Best Lift Chair Recliners 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Mcombo 2. Magic Union 3. Domesis



Doesn’t the word emanate that luxurious feeling and smell of comfort we yearn for after a long day?

You may have the best color compatible furniture in your house, but throw in a recliner and your house will emanate a cozy sensation whenever you walk in.


Well, knowing how we love the cushiony chair today, the aged persons also deserve to pamper themselves with such lavishes.

However, spending long hours in a normal chair or a recliner took a toll on their bodies when they attempted to stand up. The recliners due to their lightweight tipped to one side when pressure was applied.

It was eventually decided that older people were prone to stumbles, or falling off because of the inadequate facility of support in the above-mentioned piece of furniture.

A heavy demand for appropriate recliners were lodged and soon the solution arrived. Lift recliners were developed whereby the lifting mechanism was easily controlled by technology and aged persons could conveniently access it. This is one of most sought after home modification furniture in current times.

Here, in this article, I will take you through some of the Best Lift Chair Recliners that I have selected for your ease of purchase, and post reading the lift chair reviews, you will find half of your work done.

So lean back and enjoy!

Constituents Of The Lift Chair Recliners

While we are discussing about lift recliners, let me share with you an interesting fact.

The concept of recliners was derived from the mid 19th century when Napoleon III received the first reclining chair, especially built for him.

Amusingly, this recliner was completely different from the ones we see today. It was built with a compact steel frame that could be folded and unfolded to operate as a chair, bed and a chaise as and when required.

Intriguing, is it not?

The early lift chairs were designed to match the La-Z-boy model fashioned by Knabusch and Shoemaker. They constituted lifting mechanisms steered by a button, however, the cheap quality of manufacturing rendered the lifts fragile, and often caused accidents.

The advancement of engineering lead to a steady rise in the standard of lift chair recliners’ manufacturing and the risks encountered by a single control unit diminished drastically.

In the later years, the lift technology was controlled by more than one button; thus, assisting the user to oversee the speed as well as the height of the chair altogether.

The former lift recliners often resulted in positional hazards during the lifting cycle. Getting stuck amidst engaging the lift was a frequent problem that baffled the elderly users.

Development in such a field received a warm welcome. The market has turned more cautious about the products and their benefits. Consumers flock towards quality along with affordable rates. Such a prudent consumerism demands to possess only the best lift chair recliners that satisfies their needs.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying the Best Lift Chairs for Elderly

The motorized chairs not only boast of a luxury with its endless features for the older generation but also assists their mobility. Getting in and out of a standard sofa is a painful process for the seniors, especially those with disabilities.

The lift recliners are a cost-effective method to certify both their safety and comfort together. Dive into the 5 factors mentioned below in order to find out the best lift chair recliners that suits your personal requirements.

Ratio Of You, Your Room, And Your Lift Chair

The size of the lift chair you wish to purchase should be proportionate to the size of the room where it is to be placed. Especially when the recliners are prone to take up more space.

Similar to a clothing line, you receive lift recliners in the universal sizes – starting from small to XXL. The weight of the chairs range according to their sizes – the maximum being 700 lbs.

The best possible option is to find a chair that is not too big or too small for your room. Taking in the dimensions and following a plan pertaining to the placement of the chair can help in selecting a distinct size.

One of the unusual aspects of lift chairs is that their varied mechanisms can help fit your chair even in tighter spaces.

Although the backward sliding feature will not be advisable in such instance. If the chosen space for your senior is a relatively smaller room it will be judicious to purchase a lift recliner with a forward slide.

However, only considering the ratio of the room and chair will not suffice. You need to ensure that the product meets the level of your comfort.

Buying a chair that fits can guarantee long hours of comfort. It is advisable if you take the measurements of the seniors’ height along with their weight and conduct a thorough research.

This is to avoid hanging feet or side slouches. Larger chairs might lead to your feet hanging, even while sitting upright. In case the senior in your family has a tall height he might not get the required back support if the chair is disproportionate to his height.

A smaller chair can give you a squashed feeling thus leading to trouble while standing up. Remember to look for the seat depth and height alongside the floor height.

Positioning Your Lift Chair

The position of your lift chair should be according to the manner of use it will undertake. Whether for relaxing while watching television or catching a kip, each intended purpose has its definite lifting mechanism.

