Best Exercise Bikes For Seniors 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Exerpeutic 2. Marcy 3. Exerpeutic
Exerpeutic Folding Best Exercise Bike

Marcy ME-709

Exerpeutic 900XL


Do you feel confused about the various exercise bikes available for seniors? If your answer is ‘YES’ then you have come to the right place. This article will give you an insight into the underlying facts about exercise bikes for seniors. Before delving deeper, we need to understand why it is essential for elderly people.

Well, many elderly people often keep themselves fit by exercising on bikes that provide them with an avenue to stay healthy and rejuvenated. Therefore, it becomes imperative to choose equipment like the best exercise bike for seniors for this purpose. To begin with, we must agree that bikes are a wonderful way of exercising indoors as they occupy little space and it can also monitor many types of health parameters through them.


If a layman visits the market to buy one, there is much chance that one can see a plethora of different bikes from different manufacturers. With all the different variants available at one go, it can be quite confusing and making a selection may not be easy. Therefore, this guide aims at helping people in understanding some of the best bikes available along with their specs and distinguishing features so that they can make a choice ready as per need and preference.

Top 20 Best Exercise Bike For Seniors 2021

1. Exerpeutic

Exerpeutic Folding Best Exercise Bikes for seniors

It is undoubtedly one of the best exercise bikes for elderly people who may be slightly overweight while looking out for different tension levels for the best exercising experience. The bike also offers a very comfortable seating arrangement with its adjustable seat, for a wide range of people ranging from 5’3” to 6’1” in height. It features a large and easy-to-read LCD that can show many parameters like distance, time, pulse, calories burned, scan and speed.

The bike also features hand pulse sensors so that a person can well monitor the target heart rate during an exercise. The machine comes with transportation wheels and can be easily folded when not in use, so that it utilizes the space more efficiently. The best part is that it only occupies half of its assembled area when folded completely.


  • Increased weight capacity.
  • Ergonomic seating arrangement.
  • Large display.
  • 8 level tension control.
  • Much space saving.


  • Bit noisy.
  • The pedal is at the front.

2. Marcy ME-709

Marcy ME-709

The step-through design of the bike is a very catchy feature of this bike as elders can quickly mount and dismount on the machine with maximum ease and mobility It’s well-balanced pedals offer enhanced foot support and along with adjustable foot strap, it helps in creating the best fit for the feet.

The seat is equipped with high-density foam for comfortable seating experience, and together with its foam covered handles it offers sufficient support to the arms and back during exercise.

The bike comes with eight levels of magnetic resistance and its tension knobs help in simulating different terrains as per needed fitness level. The LCD screen of the bike is clear and displays a wide range of parameters speed, distance, time and the number of calories burnt so that one can keep monitoring one’s progress.


  • Better mobility during training.
  • Ample comfort while exercising.
  • Transport wheels help in moving it easily.
  • Large computer screen.


  • The screen is not backlit.
  • The whole unit is quite heavy.

3. Exerpeutic 900XL

Exerpeutic 900XL

The Exerpeutic exercise bike is the perfect fit for any senior citizen who wants to hear music or watch television during an exercise, since it has a quiet operation with hardly any sound or noise. The large seat and backrest of the machine offer ample support, comfort and it is adjustable for people of different heights with ease. The machine features hand pulse sensors so that senior citizens can exercise in their Target Heart Rate Zone.

They can manage workouts on this machine in a very easy manner with its eight-level Magnetic Tension system that ensures the correct tension level for everyone. We can easily move the complete unit around from one place to another with the help of its transportation wheels so that the mobility of the unit can be easy. Because of its increased weight capacity handling, it can be useful for many people at a time.


  • Increased weight-handling capacity.
  • It is a silent operation.
  • Hand pulse sensor to maintain heart rate.
  • Relocation is easy.


  • They make the computer housing of cheap plastic.
  • The tension control knob seems to be quite hard.

