Best Raised Toilet Seats 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Being an age-old man or women, you have to be careful about certain life aspects that are deemed to be essential. Out of all the emergency medical issues, one of the most important sectors that elderly individuals find difficult to comply with is going to the toilet.

They certainly are at odds, as there are assistants and nurses to take them when they go to the bathroom, every time to pee. With age, the bones will undoubtedly lose their porosity, and people do get afflicted with natural fitness problems. Since this is quite natural and inevitable, you should not be ashamed about it.


However, when you lower yourself to pee, you might not be comfortable with the toilet seat, because it can be too hard. Also, it is a necessity to wipe yourself up when you finish your activity and prevent any injuries as well.

Therefore, in order to be independent every time you visit the washroom, using raised toilets become a much-needed home modification for the elderly.

Instead of getting a hip replacement surgery by sitting on hard seats, opting for a raised one can not only maintain your privacy but can be quite useful for all elders. You do not have the risk of falling from the seat, and you can confidently pee without any worries.

Instead of your caretaker accompanying you to the toilet, you can now go on your own. Therefore, if you haven’t installed the Best Raised Toilet Seats yet, it’s high time you did. But before that, let us look at some of the factors that can help select the right one. You can also look into buying tall toilets for elderly.

Factors To Look For In Buying The Best Raised Toilet Seats

Elders must be treated with all the respect and love at every stage of their existence. Even if it worries certain washroom ethics, it must be duly noted to check for the type of seat cover that is there on the toilet. If it isn’t appropriate and you are looking for a raised one in the market, then some of the factors that can help in the purchasing process are as follows:

1) Great Stability

Elders have to be stable all the time, even when they are busy in the washroom. No one wants to get hurt in the process and further complicate their lifestyle. To make them more comfortable, the all-new raised toilet seats assure great stability.

Instead of wobbling here and there, these seats would be best to avoid all risks of accidental falls and injuries. Because of the guaranteed stability, all elderly individuals can use the bathroom safely without asking for their caretaker’s help. Therefore, when you go to the market to buy a raised seat, make sure you check that it is stable and strong enough to support them.

2) Weight Limit

Another most important factor that must be looked into when buying the Best Raised Toilet Seats is the weight limit. An ordinary toilet seat can accommodate individuals who weigh around 300 to 350lbs.

Therefore, the raised ones too would be ideal for the elderly in terms of their appropriate weight. Even if he or she is heavy, the seat would firmly accommodate everyone and keep them safe. You do not have to worry about falling off the seat because they are quite sturdy.

3) The Round Toilet Seats

Every toilet has its shape and size, and the dimensions differ from one model to another. Therefore, the shape of the toilet is a crucial factor in determining the type of toilet seat you purchase. If it is round, then a round raised seat is required. A square one would need a square seat too. In order to increase the reliability of the raised seats, make sure that you check the seats and its size before buying them.

4) Heightened Seats

Every seat riser adds a certain height to the toilet. While elderly individuals benefit from this seat, it can be raised to a decent height limit. The maximum height must be a point where the elderly can comfortably sit and pee without any harm. Whatever the height of the seat, it should be able to give a feeling of relaxation.

You need to consider the angle of the seat as well and accordingly adjust the height. If you think a greater height would help the elderly, then you are wrong. Therefore, when you buy the Best Raised Toilet seats, make sure that you analyze the prospects of its height for convenient bathroom habits.

5) Complete Durability

Our greatest concern when buying the seat covers is its complete durability. When you are purchasing the seat covers, be sure of its quality. Compare it with some other products on the market too. Pick one seat that can effectively last for years.

Also, you do want the seats to be damaged right after its first use. Therefore, to avoid the seat that the elderly are sitting on from crumbling, one must check the reliability of the product.

6) Cleanliness

Every raised seat must be easy to clean. When the elders use the toilet, a good wipe is essential to ensure proper hygiene. This does not mean that you have to uninstall the seat for cleaning. However, it is wise to opt for a raised cover that is easy to wash and clean. Thus you can easily remove all the dirt and hidden particles and make your bathroom hygienic.

6) Appropriate Budget

When buying the Best Raised Toilet seats for the elderly, it is essential to acknowledge the budget of the seat as well. Some of the seats might turn out to be costly, but this is because of their quality and durability. However, some products are available with the same set of features but within a restricted budget. Therefore, you can certainly keep a price in mind when you go to the market to buy the seats.

