Best Grab Bars For Showers of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Grab Bars For Shower Tables

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageMoen 8724 Bathroom Grab Bar
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Simple tool-free installation
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip
ptsntbl-table__imageMoen R8918 Bathroom Grab Bar
  • Versatile design
  • Safe and secure
  • Built to last
ptsntbl-table__imageBathroom Grab Bar
  • Do-it-yourself handrail
  • Non-slip grip
  • Convenient placement
ptsntbl-table__imageOxo Suction Grip Bar
  • Powerful suction and comfortable grip
  • Large, contoured installation levers for easy use
  • Designed to accommodate a variety of tile patterns
ptsntbl-table__imageVaunn Medical Bathtub Safety Rail
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Modern compact design
  • Customized fit & tool-free assembly

Quite a few people think of a bathroom as a dangerous place. However, what they don’t know is that this often-used room is a common site of slips and major fall injuries.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 235,000 emergency cases of people over the age of 15 because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost fourteen percent are hospitalized. More than one-third of these injuries happen while bathing, near the toilet area.

Scary, isn’t it? The researchers found that these injuries increase with age, peaking after 60. The inability to get around as well as we once could, and a bathroom’s wet and slippery surface can create a dangerous combination.

However, science and advancement through time always have a solution to our every problem. Injuries might be reduced through some home modifications. This is why grab bars are made. They help to maintain balance, assist in transferring in and out of the enclosure, and generally mitigate slips and falls. From bruises to broken bones to serious head injuries, falls in a bathroom can cause any of these.

Top 10 Best Grab Bars For Showers 2021

1. Moen 8724 Bathroom Grab Bar

Moen Best Grab Bars For ShowersThis stainless steel bathroom grab bar comes in seven different sizes. This ADA grab bar is L-shaped and measures 24 by 36 inches and has a 1.5 inches diameter that is sure to accommodate hands of all sizes.

This grab bar by Moen supports weight of up to 500 pounds and will make you feel secure and sturdy. It can not only be installed in the shower areas but also in toilet areas.

The grab bar’s SecureMount design allows for secure and easy installation at any angle. However, these SecoreMounts are to be purchased separately as they do not come included with the grab rail. The SecureMounts are more pricey than the grab bar itself, which is a downside to the product as per many reviews. It is easy to install in places where stud mounting is not possible.

With durable stainless steel construction, it provides long-lasting performance and even compliments a wide range of bathroom decors. This L-shaped grab rail combines style and functionality and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


2. Moen R8918 Bathroom Grab Bar

Moen R8918 Bathroom Grab BarThis stainless steel bathroom grab bar by Moen comes in seven different sizes to choose from, according to your bathroom’s space. The polished stainless finish gives it a reflective, mirror-like look that goes with any decor.

It measures 21.25 inches in total and supports up to 500 pounds of weight, reassuring you of stability. Its 1.5 inches diameter provides a reliable handhold, perfect for all hands.

The “peened” section makes this bar ideal for wet areas. It allows for a great grip, even when the bar is wet. If you are mounting this grab bar to ceramic tile, make sure you get the diamond-tipped drill to drill the holes.

Again, this grab rail doesn’t come with SecureMount anchors. They are to be purchased separately and will surely cost a little extra. The package comes with wood screws. However, those will only be useful if you have studs located exactly where you need them. But the patented flange design makes it a little to connect to the stud at multiple points.


3. Bathroom Grab Bar By Dr. Maya

Bathroom Grab Bar By Dr. MayaThis easy to install and remove grab bars by Dr.Maya proves wrong the myth about suction grab bars that suction bars are not safe.

To install, you just need to press the suction cups against a clean, flat, wet surface. Then flip the locking latches to secure them in place. But keep in mind that a flat, solid surface is required for proper adherence, therefore do not place the suction cups over gaps or grout lines.

This suction handle by Dr.Maya features a non-slip grip and reassures stability. Thus, ideal not only for older people, but also, handicapped, toddlers, and everyone else. When you need to shave your legs, this grab bar can make a great footrest.