4. Drive Medical

Drive Medical

People who go out often and cannot live without their exercise equipment may find this bike worth their investment. It is a portable piece of workout machine that can help seniors in keeping track of their exercise time, the number of calories burned, revolution count and revolutions per minute. This bike offers a superb foldable design so it’s easy to store for everyone.

The anti-slip rubber pads equip the pedals so that during a workout the unwanted sliding is avoided. The electronic display of the bike offers easy readability, and seniors can easily follow it with no issue. They have made the device from sturdy metal, and that ensures sufficient longevity of the product.


  • Portable and easily foldable.
  • Requires less space to store.
  • All major parameters displayed.
  • Enough safety precaution for seniors.


  • There is a soft noise while operating.
  • There is no seating arrangement.

5. Xterra FB150

Xterra FB150

They build this best exercise bike for seniors for every person who wants to keep fit and yet save optimum space after every workout session. They design it on a sturdy x-frame that is easily folded with ease. The padded handlebars of the bike can be comfortable for many senior citizens. You can also adjust the seat of the for enhanced comfort.

The bike comes with a two square inches LCD screen that can display characteristics like speed, time, pulse, distance and energy dissipated so that people can keep a track of their workout. It provides manual resistance in eight levels within this bike and a dial tension knob can easily control it, so that it can cater to different requirements.


  • The handgrip is comfortable.
  • Most types of needed data are available.
  • Three-piece pedal crank enhances durability.
  • Suitable for many workout needs.
  • Portable and easy to store.


  • The seat may not be very comfortable.
  • There are some doubts regarding its construction material.

6. Xterra FB350

Xterra FB350

The Xterra FB350 is made to assure added comfort during a workout so that people can easily extend their session with no worry. The large seat and padded back pad can help in ensuring maximum comfort to many seniors working on it. Also, the seat is adjustable and can easily be taken up or lowered with minimum effort. The bike offers enough durability and longevity with its three-piece pedal crank.

Workout on the FB350 can be quite rejuvenating because it offers eight levels of resistance. We can easily control the resistance with the help of a dial tension knob to cater to the needs of many people. The LCD is small but lists all major readings; people may need during an exercise.


  • Small, portable and lightweight.
  • Very sturdy and highly reliable.
  • Sufficiently tough and durable.
  • Enhanced seating comfort.


  • The seat takes some time to get used to.
  • There is some noise in its pedal crank.

7. ProGear 225

ProGear 225

Its compact design is ideal for small spaces so that people can easily get it installed and fold it when not in use. It features a very useful heart pulse sensor so that during the workout people can keep a track of the heart rate and that can help in getting a lot of information related to one’s health.

The seating arrangement of this best exercise bike for seniors is comfortable, and people of different heights can easily look forward to working out on it.

They can also do high resistance exercise on it because it comes with a dual transmission flywheel that offers sufficient flexibility. The bike has an accessory holder so it can become very easy for seniors to keep their belongings like mobile, wallet, etc. It also comes with adjustable leg stabilizers so that people can be sure of not getting tipped over while working out on it.


  • Requires very less space.
  • Portable and sturdy.
  • Very little noise while working.
  • Aids in high resistance workout.
  • Comfortable seat and large pedal design.


  • There is no backrest for relaxation.
  • There are some cancer-related health concerns.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness

Anyone who is looking forward to buying a bike that is comfortable and one that provides the best workout experience can have a peek at the Sunny Fitness Magnetic Recumbent bike. Its convenient step-through design can aid in easy mounting, and the wide seat and mesh back support can further augment the experience. The ergonomic handlebar can help in getting the needed support while working out.

The machine also features two pulse sensors, to monitor the performance of a person effectively. The bike comes with sixteen computer-controlled magnetic resistances so that tension can cater to varied need. This bike can be immersive as people can watch videos or browse the net while doing exercise by making use of its tablet holder.