By now, you should be familiar with the factors that influence the purchase of a particular toilet seat riser for the elderly. Next, let us look at the reviews of the Best Raised Toilet seats that are available in the market.

Top 10 Best Raised Toilet Seats 2021

1. Vive Toilet Seat Riser With Handles

Vive Best Raised Toilet SeatIf you are looking for a raised toilet seat with handles, then the Vive toilet seat riser is the best one that you can purchase for the elderly. With an easy installation procedure, this toilet seat can be raised to a standard height, and this enables the old to stay relaxed while peeing. If you are injured and your bank pains while you sit on regular seats, then this raised one can be your actual answer.

This raised toilet seat can fit into all regular and standardized commodes. Aged individuals with limited mobility can easily access this seat with complete security. The best part of having this raised seat cover is that there are handles attached on both sides. This allows the elderly to balance out the situation and manage themselves in the bathroom.

Once you screw in the seats, they are permanently attached. This makes it suitable for the aged to prevent accidental slipping. In addition to that, the handles attached can be removed and thus, the grip is capable of making the aged completely secure when peeing! You can trust this raised toilet seat easily because of its anti-corrosive nature that ensures the handles don’t rust.


2. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat With Arms, Elongated

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat With Arms, ElongatedAre you looking for medically fit, raised toilet seats for the elderly? Well, the all-new elevated toilet seat with arms is the perfect one for aged people who do face certain unhealthy situations when performing their bathroom activities. The raised seat can be placed successfully over the original one in an elongated manner.

The best part of having this seat is that its handle can be removed and attached any time with ease. Also, the elevated angle of the toilet seat helps the elderly sit comfortably on the commode.

The classic advantage of getting this seat for your elderly friends is the cushion-like feeling. The cushion-like texture adds an extra layer of comfort and warmth. If the elderly are suffering from body pain and are unable to sit on regular seats, then probably this seat would be the best solution. The seat is wide and supports appropriate weight options too. This seat effectively takes care of all medical conditions with clarity!


3. Vive Raised Toilet Seat, 5-inch Portable

Vive Raised Toilet Seat, 5-inch PortableThe most practical reason to use elevated toilet seat for elderly individuals is because of the additional padding provided. The all-new vive raised toilet is the ultimate solution that is ranked to be the best when it comes to comfort.

If you have any sort of handicap, this toilet seat would be your best friend. Its light-weight technology provides stability and therefore, aged individuals find it easy and comfortable to use the bathroom.

The handles that are attached to the seat can be elevated along with the seat. They are equipped with padded cushions in order to add extra support. The design of the toilet seat meets the criteria of all possible washroom solutions, and this makes it possible for the elderly to sit and stand without assistance. The height of this raised seat is around 5 inches, and the aged can sit on it without bending their knees.

In case the individual has knee trouble or is suffering from intense back pain, then this seat would stand to be the ultimate answer to all the problems. When you buy this seat, all the parts are provided, and the experts can come in to install it and sanitize it as per your requirements. The seat can be removed at any point in time and cleaned for maintaining hygienic bathroom conditions.


4. Vive Toilet Safety Rail, Adjustable Grab Bar

Vive Toilet Safety Rail, Adjustable Grab BarAre you looking for a compact toilet seat that is quite affordable to purchase for all your old buddies? The all-new Vive toilet safety rail is the best light-weight support system that can offer the elderly comfort and security while in the bathroom.

In addition to that, the aluminum frame of the padded handles are non-corrosive, and therefore, you can use it for all bathroom facilities. The seat can be removed along with the handles and then cleaned easily. You can also sanitize it to maintain hygienic conditions.

This product has lots of additional features to provide. When you are looking for the ultimately raised toilet seat, you must look into the security it provides.

Thus, this extra support provided can help the elderly in ensuring stability, and you can rely on the seat for well-integrated comfort. There is a free installation manual provided with the seat, and you can read the instructions in order to place it in the right manner.

The seat can be attached to all ordinary seat models, and this makes it convenient for the elderly to safely use the toilet without any further assistance. Due to its multi-functional quality, this raised seat is best for arthritic individuals too. The non-slip handle provides grip and makes it accessible to individuals of ages.


5. Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat And Commode

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat And CommodeThere is certainly an advantage noticed when it comes to the best-raised seats for the elderly. The all-new Vaunn Medical elevated raised toilet seat is the ultimate product that comes attached to a commode.

The mechanism of this raised seat is simple, and the aged can grab the handles attached for an extra level of protection. In addition to that, the commode is also raised, making it easy for them to support their bodies, while they are undertaking their daily washroom tasks.

If you are looking for a budgeted raised seat model, then this is the best one in the market. The seat can be adjusted according to the height of the individual.

Body issues like arthritis, spondylitis, can be successfully treated and taken care of with the help of this toilet seat. You can help your elderly friend to a sitting position and the support can, later on, help him or her stand.

When the raised commode is not being used, there is an auto-lock mechanism attached, and this can be used to lock the seat. This prevents accidents and keeps the elderly safe too. The raised seat with commode is completely hygienic, and you can trust the comfort provided by it.


6. Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser With Removable Arms

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser With Removable ArmsElderly individuals do need some extra care, and there are so many things that must be looked into while taking care of them. To help them with their daily bathroom visits is certainly a challenge, but with the best-raised toilet seats available in the market, the elderly do not require support anymore.

This medical premium raised seat has removable padded arms. When the elderly are trying to sit on the toilet, they can hold the handle and sit with complete comfort. This gives them privacy, and they can also stand up alone.

The design of the seat is suitable for all toilet designs. You need not be too cautious about its installation process, as the procedure is very easy to follow.

The packaging of the raised seat comes with seat covers that can be applied over the top to maintain its hygiene. Plus, whenever you want to wash the seat, you can instantly remove it and clean it.

The handles are removable too. With excellent durability and added comfort, this seat is best for the elderly. It is also portable and light-weight, and this makes it easy for all elderly individuals to use the raised seat without any additional trouble!


7. Carex Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

Carex Elongated Hinged Toilet Seat RiserAre you looking for elongated raised toilet seats that can suit the elderly? The all-new Carex elongated hinged toilet seat riser is one of the best models on the market that can perfectly fit onto all ordinary toilet seats.

The seat can be raised to a height of 3.5 inches and supports an average weight of 300 pounds. The package comes with a manual, and you must read the instructions printed on it in order to install the seat.

The hinged toilet seat must be aligned and then adjusted with the help of a screw to increase stability. If you feel that the seat is not too tight, then you can tighten it and secure it with additional hardware parts. You can buy both elongated as well as round seats for your commode and adjust it as per suitability.

You do not have to remove the earlier seat to install the raised one. All necessary accessories are provided with the seat so that you can use it perfectly to adjust the product for the elderly.

In dealing with all issues of the elderly individual, this raised seat is ideal in coming to terms with all ailments successfully! The seat can be bent and then lifted when the aged is trying to pee.

No extra support is required because of the handles attached to the seat model. The features demonstrated through this product certainly calls for labeling it one of the Best Raised Toilet seats for the aged!


8. Aqua Sense Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

Aqua Sense Raised Toilet Seat With LidAs there is no shortage of options for best-raised toilet seats, individuals might be in a dilemma to find the appropriate one. But looking at the buying guide and the standard elements of purchase, Aqua Sense’s raised toilet seat with lid is a classic product that lends support and stability to the elderly while using the bathroom.

This seat comes with a lid, which means that you can cover the seat when not in use. You can keep the lid on when not using it and lift it when you want to use the toilet. The seat is made of the best quality molded plastic and therefore, you have the chance to acknowledge the capacity of the seat, which is around 140 kgs.

For both regular as well as rounded seats, this raised seat can be fixed with ease. A pamphlet is attached to the seat when you are buying it, and you can take a look at the process before starting it. The seat is definitely one of the most affordable ones and comes with all the necessary accessories.

Providing a high level of comfort and clarity throughout, the aged individual would feel relaxed once they start using this raised seat cover. The upper lid can be removed and washed easily. You must maintain the hygiene of the seat and the lid in order to avoid the spread of infections.


9. Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat With Arms, For Round Toilets

Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat With Arms, For Round ToiletsRaised toilet seat with handles has probably been one of the most suitable features that have been attached to the medicated toilet seats used by the elderly. For a completely satisfied and unique experience, the all-new carex raised toilet seat can be extended to a height of 3.5 inches.

