Best Reachers And Grabber Tools of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Ettore 2. Vive 3. RMS
Ettore Grip'n Grab: Multi-purpose Reach Tool

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Rms 26 Inch Grabber Reacher With Rotating Gripper


When I first heard the term, I sat wondering what purpose it served and to whom. Internet being the boon of our era, dished out several articles on the functions these tools perform.

Initially, the people who suffered physical disabilities had to depend on their caretakers for every little movement. If they suffered from a backbone injury, their mobility was restricted, whereby bending down was strictly forbidden.

Similarly, in the case of arthritis, loss of limbs, old age, and other instances where excessive actions and strenuous activities are banned, they had to depend on nurses or family members for help.


Now, imagine a person who lives alone sustains a wound that keeps him/her from bending over or squatting down on the ground or stretching his/her hands too much, where will help come from?

To continue with the daily activities, the said person will require an assistant. Hiring a full-time nurse or caretaker can be expensive. Then again, there is no guarantee that their quality of work will provide satisfaction.

Technology has blessed us with solutions, and hordes of brands are associating themselves with problem-solving capabilities. One of the life-changing solutions has come from those brands that endorse medical products.

Reacher and grabber tools seem to work as an extension to one’s arm. They are lightweight aluminum shafts, long or short, that can be used to cope up with the day to day routines.

For people with limitations, life is challenging; and such a phenomenal mobility invention has brought a much-needed sense of relief for them.

Searching for the best reachers and grabber tools is not easy work. Although they are pocket-friendly and aim to minimise labor, there is a wide variety of reachers from which you get to choose.

The article here focuses on the various types of reachers and grabber tools you may come across while searching and draws your attention to the ten of the best reachers and grabber tools from Amazon.

Wherefore you can make a selection depending on the user’s age, flexibility, ability to adapt to new technology, and his/her comfort.

Happy scrolling!

Types Of Reachers And Grabber Tools

Choices and preferences differ with different people. What may be best for you may not be best for your others. Say, you prefer a long reacher, because the user is an aged person. Your friend might prefer to buy a foldable one because he/she loves to travel.

Thus, there can be no single type of best reachers and grabber tools. You are in charge of apprehending your preferences or the user’s and then make a decision.

There are several varieties of reacher and grabber tools, some being named below:

  • Lightweight Reacher

Holding an item for prolonged periods can cause severe pain around the wrists. Thus, there is a demand for a lightweight grabber tool.

As a lightweight tool, it is ideal for people who have limb injuries and with wrist arthritis. Possessing a lightweight tool can also mean that the said product cannot lift more than 5 pounds effortlessly.

It comes with a magnetic tip that attracts small metallic items like keys, coins, etc.
Therefore, one has to be mindful while attempting to grab a heavyweight object from the top shelves.

  • The Multipurpose Reacher

What is better than having one type of reacher tool only to enjoy using it for different purposes.
Some grabber tools are designed in a way to grab not only bigger objects but also the tiny ones lying around the corners.

A shaft such as that has unique features providing it a steady grip on tiny items. The jaws can also rotate at a 90° angle, thereby you can pick up objects either vertically or horizontally, depending on the position.
An adjustable reacher can be considered as one of the multipurpose reachers due to its flexibility.

  • Ergonomic Handle Reacher

Aged persons are unaware of the concept of technology. The clash between traditionalism and modernization is boosted with a passion. Throw in a new invention they will be left perplexed.

The mechanisms of the grabber tool should be such that it is user-friendly and comfortable. The seniors should not feel intimidated by this new concept.

An ergonomic design helps in overcoming the inhibitions about using the tools. Hence, if the tool is constructed comfortably, fits the contours of the human hand, and has a soft pull trigger, operating the grabber for its respective purposes will seem like a cakewalk.

  • A Foldable Reacher

One of the reacher tools that have been discussed in the section below is the foldable grabber. Chiefly used for travel purposes and for convenient storage, a foldable shaft has a groove on both the parts so that affixing is not hampered.

Imagine a 32-inch reacher tool, halved into 14-inch that can be carried in your regular bag while traveling.

Another feature that proves how efficient these foldable tools are is the clip attached to it. This clip is specifically used to keep the grabber tool near the user.

  • The Reacher Whose Length Can Be Adjusted

One of the essential aspects of a reacher is its adjustable length. Why spend extra by purchasing a long and a short grabber tool, when you can be economical.

Often you would require different lengths to perform their respective functions. For instance, possessing a long shaft can have its downside when you need to shift a book to a nearby shelf.

Again, a shorter staff can land you in trouble – when you need to pick your money from the floor, and your grabber is not sufficiently long to reach it.