  • Features relaxed design.
  • They can address different types of needs.
  • Many data points are accessible.
  • Pedals are self-leveling.
  • Easy to transport.


  • Assembling can be an issue.
  • The computer runs on batteries instead of pedal power.

9. Cyclace


For everyone who values the safety and needs a bike that offers sufficient comfort, the Cyclace Exercise bike can be the best fit. It offers ample safety at various points including the flywheel, handlebar setting, cage-type pedals, etc. It also offers enough comfort through its cushioned seat, multi-grips PVC handlebar, adjustable seat bracket, etc. Also, the bike can carry up to 330 lbs with absolute ease.

The Cyclace bike comes with a pure wool brake pad so that people can expect absolutely no sound while working. The unit comes with an extra brake pad for replacement. Seniors, and an entire family, can make use of this bike to stay in shape at all times.


  • It can support up to 330 lbs.
  • Helpful for beginners and professionals.
  • Numerous parameters can be monitored.
  • Watch videos or stream movies while working out.
  • Convenient seating arrangement.


  • Noise due to chain cover/pedal proximity.
  • The cost is somewhat on the higher side.

10. Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness

This Sunny exercise bike is for every senior citizen who wants to get the ultimate comfort and features. The best exercise bike for seniors comes with a large seat with adjustable back support to move back and forth without leaving the seat.

In this way, we can find the best distance to the pedals and handle and can also determine the optimal position of workout. One of the standout features of this bike is its moveable handlebars that go back and forth at the time of pedaling so that they can burn more calories.

The pedals of this bike are safe as these are non-slip and come with adjustable straps for a better foothold. The bike can take on a load of up to 350 lbs that makes it a great choice for people of all ages. One more standout feature of this bike is that despite its strong build, it can easily move from one place to another with the help of its built-in wheels that aid easy movement.


  • Movable handlebars aid calorie burning.
  • The seating arrangement is very pleasant.
  • We can accommodate extended weight.
  • Integrated pulse sensors for the heartbeat.
  • Easy portability and storage.


  • Some noise may develop over time.
  • Assembling the unit can be tedious.

11. Sunny Comfort

Sunny Comfort

People who like to exercise on a chic and suave bike will love to own this machine as it is quite sophisticated, both feature-wise and in looks. The bike comes with a comfortable XL ultra-cushioned seat and backrest along with a bottle holder at the back. The handles are foam coated for enhanced convenience and there is a tablet holder so that people may not have to keep the device while working out.

The display shows all vital parameters like time, distance, pulse rate, speed, energy burned, etc. and the pulse rate of the heart will also be visible while clasping the pulse grip. It features a low maintenance and silent belt drive with ten levels of magnetic resistance that can adjust easily. The best part is that the complete unit is adjustable as the handlebars can fold and the seats can move up and down with the least effort.


  • Highly adjustable and very safe.
  • Very comfortable due to its seating arrangement.
  • Conveniences like tablet and bottle holder.
  • Ten levels of adjustable magnetic resistance.


  • May be suitable only for beginners.
  • The resistance levels are not consistent enough.

12. Vanswe 


Tech geeks can get a luscious experience by working out on this superb bike, with Bluetooth for keeping track of all the health parameters. People can also stay entertained so that they can watch their favorite shows or movies during the workout. Also, it has sixteen levels of Magnetic Tension Control System so that we can derive a smooth pedaling experience as per need.

They have made the unit in such a way that it can accommodate up to 380 lbs comfortably, and that’s way more than any other bike in this category. The seat of this bike is fully adjustable and adequately cushioned and comes with a backrest so that people can get a fulfilling exercising experience. The bike also offers a Free Fitness Data app so that people can monitor their workout development.


  • It is highly sophisticated with the latest technologies.
  • The seating arrangement is very much comfortable.
  • One can customize workout using its 16-level tension system.
  • It can accommodate up to 380 lbs.


