How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mobility Scooter: An Elaborate Guide

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Mobility scooters are single rider electric scooters, which act as an important mobility aid, especially for geriatric patients. Mobility scooters come in a variety of designs, which differ in terms of speed and the number of wheels. While some mobility scooters have three wheels, others can have up to five wheels for increasing the base of support to aid mobility further. Mobility scooters run on batteries, and people can drive them simply by steering the handlebars. A typical mobility scooter model has lights, mirrors, storage space, etc. However, even though they have a positive impact on the functional health of the elderly, the cost of buying a mobility scooter is a cause of worry for many. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about agencies that rent mobility scooters, and how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter in different parts of the country. 

People can ride a mobility scooter either on the pavements or the roads, depending on the speed capability of the scooter model. Moreover, a mobility scooter differs from other conventional mobility aids such as wheelchairs. It is because operating a mobility scooter requires that the person should know how to stand, walk with support, and must have the ability to maneuver his or her body on a seated object. While patients on wheelchairs have access to buildings, mobility scooters may not have guaranteed access, and thus, the driver must know how to walk for short distances with support. 

Accessing Mobility Scooters

In the United States, there are many ways to access mobility scooters. For purchasing a mobility scooter, one can easily find retail owners or street sellers in the popular market areas. Even some online shopping platforms sell mobility scooters today. Some people seek loans from banks to buy a mobility scooter. However, most of the National Health Service policies do not guarantee financial aid to purchase a mobility scooter for geriatric patients. 

Cost of Renting a Mobility Scooter

Even though mobility scooters are readily available for purchasing, most people prefer renting them for short durations. Several service providers rent-out mobility scooters today. Disabled people (even people with a minor disability) are considered eligible to rent a mobility scooter, once they acquire the training required to drive it.

Nowadays, online services for renting mobility scooters are becoming popular. You just have to enroll yourself on their portal or book a scooter by making a call, and they send the mobility scooter to your residence, hotel, the airport, etc. 

The cost of renting a mobility scooter differs from state to state. While it may cost around 20 dollars per day in states like Las Vegas, the cost may be higher, up to 50 dollars a day, in states like New York. However, in most places like Orlando, Florida, and Washington DC, the average cost of renting a mobility scooter is between 25 to 30 dollars per day. 

Most agencies that rent mobility scooters, also have some lucrative packages. As per the packages, the daily rent of a mobility scooter is slightly lesser. These can be three-day or five-day packages that have discounts and other offers on renting a mobility scooter. Thus, on renting a scooter for a longer time, you save more money. 

User Perspectives About Mobility Scooters

The user perspectives about mobility scooters are positive. Users suggest that no other mobility aid provides as much freedom of movement as a mobility scooter does. Experts feel that there was always a need for an assistive technology that could match the specific mobility requirements of a patient, and a mobility scooter fulfills that need. Even geriatric psychologists agree that people who use mobility scooters feel more independent, because driving the scooter gives them a sense of empowerment.

People say that using a mobility scooter helps them in participating in more activities, and even provides them a sense of security. They feel that using the mobility scooters helps them in traveling to more destinations, and has become a source of social well-being for them. 

However, the prevalence of mobility scooters is still not as high as other mobility aids such as wheelchairs. Probably because of the higher cost and the lack of training among people for operating the scooter. 

Some users say that mobility scooters with speed capabilities that only allow them to run on pavements, are useless. It is because people walk on the sidewalks and pavements, and there is no space to move around with a mobility scooter. Moreover, retail owners suggest that the older the patient is, the more difficult it is to learn how to use a scooter, in comparison to a wheelchair

Training for Using a Mobility Scooter

Training and guidance for using a mobility scooter are crucial for its success as a mobility aid. Most people seek guidance in using the mobility scooter from the organization where they buy the mobility scooter. Even though retail owners provide training on a large scale, the lack of a National Training Center for teaching people how to use a mobility scooter is affecting its growth as a modern mobility aid.

Moreover, the time that people take to learn how to operate a mobility scooter directly influences their likelihood to use the device. To address the problem, many online guides are coming up, to teach people the use of a mobility scooter. People must seek advice from health professionals before buying mobility scooters so that they can guide them about the pros and cons of this aid, in their case. 


Mobility scooters play a significant role in enhancing mobility amongst the elderly. Most users see mobility scooters in a positive light. They suggest that it has become responsible for their well-being as well. Buying a mobility scooter can be a challenge for some people. However, many agencies rent out mobility scooters today. You can call them and ask how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter. Training and guidance are crucial for using the scooter, so seek advice from your doctor and learn using the scooter before purchasing it. 

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