Such is the advantage you are provided with a flexible length.

Adjustable reachers like the PikStik TelescoPik offers a variety of extensions ( from 30 inches to 44 inches) with a sliding shaft and a locking system.

  • Reacher For Outdoor Use

Usually, the reachers that are employed outdoors are for sanitation purposes. Being in touch with garbage is not feasible for health, you might be unaware of the harmful germs infesting in the junk. Such instances demand the assistance of the grabber tools that can extend up to certain lengths, grab the debris, and chuck it out of sight.

While cleaning with your hands, aside from the repulsiveness you feel, the constant bending of your spine and joint exercise can cause a tremendous amount of tension in your body. The tool, in turn, maintains hygiene and also stops from adding strain on your back.

The purpose of reviewing various products is to create awareness about that genre and its bestsellers. Why are people flocking to buy the reacher tools, what is the best deal one can get and in which color?

Some of the best reachers and grabber tools of Amzonare mentioned below with a brief description of their features, attributes, and advantages. For optimal performance, you have to opt for that particular product which is suitable for you.

Top 10 Best Reachers And Grabber Tools of 2021

1. Ettore Grip’n Grab: Multi-purpose Reach Tool

Ettore Best Reachers And Grabber Tools

Weighing a mere 9.1 lbs, the product in question is one of the best reacher and grabber tools you would come across.

It has been more than 80 years since Ettore had dedicated their time and energy to the manufacture of grabber tools.

Both quality and designs are commendable as they gradually upgraded their products to match the new world.

The Grip’n Grab tool is multipurpose. The stick spans to accommodate a grip on one side, and a mouth on the other.

The mouth resembles an open plier with flexible pincers. These pincers, joint loosely by screws, can be adjusted according to the object being picked.

Not only can it grab objects weighing up to 5 lbs, but it can also snatch up smaller ones like a coin. The inner part of the jaws is coated with a rubbery substance with help in gripping tiny things steadily.

Working both as a clean-up and pick up tool, it can be availed by the physically challenged people or those who have orthopedic shortcomings.

You can lift objects of any size anywhere around the house or outside, without causing any physical strain.

The Articulation Head can be rotated at 90 degrees. Moreover, the plastic finishing renders it lightweight, rustproof, and slim enough to reach into tight spaces.


2. Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Vive with their uniquely designed suction cup reacher tool provides you with a lifetime refund guarantee for any damage your purchase sustains; thus, challenging their quality of production.

A sleek looking aluminum stick that rests on a handle encased in black plastic. There is a built-in hanger hooped at the end of the handle for convenient storage.

The trigger on the underside of the handle is easy to operate on either of the hands. Moreover, aluminum finishing is an advantage as it prevents the unwanted problem of corrosion.

There are two pincer shaped jaws jutting out with a suction cup attached to each of them that extend to the other end. These suction cups are a wise addition as they help in quick grabbing.

Glass items can mainly be picked up smoothly as the cups attach themselves firmly around the object. Removing bulbs is yet another function this stick can perform.

The leaf-shaped jaws provide sufficient leverage to pick up objects weighing up to 5 lbs, as the cups latch onto them securely. Keeping the user in mind, this tool is constructed as lightweight. Such an arrangement minimizes strain or fatigue on the arms when held for prolonged periods.

It is ideal for people suffering from arthritic problems, spinal injuries, recovering patients, and those with mobility challenges. Users can reach the high shelves, unreachable corners, or any other tight spaces with the 32-inch stick and retrieve their belongings without breaking a sweat.


3. RMS 26 Inch Grabber Reacher With Rotating Gripper

Rms 26 Inch Grabber Reacher With Rotating Gripper

Royal Medical Solutions, quite aptly to their name, brings another one of their creations to the table. As usual, the quality of their products is commendable, and as you read on, you would realize why RMS is known to make a record quality of best reacher and grabber tools.

With a single goal of providing people with an easy life in mind, RMS designed the Rotating Reacher Grabber. Coming in the four standard RGB variations, you can pick one of your favorite color.

The tool has three extending ranges – 19 inches, 26 inches, and 32 inches. Such a variety of reaching heights help people of all age groups, genders, and different limitations.

Generally, the 26 inches length is employed, of the Rotating Reacher Grabber, to pick up objects strewn across the floor – from a pen to a jar – or garbage outside.

The slender cut of the stuck allows it to fit in inflexible areas, nooks, and crannies of a place in order to procure objects. This product is encased in aluminum that stands against corrosion, weighing merely 8 pounds.

Users can also wield the shaft to pick objects kept on the highest shelves. Two of the pincers at the jaw are coated with rubber. It is an anti-slip precautionary measure employed to certify that the objects are held firmly.