These chairs possess configurations of 2 Position, 3 Position or Infinite Position – out of which you select your preferred one. The two former models possess a single motor, thus, the footrest is linked to the headrest.

Limited only to a 45° reclining you can elevate your legs. The 2 Position recliners permit seniors to unwind while watching their favorite shows on the television.

Unlike the previous position the 3 Position mechanism allows a full recline. This is best suited if your grandparents are looking forward to a kip after their meal.

A Perfect Sleep Chair is a well-known product that offers 3 Position lifts along with relaxing massages while you take a nap.

Apart from these two, some lift chairs also sport an Infinite Position system. These chairs have a distinguishing feature with two motors whereby the footrest is free to be elevated independently.

The seniors enjoy flexibility accompanying the chair. An ideal model for those elderly persons who spend long periods on the chair.

One of the crucial features of best lift chair recliners, you can change your position accordingly – if you wish to lay flat, sit straight or recline. Ergo, it reduces hypertension, relieves pain from arthritis and improves blood circulation.

Choosing A Suitable Material For Your Lift Chair

When you are purchasing a product for your grandparents you have to be considerate of their age. Aged persons always have a few particular criteria. The foremost being comfort.

With age their patience and resilience wear away, therefore, they are susceptible to frequent bouts of frustration.

Lift recliners are bought to present them with opulence, hence, necessitating a cover made of soft fabric is a wise investment.

Out of a variety of materials, leather and cloth are the most common lift chair upholstery. Along with the material, you can coordinate the colour with the room or accommodate it to the seniors’ desire.

The best manner of making the choice of material is to observe which gives utmost comfort to the user. If the chair is liable to get dirty frequently, leather material is a suitable choice.

However, in case you live in a humid area, leather covers might cause excessive sweating leading to discomfort.

Some fabrics come with a moisture barrier providing a functional usage. Cloth upholstery is relatively comfortable to sit in hot climates as the heat dispense is less.

But you must test out the material before making a final purchase, as some fabrics can feel itchy against your skin. Owning a lift chair which sports a material that is hygienic and allows the skin to breathe, is economical.

Evaluating The Safety Of Your Lift Chair

Perusing through the configurations of a lift recliner constitute a half-baked research. Simultaneously, you need to ensure the safety promised by the companies and their products.

Undoubtedly, all the lift recliners support the lifting feature, but sometimes these positions are insufficient.

For seniors with arthritis or any other disability issues, lifts need to be higher in order for them to stand. In case you have bought a recliner that does not advocate a lift adequate for the intended purpose, it is the aged person who will suffer.

Moreover, a cheap quality of framework can lead to wobbly lift chairs. These can be scary for the seniors and result in the users toppling over, bruising themselves.

To avoid these dire incidents, make sure the framework is solid, the materials durable, and the recliner champions in a smooth reclining and lifting functions.

Additional Features And Their Impact On The Budget

A durable lift chair comes at an affordable price today. This is because of the rapid growth of popularity. The cost of one lift recliner is equivalent to a high quality recliner.

Although some seniors are apprehensive when it comes to trying out a new technology and are likely to refuse using the lift chairs. They fail to understand the advantage these chairs pose regarding their mobility.

Opting for a reasonably priced lift recliner is a significant purchase for the older ones at home.

Apart from the necessary lookouts before choosing a lift chair, some extra features can amp up your experience.
The technological boom has invoked several out-of-the-box ideas to be incorporated in the lift chair recliners.

Additional features comes at a higher price. If you are ready to splurge in order to strengthen your lavish feel at home, you receive an assortment of customizations.

These advancements include massage, heated seats, FirstUp, cup holders, vibrating seats, massage controls, variations in lifting speed, power foot extension and lastly, a battery backup.

The last feature is appropriate for places with frequent power cuts. The lift chair will function even if there is no availability of electricity through the batteries.

The extra features can seem to be an extravaganza but, they do aid the seniors in relieving their aches and making their lifestyle a tad bit easier.

Sifting through these lift chair reviews can help you in deciding which recliner is appropriate for you.

Top 15 Best Lift Chair Recliners 2021

1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

Mcombo Electric Power Best Lift Chair ReclinerDimensions: 36.7 x 34.6 x 41 inches
Reclining Angle: 140°
Upholstery Material: Faux leather
Position Type: 3 Position
Weight Capacity: 320 lbs

Mcombo brings you a 3 Position lift recliner chair that is structured with a strong, built to last framework of metal framework. Their design supports an anti-back tipping aspect wherefore you have a secured seating.