This certainly boosts and improves the level of comfort for all aged individuals. The handles that come with the seat are initially detached and you must read the manual in order to assemble all the parts together to prepare it for the elderly.

After fixing the raised seat above the ordinary one, you have to place the handles one by one on both sides. Instead of bringing a caretaker to the bathroom, the elderly can now freely go to the washroom and sit on the seat using the handles. These handles are padded for extra stability and comfort.

Its anti-skid formula doubles the protection and it prevents the elderly from having accidental injuries. The raised seat is excellent for round commodes and is also available in other shapes and sizes. Individuals can look for the appropriate one based on their requirements!


10. PCP Raised Toilet Seat And Safety Frame

PCP Raised Toilet Seat And Safety FrameSince the elderly once took care of us, it is now our time to look after them. Along with taking care of their basic health issues and providing them with medicines at the right time, it is also mandatory to assist them with their bathroom chores as well.

As they require some help while going to the bathroom, the best-raised toilet seats in the market have made it quite safe for them to manage themselves in the bathroom. They can use the handles to steady themselves. Also, the installation of the seats is pretty straightforward.

The handles attached to the seat are padded and no one can get hurt while clasping it. Since aged individuals would have back issues, the best possible way to instantly provide them relief is to make them sit on the raised seats, whenever they visit the bathroom.

The seat is so comfortable that they won’t have an issue in bending their knees while sitting on it.

For a completely enhanced experience, this seat is like a walking stick, a modular one, and you can carry it anywhere you like. This is good for those aged individuals, who actually find it too difficult to walk. The seat can be raised to the required height and this increases the stability and level of comfort as well.


What Are The Advantages Of Using The Best Raised Toilet Seats?

The stability of the human body likely decreases with old age. The ability to move and walk around decreases, and you might not have the freedom even to complete your daily bathroom routine. As an aged individual, it is essential to look into the solace of your body from all aspects. Raised toilet seats are an important fixture that can meet the demands of old age successfully. So, let us look at the top advantages of having the best ones in use:

Extra Comfort

The greatest reliability that can be counted against the use of the best toilet seats is that it provides extra comfort. Since the seat is raised to a height above the normal level, elderly people find it quite appreciating in terms of completing their bathroom chores. Plus, it is not always possible to carry your caretaker around, every time you want to pee. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best support to make your life hassle-free and comfortable. Using raised seats can live up to your expectations of providing the utmost comfort.


The second most important advantage that can be noted in relation to the raised toilet seats is the level of warmth that is attached to it. Old people definitely find it difficult to sit on the hard seats. Therefore, to reduce the burden completely, raised ones to add the necessary warmth from all sides.

Useful For People With Disabilities

People with disabilities also find it really impossible to sit on the regular toilet seats. If you have a leg issue, then certainly the raised ones can support your weight, and make you feel comfortable. You can easily go to the bathroom as you do not require assistance anymore.

Complete Stability

Since stability is an important factor that customers must look into while buying seat covers for the elderly, the standardized raised ones can actually help in steadying them and making the seats highly relaxing for the old people to sit on. Instead of asking for help, the elderly can now balance themselves and successfully get to do their bathroom chores!

No Trips And Falls

A lot of the older people often complain about tripping and accidentally falling due to the low seats. Therefore, the best part of having a raised seat is that no aged individual is prone to fall or even at the risk of tripping. They can securely adjust the seat and sit comfortably on it to pee. In this way, all elderly individuals feel secure when going to the washroom.

Easy To Use And Clean

The best advantage of having a raised toilet seat is that it is completely safe to use along with easy cleaning. Elderly people no longer require to worry about their washroom habits anymore. Once done peeing, the seat can be washed easily in order to keep away dirt and bacteria.

The Final Conclusion On Using The Best Raised Toilet Seats

Every old person deserves to be treated well. In their long term caring routine, the responsibility towards keeping them safe in the washroom is also to be understood. The Best Raised Toilet Seats can be the ultimate savior for them. It is necessary to get these seats installed to make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly.

All models of raised toilet seats are available online or can be easily purchased from a market store. If you think you won’t be able to install it on your own, just relax and read the pamphlet that comes along with the product.

You can carefully analyze the step by step instructions in the manual and install the seat for the ultimate comfort of your elderly pals. Once done, they no longer require any additional assistance and can normally and safely go to the washroom with the utmost security!

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