  • The display does not have a backlight.
  • The heart rate function may halt at times .

13. AGM


It is a portable and mini device that can be very effective for the arm and leg exercises. You can easily assemble the machine with no help and can work while people do their daily chores. It comes with a digital display that shows the time, total count, distance and burned calories, all at the click of a button.

This best exercise bike for senior 2020 is only about 12.6 inches in height and is very lightweight. People can easily adjust its tension knob so that the desired resistance level set for a rejuvenating workout experience. One of the standout features of this bike is its professional customer support that can help customers with all their queries at all times.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Workout of arms, and legs, is possible.
  • Requires very less space for installation.
  • LCD monitor displays all the vital health data.


  • Cannot do elaborate exercises with it.
  • It is suitable only for beginners.

14. Bookcycle


It comes with a powerful 4.5 pounds flywheel, safely encased in a steel frame that can be very effective for the arm and leg exercises. The best part is that they can place it anywhere due to its small size and hence can be very effective for senior citizens. The machine does not generate much noise while working and so they can use it conveniently even while watching TV, movies, etc.

The resistance is easily adjustable in this machine by rotating its knob that can help recuperate adults too. The pedal of the bike has molded grips and non-slip surfaces and comes with adjustable foot straps so that arms or feet can stay sufficiently locked while workout with no chance of slippage. They can access all important data on its LCD screen and we can also reset it to zero with the least effort.


  • Small and portable.
  • They can customize exercise as per need.
  • Every user data can be accessed and reset.
  • Sturdy frame with rubber feet under the front and rear stabilizers.


  • Does not have a seat of its own.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty exercises.

15. MaxKare


For all the comfort that it provides during a workout, the MaxKare bike is one of the best in its category. There is a seat adjustment lever so it can move back and forth easily. They can then move the padded seat with backrest as per one’s preference. The LCD at the front makes it look futuristic, and it can monitor all important parameters.

The handles are coated with vinyl foam to provide a firm grip, and they can measure the heart rate by it. There is an eight-level magnetic resistance the machine offers that and the best part is that its operation is noiseless. The transportation wheels are fitted with the bike to move conveniently.


  • Very firm and sturdy with chic looks.
  • We can adjust the seat as per need.
  • People can also stay enjoyed while working out.
  • They can customize exercise as per preference


  • The gear can make noises after a while.
  • Not enough colors to choose from.

16. Vigbody


It is one bike that can be the perfect choice for many users, as there is ample provision for customization. The handlebar height and saddle distance is easily adjustable along with the fact that the pedal toe clips can hold different shoe sizes.

They can also set the workout timer as per preference and can capture all vital information like speed, time, distance, burnt calories, etc.

The body of this best exercise bike for seniors is robust and strong and can hold up to 330 lbs with the least effort. It has a strong bidirectional flywheel of 24.2 lbs that can make the workout a pleasant affair for everyone. The resistance of the machine can easily vary with the help of the tension knob so that people can vary according to one’s exercise requirement.


  • Can be suitable for all users.
  • Very strong and sturdy.
  • They can set an individual timer as needed.
  • They can change resistance according to need.


  • Does not feature adjustable handlebars.
  • Moving the bike may not be easy.

17. Lanos


The futuristic design of the Lanos exercise bike is inviting for many seniors, as it also offers a lot of useful features. This folding bike offers ten levels of magnetic resistance so it can be a great tool for cardio fitness and can help improve upon one’s heart rate. The balanced flywheel of the bike is silent, and people can go about their daily work while working out on it.

It features a large digital LCD that keeps track of the speed, time, calories burned, etc. The handlebar has pulse rate sensors so that the heart rate properly monitored. They have designed the seat of the bike ergonomically ,so it can adjust as per height with the minimum of effort.


  • Features ten levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Large display for easy readability.
  • Smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Easily folded and moved on wheels.
  • Space-saving design.