The brand’s concern for your comfort is revealed with the ease this power lift chair lavishes you with.

While the headrest is padded with excess foam, it gives a pillow-like feel as you rest your head. On the other hand, two overstuffed armrests succors your arms while you watch television.

Mcombo offers you three additional features in the name of cup holders, USB port and a side pocket. Having this power lift recliner will oomph your experience as you can enjoy a cup of coffee, unperturbed.

Recommended for persons with a height of 5’1″ to 5’9″, this lift chair serves two buttons for smoother control.

The TUV certified motor performs a key role in pushing the chair up in order to aid you to stand up. Moreover, the faux leather can be conveniently cleaned with either a dry or a wet cloth.


  • Offering 8 vibrating nodes all around the chair, you undergo a comforting sensation that lulls you to sleep.
  • A heating mechanism around the waist area works separately from the vibrating mode.
  • You receive 9 heat modes along with 5 intensifiers.
  • Mcombo serves you an opportunity to personalize your lift recliner in accordance with your needs.
  • The recliner comes with a 30 day return policy for defective or damaged units.
  • You receive a 12 months warranty period after the delivery of your lift chair.
  • Assembling its parts are quite easy.


  • Although it promises a sturdy framework, the chair is not durable.
  • The TUV motor is not reliable.
  • The lifting mechanism breaks down shortly.


2. Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner

Magic Union Power Lift Massage ReclinerDimensions : 32 x 34 x 42 inches
Reclining Angle : 130°
Upholstery Material : PU leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

It would be unfair not include a Magic Union Power lift recliner in the lift chair reviews. This recliner comes with a statutory warning, asking the users to place the chair 17.7″ away from the walls.

Such a warning usually mean this product has a backward reclining aspect. Furthermore, Amazon alerts you about their method of delivery before you place the order.

According to their notice, your package will arrive at the doorstep, delivered either by FedEx or Ups. You have to move the packages inside. Issuing such a statement is an ingenious step to ensure prevention of inconvenience.

Moving on to describes the unit, it is made up of PU leather that gives a 20 inches of seat depth and a seating area of 21.5 x 22 inches.

Made up of a thickset wooden frame, the lift chair is controlled by two remote controllers. These assist in lifting, tuning the additional features, and reclining.

One of the eye-catching aspects of this unit is its power lifting facility. The upward thrust of the chair can efficiently help you stand on sit without putting unnecessary pressure on your legs.

The relief you get when you have an opportunity to control the speed and height of the lift is indescribable. With the 3 Position system both the footrest and backrest work simultaneously.

Wasting your time searching for the television remote has a solution now. Four side pockets jutting out of the leather upholstery can be used to store the said contraptions, recliner controllers and small items.

Especially made for handicapped, or elders with weakened limbs, you can stretch out at a 45° angle while you watch your favorite shows.


  • Along with the unit and its controllers, a product introduction and an assembly instruction manual are packed for your advantage.
  • Delivered in two separate boxes the company assures an accessory replacement for one whole year.
  • The foamy armrests come with cupholders on each.
  • Because it is a massaging chair, it presents massage on 4 focal areas (leg, waist, tight and back), and its 5 preset modes (pulse, wave, press, normal, auto).
  • There are two speed variations – high and low – for lifting purposes.
  • A soothing heat mode is added around the waist area.
  • You can set a timer through the controller, which will operate for 15/90/60 minutes, according to your preference.


  • The motor has a short life.
  • Ensure the framework is tightly screwed.
  • Recliner stops functioning frequently.
  • The unit tends to slouch on one side.
  • It is not ideal for long periods of seating.


3. Domesis Power Lift Chair Recliner

Domesis Power Lift Chair ReclinerDimensions : 33 x 30 x 29 inches
Reclining Angle : NA
Upholstery Material : RENU leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Are you planning to coordinate your lift recliner with your home?

This cream coloured RENU leather upholstered lift chair is a perfect choice to revamp your personal space.

It is one of the best lift chair recliners if you have a knack for designing your room in an aesthetic style.

Old age does not justify a lack of interest in upgrading your favorite corner. If you wish to read books in opulence, this is the perfect choice.

Fix it in a corner of your room, unafraid of wall damage. With only 4 inches of space between the chair and the wall you can enjoy a leisure time either reading books or watching movies.