You can install this grab bar anywhere in the bathroom provided that the surface is non-porous and flat. This means that you can use this handle to pull yourself up in the bathtub, to help you lower as well as raise yourself on the toilet, to balance yourself in the shower, and much more.

A free gift is also included with this grab bar- a free shower sponge. With its non-slip grip and tool-free installation, as per many reviews and ratings, this grab bar is one of the best grab bars for showers.


4. Oxo Suction Grip Bar

Oxo Suction Grip BarThis suction grip bar comes in two different colors- nickel brushed and white. It is perfect for balance without the bulk.

To install, you just have to push the levers down to activate the suction cup for a strong hold, without the need for tools. To remove, you need to pull up the release tabs to deactivate the suction cups. The levers of the grab bar feature finger holes for easy use. The length and shape of this grab bar ensure a sturdy hold and grip, thus reassuring stability.

The grip bars package is a wholesome bathroom kit. This grab bar comes with a suction hook set that is perfect for hanging loofahs, body brushes, washcloths, and many more things. It also comes with a suction soap dish. With the help of this soap dish, you can keep it within easy reach. The angled drainage slots in its base prevent pooling.

A durable, rust-proof suction basket is also included in the package for you to keep body washes, shampoos, etc. more organised. The kit is not complete yet. A strong-hold suction mirror is also included in the package and its fog-resistant coating allows for easy shaving, and other grooming tasks during shower.

This grip bar by OXO comes with three inches suction cups that have two clips that activate the suction, and once in place, it REALLY holds. This bar helps you in maintaining balance, and the strong-hold suction cups add a measure of security for those with disabilities, for aged people as well as children.

However, before letting the kids or aged people use this grip bar, make sure that the suction cups are activated, or this failure might cause slips and falls and thus injuries.

The handle of this grab bar constitutes a soft gripping surface to provide you an ideal grip even with wet and soapy hands. This ensures stability and safety.

This grab bar by OXO is not at all costly, considering all the equipment included in the package. This grab bar is rated phenomenal and is definitely the best grab bar for showers.


5. Vaunn Medical Bathtub Safety Rail

Vaunn Medical Bathtub Safety RailThis free-standing bathtub safety bar by Vaunn provides support for individuals getting in and out of the bathtub. Most falls happen when seniors get in or out of the tub.

This bathtub safety rail ensures the complete security of the individual using it. Its padded rubber clamp with a strong locking mechanism allows the rail to clamp on to the side of the bathtub securely. This rail’s one-piece steel frame with its durable construction supports up to 300 lbs. The rail is designed to withstand everyday use and guarantees firm, non-shaky grip.

This safety rail can be easily installed without the help of tools and won’t even cause any unsightly marks or dents on the sides of the tub. This bathtub safety rail comes in a smooth-ivory, powder-coated stainless steel design that gives it a modern look that perfectly blends with any bathroom decor.

This rail works perfectly for both right and left handed users. Since it is lightweight, it is perfect for everybody, including children as well as older people.

However, according to many reviews by users, this safety rail doesn’t provide the desired grip when wet. This is a downside to this product. However, the padded rubber clamps ensure the safety of the individual with their strong locking mechanism.


6. AmazonBasics GBAR-150-36 Grab Bar

AmazonBasics GBAR-150-36 Grab BarThis corrosion-resistant stainless grab bar by AmazonBasics comes in two styles and nine different sizes. This basic shower grab bar is designed to support up to 500 lbs.

In case you are not sure about entrusting this shower grab bar, don’t you worry! This shower grab bar by AmazonBasics complies with ADA standards and are completely safe to use.

Along with the grab bar, mounting hardware and a manual are also provided in the package. This grab bar can also be installed without studs into ceramic tiles using large anchors and tap con screws. However, eight mounting holes on each covered flange facilitate various mounting angles from horizontal to vertical.

All in all, this product is a simple and basic shower grab bar as compared to the suction grab bars listed above.


7. Vive Metal Grab Bar

Vive Metal Grab BarIn addition to three different color options- black satin, white, and nickel, this grab bar also comes in three different sizes as well.