  • The seat is only 13 inches wide.
  • Knocking noise may develop over time.

18. L NOW


It is a very tough and sturdy bike that has a 44 lbs electroplated flywheel and a commercial standard crankshaft for the best workout experience. We can easily adjust the resistance knob of the bike for the desired exercise intensity. The handlebars have four different grips, are comfortable and equipped with pulse sensors so that the heart pulse rate can be known easily while exercising.

The seat is small but filled with a sponge so that there is a much dissipation of heat. The cage pedals of the bike are strong and come with adjustable covers to eliminate slippage during a workout. The LCD of the bike is large compared to others so that people can view distance, speed, RTM, heart rates, etc. with sufficient ease.


  • A large flywheel with sturdy bike design.
  • Superb belt box with sound-proof design.
  • Workout intensity is easily adjusted.
  • They equip the handlebars with pulse sensors.


  • The seat is not very wide.
  • Available in limited colors.

19. Exerpeutic 1000

Exerpeutic 1000

This recumbent bike for seniors is very pleasant to work out because of its supportive seating construction and easy handling. Though the seat does not move front and back, we can easily adjust up and down to get the perfect posture for a workout.

It can accommodate weights up to 300 lbs so that many types of people can exercise on it. Everyone can easily handle the tension control knob of the bike and that is a feature that can be worth it for senior citizens.

It also features reverse pedaling so that the pedals can move forward and backward. The bike makes very little noise during operation for its appropriate designing, and feet can always stay tight because of adjustable holders. The bike is sturdy and strong, and elders can stay assured of its performance at all times.


  • Supports weight up to 300 lbs.
  • There are eight resistance levels for customized workouts.
  • We can adjust the seat as per convenience.
  • The bike is silent during operation.


  • The fixed handlebar cannot be pulled outward.
  • The LCD screen does not have a backlight.

20. Spinner L7

Spinner L7

They have designed the Spinner L7 bike keeping in mind the latest scientific developments associated with workout gadgets. It has a 36-pound flywheel in which they concentrate most of the weight at the outer perimeter for a satisfying workout experience. It’s ‘umbrella’ style brake pad offers effortless resistance and maximum comfort for putting the machine to a halt.

The dual-sided compatible pedals offer enough room for cycling and athletic shoes so that people can get a choice for their workout footwear. An important feature that we must mention here is the bike’s stepping pad. This is actually a small metallic bar, precision-welded to the main frame bar and the seat bar, above the crankset.

The Spinner’s chain drive mechanism has simulated the feel of a real bicycle and enhances the exercising experience. The seat of the bike is adjustable and the sturdy handlebar sports an all-new wedge design. The bike also offers water bottle holders on the handlebar so that a bottle, and a mobile or tablet, fixed over it.


  • Heavy flywheel helps to keep exercise easy.
  • Quick stop is ensured by its felt brake pad.
  • Stabilizer feet and transport wheels for mobility.
  • Dual-sided compatible pedals for convenience.
  • Limitless resistance settings.


  • The handlebar can be unstable.
  • Moving the bike on its wheels can be tedious.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Exercise Bike For Seniors

While buying the best exercise bike for seniors, you cannot overlook certain factors. For instance, you cannot compromise with safety at any cost, and therefore a bike must be stable and sturdy at all times, irrespective of the cost. Next comes comfort and for adequate comfort, the seats of the bike should be pleasant to sit upon because one needs to spent adequate time on the machine.

For people, not of average size, it is important to select one in which the seat is easily adjusted. Next comes the pedal and it should be wide enough with some padding option so that elders can avoid any slippage. Along with all these basic factors, some others need attention for a better understanding. Read on to know about those extra factors that help you choose the exercise bike for seniors.

1. Weight And Weight Limit

The heavier the bike, the higher is its chance of providing better stability. However, that does not mean that a bike should be abnormally heavy. The point here is to ensure that the weight of the bike should be optimum and greater than the person’s weight so it can easily endure the load. If that is not the case, the machine may wobble and, there can be chances of mishap.