The classic looking lift recliner is designed to save space. Assembling the parts require no unnecessary hassle. Domesis created a masterpiece which can be pulled apart and put together even by a kid.

Like I mentioned in the Factors section, it is always wise to go for an upholstery that is breathable, comfortable and carefully engineered. RENU leather is one such durable material, laying on which you would feel your chair is covered by a top-class true leather.


  • Padded with a high density foam, the body sports a cushiony feeling around the head, legs and back.
  • A sophisticated faux leather lookout in an affordable price.
  • Hardly takes 15 minutes to assemble.
  • The reclining function is controlled with two buttons.
  • The electric lift feature aids seniors with severe mobility issues.


  • Although supported by a sturdy frame, it is prone to tipping.


4. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair SofaDimensions : 37 x 33 x 40 inches
Reclining Angle : 140°
Upholstery Material : Faux leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 320 lbs

One glance at the product and you will desire to sink your paws in. The squishy padded backrest satiates your exhaustion. A classic light brown-coppery colour adds a warm tone to your home.

A wider back support with overstuffed armrests ease your body aches and rewards you an ideal spot for falling asleep. As the backrest in reclined, the footrest automatically elevates to certify your blood circulation.

The unit is covered with a anti-pilling fabric. Connected by the TUV motor, it operates soundlessly and has a strong underseat framework.

Best suited for seniors around 5 feet to 6 feet, the entire unit can be controlled with only two buttons.


  • The warranty offered is divided into three parts – lifting mechanism, frame and electronic accessories – all for 12 months.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free assembly of the product.
  • You receive pockets on both sides to store television remotes, books, magazines and other things.
  • Mcombo offers personalized tweaks to your unit as preferred by you.
  • Additional features include cup holders, USB port on the side pocket, and vibrating and heating modes.


  • It does not recline to a flat position.
  • Chair is smaller than it looks in the photos.
  • The framework is not durable.


5. Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

Canmov Power Lift Recliner ChairDimensions : 35.5 x 30.5 x 25.5 inches
Reclining Angle : NA
Upholstery Material : antiskid microfibre polyester fabric
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

The most common issue among the seniors is spondylitis. The unbearable pain in the back of the neck requires sufficient rest on a semi hard surface.

This Canmov recliner, among the lift chair reviews, is the best suited unit for those who desire to relieve themselves off the pricking.

Their heavily foamed headrest give ample space for neck ease. Moreover, it prevents stiff neck problems due to bad sleeping postures.

Those who claim to have back pain can opt for this product too. The plush support offered around the lumbar area mollifies the aches.

Two heavily stuffed armrests cushions your limbs as you nestle into the recliner to watch your favorite shows.

Accompanied by a remote control, it can be operated with two buttons. The one on the right allows the chair to recline backwards gently as the footrest comes up.

In order to access the lift mechanism, press the left button. The chair will gradually lift itself up to achieve a semi standing position. Thus, saving you from applying excess pressure on your knees.


  • A hassle-free assembling of parts along with a comprehensive user manual.
  • You can stop the leaning and lifting functions at an angle preferred by you.
  • The polyester material keeps the chair odor free.
  • You receive a pocket on the right hand side for stuffing necessary accessories.
  • Enjoy a 12 month warranty on defective and damaged products.


  • The chair is prone to breakage.
  • Too small.
  • No power cord is included in the package.


6. Homegear Microfiber Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair

Homegear Microfiber Power Lift Electric Recliner ChairDimensions : 32.5 x 37 x 41inches
Reclining Angle : 150°
Upholstery Material : PU leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 440 – 770 lbs

A rich shade of brown envelopes the electric lift recliner along with its luscious modern shape, it gives an ultra modern look to the home.

If you have a flair for collecting comfortable yet stylish products to alleviate your home, you have stepped into the right place.

Among the lift chair reviews, this unit attracts consumers due to its lucrative structure. One of the economical aspects is the presence of side pockets on either sides.

Power lift facilitates an efficient manner of the chair to stand aiding the elderly to support himself on his feet gently. Made up of a mixture of solid wood and plywood, the frames are covered in a durable microfiber upholstery.


  • Besides performing its usual function, it has a lumbar heating function.
  • Alongside, it supports 5 sections for massage – leg, tight, back, neck, shoulder.
  • Moreover, there are 8 modes of vibration mode and 2 levels of determining the university.
  • All these functions operate on 3 timer levels and has a default time of 30 minutes.