You can easily mount this grab bar vertically, horizontally as well as diagonally as per your needs. Along with the grab bar, mounting hardware is also included in the package, which is suitable for installation on acrylic, fiberglass surfaces, as well as dry walls and plaster walls. The point where the extra mounting hardware comes in use is when you have to install this metal grab bar on ceramic tiles.

Constructed with strong stainless steel, this bronze metal grab bar is corrosion-resistant. Thus providing exceptional durability and supports weights up to 440 lbs. It also creates an easy and secure grip for hands of all sizes with its 1.25 inches diameter. For a sleek, clean appearance, this grab bar is so designed that the mounting hardware is concealed beneath decorative stainless steel flanges.

The brushed nickel finish of this metal grab bar gives it a fresh, clean look that blends with any home and bathroom decor. No doubt, this grab bar by Vive is one of the sturdiest and safest basic metal grab bars on our list of the best grab bars for showers. This Vive Metal Grab Bar is also inexpensive as compared to the other grab bars and rails on our list.


8. Delta Faucet 41612 Bathroom Safety Bar

Delta Faucet 41612 Bathroom Safety BarThe diverse finish options offered by Delta Faucet is one of the main attractions of these grab-and-assist bars. They come in five different finishes, namely Polished Chrome, Brilliance Stainless Steel, Champagne Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Venetian Bronze.

In addition to this ultimate finish options, these grab bars also come in five different sizes to fit any space you need extra assistance. So there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each of these Delta grab bars is tested to support 500 lbs, and the assist bars are designed to support up to 250 lbs. They are designed with dependable set screws that install in minutes so that you can confidently take on the installation process. Mounting hardware and even anchors are also included in the package for your convenience. Anchors are not usually included in the package, but such is not the case with these grab and assist bars by Delta Faucet.

You can also easily clean the bars by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. These grab-and-assist grab bars are the best basic grab bars on our list of the best grab bars for showers.


9. Vive Grab Bar

Vive Grab BarThis easy to install suction grab bar by Vive is quite inexpensive when compared to other suction grab bars on this list. This grab bar comes in two different sizes and can be as easily removed as it can be installed.

Each locking latch of this suction grab bar has a color indicator for ensuring a safe and secure installation. When the indicator indicates green light, it means that the bar is secure and ready to use. Whereas, when the seal is not airtight, the indicator indicates red color light. This secure locking mechanism ensures the safety of its users.

The textures, contoured rubber at its handle, provides a very comfortable and non-slip grip, perfect for injured users, elderly users, and even toddlers. The underside of the handle of this grab bar features molded finger grips for additional safety. 3.25 inches of space created by gently curving from the wall or the tub leaves ample room for fingers to grasp the handle securely even when wet.

It is fit to say that unlike other suction grab bars, this grab bar by Vive is laden with safety features that ensure the safety and security of its users. It is inexpensive as compared to all the other grab bars on this list. This makes it one of the most wanted grab bars on this list of the best grab bars for shower.

This grab bar has got lift tabs which allow the grab bar to be repositioned easily. You can adjust the height on the shower wall, change to the side of the tub, and even take it with you when traveling for a safe shower anywhere. This grab bar is also not that heavy.

Along with the additional security features, the suction cups of this grab bar are very powerful and works on any non-porous and flat surfaces, like tiles, glass, acrylic, and metal. When installed and used properly, this grab bar doesn’t damage the surface. It is designed to support up to 300 pounds of weight and provides additional stability when you are getting in or out of the tub, using it with wet hands during a shower, and so on.

For an overall review, this grab bar by Vive is one of the suction grab bars for the shower, available at such a low cost.


10. Safe-er-Grip Shower Handle

Safe-er-Grip Shower HandleThis Ghost white with grey accents grab bar by Safe-er-Grip is a simple suction shower handle suitable for users of all ages. It comes in packs of two and four.

This shower handle works on non-porous and flat surfaces like tiles, acrylic and metal. However, it cannot cover grout lines and will not work on textured surfaces. For a safe and secure experienced, it is advised to reattach this grab bar before each use. This grab bar is not designed to support full body weight and is only for assistance.

