

Bright Mocha

L’Oreal Paris has always strived to manufacture products that cater to women of different age groups. The Age Perfect collection is the testament to their drive to develop something bold and beautiful for women with mature skin. The brand can aptly be crowned for manufacturing the best lipstick for older women. It is available in ten diversified shades.

The Bright Mocha is a lovely shade of brown that can easily be worn at any time of the day. The product is infused with nourishing serum and pro-vitamin B5. These ingredients serve to provide nourishment to the lips and keep them healthy. The lipstick glides easily over the lips and gives you a sophisticated look.

The lipstick is not only rich in color but is also coupled with hydrating contents. It promises to provide hydration until about 9 hours. The product is claimed to be tested under the supervision of dermatologists and is hypoallergenic as stated by the brand.


  • Texture is creamy and stays for a long time.
  • Does not bleed or run all over the lips.
  • Does not dry out the lips.


  • Quite expensive.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Lipstick For Older Women

Various types of lipsticks can be found in today’s world. The choices are plenty which often leaves your brain puzzled. Several factors will help you determine the best lipstick for older women. Knowing about these chief factors will help you when you decide to buy one and some of them are listed below.

1. Check Out The Brand

No matter how much we want to deny, the brand name speaks volumes about the products. Notwithstanding the price, there are several national as well as international brands that you can avail of. It is better to try out different brands before settling on one.

2. Match Your Skin Tones

Yes, you can wear whatever shade that you desire but, it is quite inevitable that some shades look better on you than the others. If you want your lipstick to compliment you perfectly, it is better to buy ones that go with your skin tones. Undertone of the skin is counted as one of the most important aspects in buying cosmetics and every person has different undertone.

If you will learn about your undertone you will be able to identify right colors for your makeup. Pink and yellow are two different types of undertones. Pink is cool while yellow is warm. You can easily find out your undertone by vein test. If your wrist veins appear green you have yellow undertone and if they are blue you have pink undertone. Similarly lipstick shades too have undertones, and that’s why they look great on some and not on others. All you have to do is find out the right shade that matches your undertone.

3. Choose Good Quality

The health and safety of your lips should be your primary concern when shopping for the best lipsticks for older women. You should choose lipsticks that won’t harm your lips in any way. You can make sure of this by viewing the ingredient list of the product before buying it.

4. Check Out The Expiry Date

In the rush and excitement of buying new lipsticks, you often forget to check the most important thing – the expiry date. It is usually printed on the base of the lipstick case, and is denoted in M which represents months.

5. Be Budget-Friendly

Your love for lipsticks may know no bounds but unfortunately, your money does. Check out the price of the product before making up your mind.

6. Take A Look At The Texture

Different people prefer a different texture. Lipsticks are available in a variety of textures that range from creamy to matte to satin. You can choose any one or both according to your taste and moods.

7. Look At The Variants

There are different shades of lipsticks that are available. You can choose whatever color that makes an impression on you. Try using light colors for the day, and go for the bold and the dark one for the night.

These are some of the factors that you can keep in mind while searching for the right lipstick. These will help you make a good purchase that will leave you happy and satisfied.

FAQs on Lipsticks For Older Women

1. What Is The Best Way To Hide The Wrinkles On Your Lips?

Use a dab of sheer concealer and use your fingers to swipe it across your lips. This will hide your wrinkles and prevent caking.

2. What Type Of Lipstick Is Most Suitable For Older Women?

It is better to wear lipsticks that are not similar to the color of your concealer. It will simply blend in and not highlight the most beautiful part of you – your lips.

3. Can Older Women Wear Bright Shades Of Lipsticks?

Older women generally go for lighter shades but the correct answer would be to apply any shade you want. It’s never too late to enjoy the different color palates.

4. How To Prevent Bleeding Of The Lipstick Over The Skin?

The best way to keep your lipstick from bleeding around the edges of the lips is to swipe a dash of clear powder on the outer portion of your lip line before applying your lipstick.

5. Is It Possible To Return The Lipsticks If Bought Online?

If you have received a damaged item then you can return the product but after opening the seal most of the brands will not take back the cosmetic items. You should check the return policy on product website as it varies from bran to brand.

6. What Is The Best Shade For Women Above 50?

If you have warm skin tone you should go for southern red, coco, coffee, rose and chocolate colors. If you have cool skin tones you can go for purple, pink, bright red and blue shades.

Add A Dash Of Color With The Best Lipstick For Older Women

No matter what women say, you will always find that they have a pretty impressive stock when it comes to lipsticks. The fact that they can literally represent your moods – fun, bright, dark, and even sexy makes them all the more alluring. You can never have too many lipsticks.

Depending on the various types, textures, quality, and color, you can choose the ones that fit your persona and give you the extra boost that you need at times. You can easily choose the best lipstick for older women by going through this article. You can finally attain that lipstick that is a perfect balance between prime quality and economical budget.

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