Such a mechanism ensures that if a button or a coin is picked, the jaws will hold on to it securely. The jaws rotate and lock themselves at 90 degrees so that materials can be lifted at any angle.

At the other end, you have the handle, padded for a comfortable grip. On its underside, there is a trigger which is connected to the stick with a wire. The latter is made of steel cables.

Thus, all these qualities make the product ergonomic and efficient.


4. Reacher Grabber Tool

Reacher Grabber Tool

Used for picking up glasses, coins, and junk, this tool by Zayad only weighs 3 lbs. Crafted with premium aluminum alloy, it can protect itself from rust.

Ideal for people with severe orthopedic limitations of carpal tunnel syndrome as it provides optimal support. Obtaining newspapers, glasses, batteries, becomes easy; it can also be used to pick up the user’s bottoms – trousers or skirt.

Unlike most of the reacher tools, this product is foldable. The plastic handle sporting the trigger switch has a moderate portion of aluminum alloy pole affixed to it. While the rest of the pole, with the jaws, have to be attached along the groove.

If you look carefully, you will notice an arrow marked towards the aluminum pole, on the foldable plastic casing. This aluminum part of the pole is inserted into the hole in the other part.

Once you put pressure on the switch, the pincers clamp down on the object to be picked, and in order to loosen the hold, release the switch.

The jaws are brushed with a rubberized material, which helps in maintaining a steady grip while at the same time prevent scratches on glass or ceramic surfaces.

Tapering towards the mouth, the pincers end in a pointed joint. Such a design can grab and lift tiny objects, be it a coin or a piece of paper, skillfully.

Not only does it encourage length adjustment, but it also can lift objects that weigh around 3 to 5 pounds. Zayad’s excellent customer service ensures you 18 months of free return shipping service, aside from a refund in case of poor quality experience.


5. Birdrock Home Short Grabber Pick Up Tool

Birdrock Home Short Grabber Pick Up Tool

Unlike its predecessors, the product from BirdRock is not designed to reach out for objects lying quite a distance away or on a high shelf.
It comes with a black plastic handle and jaws while the pincers are layered with a vibrant orange rubber and it also sports a short shaft. It weighs exceptionally light at 0.38 pounds.

The user can utilize this shirt grabber anyway they like, whether horizontally or vertically, due to the rotating head that swings up to a 90-degree angle.

Within a short-range, it aids you in picking up books, laundry, papers, phone, and so on. Reducing excessive strain on your muscles and lessening arm pain seem to be the two of its key objectives.


6. RMS 2-Pack Grabber Reacher with Rotating Gripper

RMS 2-Pack Grabber Reacher with Rotating Gripper

The products of Royal Medical Solutions seem to have eased the lifestyle of persons who suffer physical shortcomings.

Similar to the first one, the shaft is made of aluminum alloy that is free of corrosion and has an internal steel cable affixing the trigger to it.

Once pulled, the jaws on the other side of the shaft clamp down on the object to be picked up. It is layered with a rubberized material, and the pincers do not scrape off the surface material of the glass or wooden items.

The rubber grip provides superior support when you attempt to pick up small objects and holds them well. Furthermore, the long 32 inches shaft gives you a great advantage in retrieving items that are placed far away or in a high place.

One of the reasons users would prefer to purchase this product is because RMS offers two packs of reacher tools included in one deal.

Therefore, if you require more than one grabber tool without paying extra, this is the perfect sale for you.


7. RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher With Ergonomic Handle

RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher With Ergonomic Handle

Now, this is what you call as an exception among the myriad products we have come across. It is well fit to be carried around when you travel because of the foldable quality.

26 inches long, the shaft is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs only 6.4 ounces, another reason why this product is the best reachers and grabber tools for traveling purposes.

The bright yellow and black handle is contoured to comfort a human hand when the tool is held. The trigger is also ergonomic, making the operation effortless.

RMS offers its customers a lifetime warranty of the reacher tool for a limited period after purchase. When three of their products are lined up among the category of bestsellers, you can trust the brand with their top-notch characteristics and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Also used to assist you to dress, there is a moderate-sized thick, aluminum nail poking out on top of the mouth. The mouth is covered with a magnetic tip that can be employed to pick up small iron objects.

A yellow clip is fastened on the underside of the grabber, which, when folded contracts up to 14 inches, the tool can be hooked to walkers, wheelchairs, beds, and other supports using the clip.


8. Tacklife Reacher Grabber Foldable Pickup Tool

Tacklife Reacher Grabber Foldable Pickup Tool

The RG01 reacher, manufactured by Tacklife, was chosen to make life easier and more habitable. They provide ample user guidance videos and tips to the novices, briefing them on how to tackle the tool.

