Leveraged Freedom Chair

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Meet the chair built inside MIT which took eight years of heavy engineering accompanied by dozens of prototypes and design improvements. The numerous trials resulted in one of a kind all-terrain wheelchair. Powered with extremely good quality equipment, this is a vehicle that has everything you need to take beyond the pavement.

Already trusted and loved by hundreds of users across the country, this chair will give you complete freedom. Let us take a look at what all it has to offer.

1. Easy to move, more than ever

Designed at MIT, this wheelchair is almost self-powered and you hardly need any power to move it, we are confident that the power required is much lower than others. Using levers in the best way possible, effortless travel is made possible. Move through rough terrains and climb hills easily. 

2. Roll over anything

The 26” mountain bike tires give you superior traction, especially compared to regular wheelchair wheels. Paired with a brilliant lever system, you can groove over any terrain easily. Strong and sturdy, but also lightweight, this wheelchair will give you a super smooth experience even on the roughest surfaces. The custom designed 8.75” rubber front wheel does an immensely well work of absorbing shocks and distributes your weight without getting stuck.

3. The Perfect Tread

The 1.75″ wide wheels are almost twice as wide as standard wheelchair wheels. While the regular tires work fine on normal surfaces, you can check our sand/snow tires for an amazing performance at extreme conditions.

4. Completely flexible Design

All parts of the chair are out of the shelf equipment, which makes it easier and cheaper to maintain. Although seems complicated, it is not more than a simple bike and you can easily get the high-quality parts adjusted at any local bike shop.

There are a hundred more customizations on this chair over any other, like the adjustable footrest, back-support pad, easy-to-use parking brakes, and in-wheel suspension, each to make your ride more comfortable and satisfying.

Tested on several wheelchair riders over eight years, we have built this since the idea of it came when we were students at MIT and is now one of the best product out there. You can now try it for a 30-day at-home test ride.  

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