  • The reclining mechanism depends on electrical support.
  • Chair is not extremely sturdy.
  • The seat is quite uncomfortable and the armrests are very low.
  • The packaging is below the standard.


7. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

Esright Power Lift Chair Electric ReclinerDimensions : 33 x 35 x 44 inches
Reclining Angle : 130°
Upholstery Material : PU leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 330 lbs

A robust built and wide seating area is amplified with a thick stuffing around neck, armrests and back. Being a wall hugger, it can be placed at a corner, only 10 inches away from the wall.

This proves how less of a space the unit covers. For convenient handling, the product comes with 1 remote control constituting all the functions and their operation.

The remote control : resembling a cell phone, it sports a LED display for viewing the operation. You have a power button on the top right and a heat activator on its left.

Below, you can find a quartet of massage controls and lastly, two arrowhead buttons to lift and recline.


  • You will receive a user instruction manual and an assembly manual packed in the package.
  • The high elastic springs give a bouncy effect instead of letting the chair fall flat and protective fillings shelters the body from humid temperatures.
  • The glossy surface eases the cleaning procedure.
  • It enables safe lifting ability due to the electric power lift feature.
  • The additional features of vibrating and heating improves your blood circulation.
  • You get to set the timer of the functions be it 15/30/60 minutes.
  • There are 4 massage areas available – back, neck, tight, lumbar – each supplemented by 5 modes.


  • The heat function malfunctions.
  • The brackets to affix the armrests are inadequate.
  • The material is not made for comfort.


8. Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

Canmov Power Lift Recliner ChairDimensions : 33.8 x 32 x 28.5 inches
Reclining Angle : 140°
Upholstery Material : microfiber polyester fabric
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Another Canmov unit has placed itself in the lift chair reviews.

Ideal for those who suffer from severe lumbar pain as it gives a plush support around the waist area. Stuffed heavily with foam around the arms and headrest, it reclines at any angle gently.

Accompanied by a remote control characteristic to the brand, it has two buttons, each for reclining and lifting.

The popularity of this product drops it in the category of the best lift chair recliners.


  • Availability of a storage bag to wedge magazines, remote and other items.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
  • Assures 12 months of warranty and durable equipment.
  • You can watch an assembly guide video available on YouTube.


  • The unit is smaller than it looks in the photographs.
  • The backrest is quite uncomfortable.
  • Not ideal for a height of 6 feet and above.


9. Serta Power Recliner

Serta Power ReclinerDimensions : 38 x38 x 41 inches
Reclining Angle : flat recline
Upholstery Material : chenille fabric
Position Type : infinite position
Weight Capacity : 230 lbs

The only model among the lift chair reviews that covers a flat recline.

With a perfect combination of firmness in respect to the stuffing and comfortable material, you will not sink into the seat. On this chair, you can take an undisturbed nap.

It is a wall hugger, can be placed only 10 inches away from the wall, when it is not fully reclined. You are saved from placing the chair awkwardly in the middle of your room.

Not being a space consumer, you can place the unit at any location you desire to sit. The back slides downwards as the footrest is elevated in the front.

It offers flexibility in movements for the elderly, however, this is not a lift recliner. The footrest works independently, and you can enjoy your shows with your legs stretched and elevated along with the rest of your body.


  • Achieving a flat recline is beneficial for the users, as it can duplicate as their bed.
  • The chair supports a power button on its right side for smoother operation.
  • There is a tiny gap between the backrest and seat, when reclined, for air supply.
  • Easy and convenient assembly.
  • You can apply for return or replacement if you are disappointed with the product.


  • The length of the leg space is shorter than expected.
  • Persons above 5’5″ will find their ankles hanging out of the footrest.
  • It has to be 3 feet away from the wall to perfect the complete flat recline.
  • There is a lack of sufficient headrest.


10. Ergoreal Power Lift Recliner

Ergoreal Power Lift ReclinerDimensions : 28 x 35 x 38 inches
Reclining Angle : 90° – 150°
Upholstery Material : linen
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

A breathable fabric stuffed with high density foam comes at an unusual shade of grey. This unit can be operated with a remote control.

Arthritis sufferers will experience relief as the power lift gently raises the chair to assist the user to stand up.

Recommended for persons around 5’4″, it can carry up to 300 lbs of weight without groaning. The additional massage function gives you the chance to opt between 3 intensity and massage levels.