A heavy bike should have some transport wheels so they can easily move it from one place to another with ease. The base of the bike should have an extended length with adequate support at ends, and it should hold evenly on many surface.

2. Should Have Less Noise

Exercising in a noisy environment can frustrate, as people may not get the best workout experience and even face fatigue. Therefore, check the resistance of a bike properly at the beginning. A bike’s resistance works on the principle of air resistance in which when people pedal harder, it leads to the production of a strong breeze and, more noise.

Hence, while zeroing in on a bike, always check the resistance properly, so that there is less noise. If people like to watch television, tablet or mobile during an exercise, a silent environment is highly desired and that is why always lower the resistance.

3. Budget And Space Considerations

While buying the best exercise bike for seniors, price is a factor that you need to pay heed to. The price of bikes can vary substantially, but that does not mean that the costliest ones are the best. Rather, a person’s preference, needs, and circumstances is taken into account so that they can choose the best one among the many that may be available.

However, it is also important here to mention that along with the budget, you must also consider to take the available area into account so that a bike does not make a room look cramped. Most manufacturers highlight whether or not a bike can be folded. If there is not much space in a home gym, it can always be a good idea to get a folding bike that can help in saving sufficient space.

4. Dynamic Seating/Handlebar Arrangement

As discussed earlier, the seat of a bike must be comfortable enough so that a rider can stay at ease because a person may spend quite some time over the machine. It must also ensure that the seat can move back and forth as well as top and bottom on the rail with the help of a lever. This can help in obtaining the best posture for a rejuvenating workout experience.

Similarly, the handlebar should also be dynamic so that you can pull or push it easily. If many people use a single machine then satisfying both these conditions can help everyone because each person may have a different workout posture and they can realize it with ease. The only caveat here is that while the seat/handlebar moves, the bike should be in equilibrium at all times and you just cannot compromise with it.

5. Inspecting The Flywheel Enclosure

Bikes the elderly use must be safe enough and that is why inspect closely, the flywheel and chain enclosure. We must ensure that none of the parts are visible from outside, as body parts may get entangled during exercise. If kids or pets are there in a household, it becomes even more important to satisfy this safety condition as they can be more prone to an accident.

Luckily, most of the modern bikes have completely enclosed units and that can provide much solace to a buyer. Even during service, to avoid any eventuality, we should only let qualified personnel open the enclosure.

6. Getting Additional Accessories

While going to purchase an exercise bike, people may see a lot of them and get confused over the different available variants. One of the best ways can be to compare the selected ones for the additional accessories that are being provided by individual models.

Elder people who sweat a lot during exercise may like to have a fan on a bike, or people who like listening to music during a workout may opt for one that features an acoustic sound system.

Similarly, many bikes have water bottle holders on the handlebar. It can be a wise idea to make a comparison of these additional accessories on the chosen models and then make a final selection depending upon one’s preference.

Types Of Exercise Bike Available

We can broadly classify the exercise bikes into two categories – Recumbent and Upright. While they lay the recumbent bikes out models and usually occupy more space, the upright bikes are more compact and we can fold most of them. In the following sections, we take a look at some other features that properly distinguish them.

1. Recumbent Bikes

In a recumbent bike, people can sit in a semi-reclined posture so that we can avoid strain on the spine and lumbar region. The paddle of these bikes is located at the front of the body, and they can also expect a seat to be larger with an adequate backrest. Hence, it will evenly distribute the body weight on this bike and workout can be a pleasurable affair, especially for senior citizens.

People with persistent back problems may also prefer this bike as it helps in distributing the body load effectively. However, it is important to ensure that correct posture is achieved before and during the exercise so that they can accrue all benefits from it.