With an inbuilt magnetic tip, you can find out tiny metallic objects that remain hidden from normal eyesight. Keys, coins, or nails hiding under the couches or beds, and even in tight spaces, are retrieved using the RG01.

The jaws are layered with a rubberized texture that grips objects firmly; alongside, they also have an anti-slip technology that prevents glasses from slipping out. Unlike the others, the sturdy aluminum finish permits a hold of 12 lbs effortlessly.

Furnished with a rotating mouth, you can adjust the angle of movement from 45° to 180°, depending on the place and type of object you are looking to grab.

Not only does it sport these functional features, the foldable aspect of the shaft added with a hoop on top of its handle makes it convenient to be stored in any place.


9. Enine 2 Packs – Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool

Enine 2 Packs - Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool

The package delivers 2 packs of reacher and grabber tools from Enine that are foldable and convenient to carry. 32 inches of aluminum pole can be a pain in case of traveling. However, the product in question can contract up to 17 inches when folded.

Thus, it can be wedged into a handbag or in your luggage during your travels. Enine also leaves you with a 60 days money-back guarantee in case the product fails to live up to their quality.

These are the two best reachers and grabber tools for those seniors and disabled persons who have mobility issues. They do not have to strain their limbs and risk an injury while trying to reach for an item up on the shelf or on the ground.

Besides, these reacher tools are an optimal method of maintaining hygiene. With the help of the stick, you can grab any unclean material or garbage and dump it in the trash can. Thus, keeping your hands clean.

Kids, too, can use these to retrieve their toys kept under the bed or in higher spaces. Forget about bending over or squatting down, trying to reach for the required things. Extending at almost 33 inches you can poke and prod behind the beds and furniture.

Crafted with a top-quality and highly strong material, they prevent corrosion from being an obstacle in their performance. he jaws grip glass materials firmly without leaving a mark, as they are layered with a rubber textured material.

The mouth can rotate in 360 degrees, assisting you in using it either vertically or horizontally, depending on the situation and requirement. Both the shafts can bear objects weighing up to 4 pounds.

When designed, the handle and the trigger, they must have been considerate of the comfort when handheld. Holding it up for prolonged periods can be strenuous, especially when the trigger is too tight to pull.

Keeping that in mind, Enine designed the handle conforming to the shape of a general human hand. It is well-padded and contoured, ergo, providing no room for discomfort.


10. Sammons Preston Feather Reach Reacher

Sammons Preston Feather Reach Reacher

Sammons Preston Feather Reach Reacher is magnetic and effective to assist people with limited mobility.

Not meant for heavy lifting, this product lacks the pincer-like jaws and its rubbery texture that can grab onto a 5-pound object effortlessly.

The tool in question has a magnet affixed to its tip so that metals can be easily found and retrieved. On the underside, there is a clip that can lift items under a pound – like keys, papers, etc.

The clip can open wide enough to accommodate clothes and garbage. It can also be used to pick up trash strewn on the ground.

There also exists a small yellow clasp that can be used to fix the reacher to your wheelchair or bed rail or walkers to keep them available. Ergonomically designed handle boasts of an assured grip.

It is one of the best reachers and grabber tools for seniors who live independently, alone, or at nursing homes. With an increment in physical ailments, arthritis challenges a person to bend or squat. In order to not strain your limbs too much, this tool is availed.

It also improves the mobility of those patients who have survived knee, back, and hip surgeries.


Best Reachers And Grabber Tools – The Final Advice

After extensive coverage of the different bestselling grabber and reacher tools, your mind must be buzzing with all the pros and cons advocated for each of those products.

When you look for any product in order to buy, you expect to come across some units that are in accordance with your wishes.

Similarly, we all desire for the best version of those products we are hunting. But before we jump into the process of placing an order, it is essential to remember the specific determinants that are laid down.

Not all products are flawless. No one prefers to end up buying a product that is uneconomical and faulty.

However, it is you who have the power to choose the best reachers and grabber tools for yourself. If it is being purchased for the seniors at your home or any other person suffering from physical ailments, ensure that you have carefully evaluated the details and suitability of the unit with the user.

In case of any technical issues or drawbacks in its quality, each of the brands mentioned above offers a full refund guarantee. You can also avail of the return and replacement option available in Amazon.

Aiming for the best reachers and grabber tools points out an important criterion; while possessing a pack of two reachers and grabber might sound financially lucrative, you must assess the reviews first.

This article states clearly the top ten reachers and grabbers of Amazon by highlighting their crucial facts. Wherefore, you are aware of the consequences when you purchase your preferred unit.

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