The fabric is not only stain-proof but also wear-resistant, guaranteeing reliability.


  • The power lift functions soundlessly in a smooth manner.
  • The material is waterproof.
  • A 24×7 customer service is at your disposal.
  • Ergoreal offers you a warranty of one year over any purchase.
  • 2 robust vibration modes along with an inbuilt heat and massaging motor.
  • Affordable.


  • Smaller than it looks in the pictures.
  • Prone to breaking down.
  • It does not have a pillow-like texture.


11. Bonzy Electric Power Recliner Chair

Bonzy Electric Power Recliner ChairDimensions : 29.5 x 37.5 x 41 inches
Reclining Angle : 140°
Upholstery Material : high grade velvet fabric
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Lift chair reviews will be incomplete without mentioning a recliner chair manufactured by Bonzy. The package constitutes a remote control, user manual and assembling instructions alongside the recliner.

You get 3 positions from the Bonzy unit – one for reading books, this requires no reclining, as the back is constructed to suit a reading mode.

In the second position the footrest is slightly elevated as you recline the back half way. This is to accommodate your comfort while you are busy watching television.

Lastly, a full recline that go up to 140° angle. A suitable position for dozing off nestled between the cushiony brown padding.

The upholstery is tested for shrinkage in high temperature and has undergone safe chemical engineering to prevent deformation, colour fading or wrinkling of the texture.

Featuring a tilted lift, this product is another contender for the best lift chair recliners. The chair slants forward as it lifts up; such a mechanism aids those seniors with severe orthopaedic problems.

The framework is built by a collection of high density wood, obtained from the pine trees of North China. A cold resistant wood does not corrode easily.


  • The lift function is well balanced, preventing you from tipping forward while it is activated.
  • A high quality velvet is firmly weaved to look and feel wear resistant
  • The TUV motor on the lift works soundlessly.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.


  • The upright back might be a little uncomfortable for some. Add one or two cushions for
    more comfort.
  • It does not support long hours of seating as the padding is astoundingly little.
  • Chair is prone to breakage.


12. Tangkula Massage Recliner Chair

Tangkula Massage Recliner ChairDimensions : 34.5 x 43.5 x 37 inches
Reclining Angle : 140°
Upholstery Material : PU breathe leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 330 lbs

Delivered in a large sized package, the lift chair is well protected from external damage. Assembling the parts is easy, although a little time consuming. It is advisable to assist the seniors in bracketing the parts.

As the name denotes massage and lift are the two primary functions of the chair. You can enjoy a drink while the vibrating nodes give you a relaxing massage.

The cup holder comes as a blessing. The 360° rotation capability warrants the chair enough mobility to be moved around as per your convenience.

Reclining at a 140° angle this matte black offers an enriching experience when you sit to enjoy news, movies or sports.

A sleek stylish looking remote control is used to control the operations of the recliner. Other than the power, heat and intensity buttons, there is a column of 5 massage modes above the 4 button specifying the vibration areas.

Taking a nap or sitting for long periods on a recliner sounds no longer painful with its scientifically engineered design and heavy padded seating area. The headrest is quite spacious providing enough space and cushion to rest your neck.

Side pockets are sewn right below the wide and curved armrests. An extra controller with a single button is also added to the package. This helps in powering a smooth lift without any wobbling.


  • There are 8 vibrating nodes around the chair each consisting of 5 types of massages.
  • The heating function is parallel to the back of the user, to ensure benefits to the spinal cord.
  • Inbuilt wheels in the rear side help in portability.
  • Intensity of the different functions can be manually adjusted.
  • The armrest supports a cup holder.
  • The remote control is convenient to operate.


  • The vibrating and massing functions are comparatively lighter than expected.
  • Chair is prone to breakage.
  • The upholstery seems to be made of an inexpensive material.


13. Aoxun Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

Aoxun Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair SofaDimensions : 35 x 35 x 44 inches
Reclining Angle : 150°
Upholstery Material : PU leather
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Another wall hugger Aoxun lounger that can be used in 3 positions. Operating the recliner to perform its transition is fairly easy via the multi functional remote control.

Suitable for those elders who a semi-paralyzed or have a prohibition in moving about as it improves their blood circulation. In such an instance the power lift facility is the most helpful.