2. Upright Bikes

In an upright bike, the seat may are smaller compared to a recumbent bike and usually with no backrest available. The natural stance or posture of a person on an upright bike can be downward stare so that there can be a greater strain on the neck. For senior citizens, spending more time on these bikes can be strenuous for the obvious reasons mentioned above. However, people who are used to these bikes can certainly derive the benefits of exercise.

Compared to recumbent bikes, upright bikes can be a better bet for younger people, but for senior citizens, recumbent bikes can undoubtedly be a better option. However, depending on one’s choice and need, either of them can be chosen for a fulfilling experience.

FAQs on Exercise Bikes For Seniors

1. Why Are Recumbent Bikes Better For Seniors?

Recumbent bikes spread the bodyweight uniformly as they offer large seating arrangements and they locate the pedals at the front of the bike so that people can have a pleasurable workout experience.

2. What Is The Best Height For Adjusting The Seat?

For properly adjusting the seat height, first, it is important to sit comfortably on the seat and then move the pedal to the lowest position. At this point, there should be a slight bend on the knees, and this is the best height for the seat for the person.

3. Which One Is Better – Belt Drive Or Chain Drive?

Both belt drive and chain drive have their pros and cons, as they connect these drives to the pedal system. A belt drive has a free-spinning flywheel, and even without pedaling, it can spin independently. A chain drive can last longer, but at the same time may emit noise after a certain period.

4. Is There Any Service Issue With Exercise Bikes?

Normally, exercise bikes do not need service at regular periods. However, if it is a chain drive model, at periodic intervals they may need oiling. Apart from that, most models only need to be wiped off any sweat or dust that can corrode the parts in the long run.

5. What Are The Different Types Of Tension And Which One Is Most Preferred?

In an exercise bike, the resistance provides the needed tension and it can be of the following four types – open air flywheel, mechanical resistance, magnetic resistance, and electromagnetic resistance. The open-air flywheel is the most basic one in which one has to pedal faster to create more wind resistance. In mechanical resistance, there is a tension belt wound around the flywheel and can be adjusted with the help of the tension knob to create the needed resistance.

The magnetic resistance flywheel is akin to elliptical trainers and is a smart resistance providing device. The brake system can be adjusted by the tension knob easily. Finally, the most sophisticated of all resistance systems is electromagnetic resistance, in which the tension is controlled electronically by a magnet near the flywheel.

For the user, they can do all of this through the console itself. These are maintenance free and offer a smooth operation for a long time. Hence, electromagnetic resistance is the most desired of all the available options, although the cost of these bikes may be a bit on the higher side compared to others.

6. What Is The Correct Pedaling Load For An Exercise Bike?

To determine the correct pedaling load, it is always advisable to go through the owner’s manual so that the tension correctly determined from it. For example, if a bike has mechanical resistance, then it can be a good idea to adjust its tension cable so that you can achieve the desired pedaling load.

7. Does A Heavier Flywheel Ensure Better Results?

It is a common notion that heavier flywheels provide better workout outcomes, which are not so. The purpose of the flywheel is to only build up the required momentum for pedaling. On an upright bike, a flywheel of about ten pounds can be enough for the same while in a recumbent bike; heavier flywheels are used to build the initial momentum. Therefore, flywheel weight is not at all a factor to determine better results for a person’s exercise.

Best Exercise Bikes For Seniors – Your pick?

We have gone through some of the best exercise bikes for seniors and have also seen the factors for selecting the best one among the many available. After looking at the different types of exercise bikes flooding the market, we can very well conclude that the Exerpeutic Weight Capacity Exercise Bike is one of the finest in its class as most features and conveniences are available in it. The bike offers excellent features and ample opportunities for senior citizens so that they can get long-term benefits from it.

However, depending upon one’s choice and situation, they can also consider other bikes due to the unique characteristics that some of them offer. The only thing that you must check before investing in an exercise bike is whether all the factors are met so that we can derive the most pleasurable experience from a workout.

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