In order to securely attach this grab bar, you just need to press the tab levers. However, this is not so secure as the tab levers might fail anytime. This grab bar is quite inexpensive and doesn’t really some with any additional security features. It is just an assistance grab bar for the sides of the tub or for shower walls, to be used by kids.


Why And Where Do We Need Grab Bars In A Bathroom?

Home accidents are most likely to occur in bathrooms. According to studies, more than two-thirds of emergency room visits are because of injuries in or near the bathtub or during a shower. As people get older, their ability to get around efficiently on their own reduces. The bathroom’s floors are hard, wet, and slippery, which makes a bathroom a hazardous place.

This is why we need home modifications such as Grab-Bars for showers. Grab Bars help us maintain balance in case the floor is wet or slippery. It assists us in transferring in and out of the bathtub, thus helping us avoid injuries.

You should be aware of the places in your bathroom where a grab bar is needed to be installed. Here are some tips.

  • Grab bars should be mounted to wall studs, not sheetrock.

When using a bathtub, shower, or toilet, grab bars provide stability for you. A standard grab bar should support a person weighing up to 250 pounds. While choosing grab bars to install in your bathroom, the height, weight, and ability of users should be considered.

Grab bars are generally installed 33 to 36 inches from the shower floor. The users can adjust the height, position as well as the location of the grab bar.

  • Grab bars should be located where they can best assist users.

Grab bars prevent the user from slipping and also assist the user in moving around easily while walking on the wet floor of bathrooms. Therefore, they should be installed where they can be easily grabbed in case of accidental slips and falls so that they can assist the users more efficiently.

You can install grab bars on the back wall and control wall of the shower stall. In case of walk-in showers, if there is one shower in the stall, then grab bars should be installed on a side wall, back wall, and on a side wall near the shower seat.

In the case of free-standing tubs, tubs with decks, and sunken tubs, grab bars can be installed near the rims on each side of the tub or near controls. This will help the users in maintaining their balance while stepping in or out of the tub.

For toilet areas, at least two grab bars are recommended.

  • Grab bars are available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes.

Grab bars are available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from nine to forty-two inches. They no longer look institutional. They are available in so many different sizes and shapes that can blend with the decor and bathroom features.

There are three different types of grab bars- vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Vertical grab bars are easy to grip while horizontal grab bars allow you to rotate your body. Horizontal grab bars make it easy to get in and out of a wheelchair and into a tub or stand up for showers. Diagonal grab bars provide a more natural motion in the hands and wrist when you grab them. They can accommodate several heights.

There are several types of shapes and sizes of grab bars to choose from.

1. Straight Grab Bars: A straight grab bar is precisely that- straight. A straight grab bar is the most basic and common type of grab bar that you would see and can be installed in all three directions.

2. Wave-Style Grab Bars: This type of grab bars have a wave-like design, as its name suggests. Its design makes it a little more decorative. However, it does the same work as the straight grab bars but is a little difficult to grip.

3. Grab Bar Toilet Paper Holder, Grab Bar Soap Dish, Grab Bar Towel Rack: All of these above-mentioned grab bars have a two in one purpose. They are used to hold toilet paper rolls, towels, soaps and are still sturdy enough to help you maintain balance. These grab bars are great to use if you have limited wall space.

4. Slide Bar Grab Bar with Handheld Showerhead:
In case you need to sit down to bathe, these are the grab bars for you. It will support you while grabbing it and standing up and hold the showerhead as well.

5. Grab Bar Clamps:

These particular grab bars clamp to the side of your bathtub and help you to get in. These grab bars are to provide you support in case you find it difficult to lift your legs over the tub wall and is not recommended to be used as a standard grab bar to help pull yourself up.

6. Flip Up and Flip Down Grab Bars:

These grab bars hinge to the wall. They can be moved up or down and even out of the way when you are not using them. They are generally installed around the toilet areas.

7. Floor To Ceiling Poles:

There is no limitation on height with this type of grab bars. These grab bars provide you support at a low and a high level as well, since they are connected to the floor and the ceiling.