  • The remote control possesses a detailed coverage of all functions.
  • There are 8 vibrating nodes all around the chair while heating function only at the lumbar region.
  • The extra wide armrest is useful for the seniors who have sustained arm injuries.
  • Two side pockets are the places to stuff the remote control, television controller, bottles and smaller items to prevent misplacement.
  • Instruction manual that is included in the box helps in quick and efficient assembly.


  • It is smaller than displayed in the picture.
  • Not ideal for long hours.
  • Installing the upholsterers is tricky.


14. Bonzy Home Lift Chair

Bonzy Home Lift ChairDimensions : 37 x 37 x 42 inches
Reclining Angle : 140°
Upholstery Material : velvety fabric
Position Type : 3 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

The second Bonzy product in the lift chair reviews is a heartthrob among the elderly. Made of a soft and velvety material that assures anti-deformation as well as anti-fading.

A skin friendly upholstery will appease your mind with the comfort the unit provides. One of the incredible characteristics of such a covering is the convenience while cleaning.

The power lift helps the seniors to stand and sit, owing to an upgraded version of motor. Such a phenomenal unit can be shifted to place either in the bedroom or your personal theater room.


  • The solid metal stand offers brilliant stability.
  • The electric motor operates without making any obnoxious sound.
  • You can switch between sitting, reclining and lifting via the remote control.
  • Elasticity of the fabric prevents felting and pilling.
  • Inbuilt springs promise better support and comfort.
  • Bonzy guarantees a whopping 3 year warranty period and all day customer support.


  • The colour of the material is off white. It can get dirty easily causing frequent cleaning process to be undertaken.


15. Anj Power Lift Recliner Chair

Anj Power Lift Recliner ChairDimensions :29.5 x 31.1 x 40.6 inches
Reclining Angle :
Upholstery Material : microfiber velvet
Position Type : 2 Position
Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

One of the best lift chair recliners for those seniors who have had surgeries recently. The tremendous amount of support it cushions the arms via overly stuffed armrests speak volumes about its built.

If you have received injuries on your arm and are looking for a balanced chair, the ANJ lift recliner provides you with a gentle upward raise. So much so, that you will not have the fear of tipping off.

Mentioning ANJ HOME is a must in the lift chair reviews. The company scoops its fame through a wide-scale research on seating ergonomics; especially to oversee the benefits they could provide to the aged.

Through simple American models they encase the recliners and lift recliners in top-quality sofa equipment. Unlike any other company, the recliner is built upon a steel framework for exceptional sturdiness.

Thus, ANJ guarantees long-lasting product usage with through its powerful creation.

The power lift is distinguishable to the brand’s uniqueness. The chair lifts and tilts forward followed by a slide because of which the aged person comfortably stands straight.


  • The distinct lift function does not put pressure on the user and his legs.
  • The upholstery material feels soothing under your fingertips and certifies utmost comfort.
  • The velvet is easy to clean.
  • You can place remote controls, magazines, and other things in the storage bag on the right-hand side.
  • The fabric is sewn firmly to give a top-notch effect.
  • ANJ offers warranty for 12 months and free exchange for damaged parts


  • The light-colored fabric is prone to accumulating dirt leading to frequent cleaning.


Best Lift Chair Recliners: The Choice is Yours!

Lift chair recliners, as much as it aids the older population, it is also the bane of the society. Doctors claim that excessive use of these chairs makes us more dependent on them for our mobility.

This causes the weakening of limbs as the movement of the muscles necessary for sitting down or standing up from the normal couches are no longer used.

The lift chair that you plan on purchasing must be efficient in guiding you in and out of it, however, not to the extent where you forget to use your muscles.

Motorized recliners with additional features offer you momentous relief from age-related pains, therefore, you should continue with your regular exercise, walks. Working those limbs can restore body strength.

Aside from the problems of using a lift chair, the best lift chair recliners also help in reducing the risk factor. Taking your time to make the perfect choice by engaging in a thorough approach can prevent you from making fruitless investments.

With a complete knowledge, you have now acquired through this article, you are primed to select the best lift chair recliners in accordance to your needs.

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Sandy Bush

Sandy Bush

Sandy Bush is a reputed and highly-skilled nurse at the State City Hospital in New Orleans. She has been in charge of caring for aged patients and her time spent at the hospital made her realise how helpless some elderly individuals feel with nobody to guide them in buying the best products or helping them in other ways. This lead to her creating resource mainly for senors.
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