8. Angled Grab Bars, 90 Degrees Grab Bars:

If you have limited space in your bathroom, then these grab bars are great options for you, because they help support you in two directions.

9. Corner Grab Bars for Two Walls:

If you sit in the tub or a shower chair to bathe, these grab bars will be helpful. This grab bar is one continuous piece that attaches along two sides of your bathtub wall.

Factors To Consider Before Installing The Best Grab Bars for Showers

Without proper planning, installing grab bars in your bathroom can become a nightmare. There are certain factors that you need to consider before purchasing and installing a grab bar in your bathroom.

1. Where Will It Be Installed?

Before installing your new grab bar, you first need to determine what kind of shower or tub you have and also decide on what surface you want it to be installed on. The best recommended places to install a grab bar are walk-in tubs and showers.

Fiberglass walls are a tricky place for grab bar installation, and sometimes additional structural materials and wood have to be used to make the grab bar sturdy. What you have to do is predetermine the location for installation so that you know if the place can support the weight of the grab bar and person holding onto it.

2. How Much Weight Does The Grab Bar Need To Support?

This is the most important thing that is needed to be considered before choosing and installing a grab bar for your bathroom. Federal Accessibility Guidelines state that the grab bars should be able to support a minimum of 250 pounds. However, heavier individuals may need a grab bar sturdier than a standard grab bar.

3. Material

Grab bars are most commonly made of stainless steel and nickel, or heavy-duty plastic. The grab bars that are knurled and have a diamond cut on the bar themselves are the most effective ones. The diamond cuts keep the grip solid when needed to be held as they do not retain the soap scum.

Metal grab bars are drilled into place, thus making them permanent. Suction grab bars are not recommended as they are usually not safe since they can come loose very easily. This can be very dangerous not only for aged people but for everybody else too.

4. Size, Style, and Finish Of The Grab Bar

Grab bars not only need to be practical but can also add a decorative flair to your bathroom. Whether you want a simple or a fancy grab bar for your bathroom, there is a grab bar available for you in the market. They come in different lengths, shapes, sizes, finishes as well as colors.

Grab bars come in different sizes ranging from twelve to forty-two inches. Grab bars with smaller diameters are more versatile. Grab bars with larger diameters are better suited for people with bigger hands or who find it difficult to grip objects.

There are various decorative grab bar options available in the market, as well. These decorative grab bars come in brass, gold-plating, and oil rubbed bronze finishes. Satin nickel finish is an excellent choice if you want a modern feel. There are grab bars with curves and wavy designs too.

5. Budget

The price of grab bars varies with their sizes, materials, shapes as well as finish. It is only fit to decide what your budget is and then go for purchasing grab bars for your bathroom. However, it is recommended that you don’t cheap out on grab bars for your bathrooms as they are for your safety.

We understand that choosing the right grab bar for your bathroom can be a really tricky task. So we have enlisted the top ten best grab bars for showers.

Wrapping It Up!

Even though you feel safest in your home, it can be a pretty dangerous place. Countless mishaps occur on a daily basis that pose a significant risk of injury. Most of these mishaps take place in bathrooms. You don’t want to skimp when it comes to safety, but you may have budget constraints.This is why we have prepared a list of the best grab bars for shower.

Grab bars are designed to help with over all bathroom safety and independence when it comes to personal care for those who face difficulty in using bathroom facilities. However, a special range of grab bars is designed for showers.

There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind before installing a grab bar in your bathroom. Not only should it go with your bathroom decor, but should also be strong, sturdy, have security features and should be able to support your whole body weight. Since most of the grab bars are just for assistance, you need to choose wisely.

All of these factors have been discussed above in detail, which will help you in choosing the best grab bar for yourself and your bathroom. On the basis of these factors, whatever grab bar you choose, make sure that it functions in the way you need it to and provides stability and support you desire.

From simple grab rails to suction grab bars, there are a lot of options on the market. Choosing a grab bar from so many different options can be a tricky task. However, this wholesome buyer’s guide will help you in choosing the right grab bar for you and your bathroom. The right choice can help you remain independent for even longer.

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