How Much Does Elderly Day Care Cost?

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If you have an elderly person in the family, and you feel that you need assistance in looking after them, the elderly day care facilities can offer a solution. People find it difficult to manage work and other activities when the task of taking care of the elderly lies on their shoulders. Fortunately, elderly day care facilities have come up in all parts of the world that provide a safe environment for the elderly. If you want to know how much does elderly day care cost, follow along. 

An elderly day care differs from a regular senior living facility. Elderly day care facilities provide temporary space to the elderly so that the primary caregivers or family members can take a break from their caregiving duties. Not just for managing work, but even to avoid burnouts, elderly day care facilities are useful. 

Types of Elderly Day Care

Today, even the elderly day care units are of two types. 

The first one is called adult social day care. In an adult social day care, a community of elderly people gather every day for recreational activities. The facility gives them meals and supplements too. Besides, some simple services for monitoring the health conditions are also rendered by skilled supervisors at an adult social day care. 

The second type of elderly day care facility is the adult health day care. In an adult health day care facility, in addition to all the services you get at an adult social day care, better health facilities such as drug administration, intravenous meals, monitoring of vitals, etc. They are suitable for families who cannot even afford simple home modifications for health monitoring. Most of the other setups that provide health facilities to the geriatric patients are highly expensive as compared to an adult health day care facility. 

How Much Does Elderly Day Care Cost On an Average? 

Usually, the payment for adult day care is on an hourly or daily basis. On average, adult day care facilities in the U.S. cost between $25 to $100 per hour, depending on the facilities and type of supervision the elderly requires. 

Since there is a lot of variability in the needs of the geriatric patients coming to elderly day care, the cost of the day care facility also varies. For example, some people might require services for only 4 to 5 hours per day at an elderly day care facility, while some others might require a 12-hour stay. Among the oldest elderly day care facilities, the customers have to spend an average of $70 per day which amounts to $2100 per month and up to $25000 per annum. However, these figures do not include the subsidies given by the government or the benefits of health insurance. 

In the United States, demographics play an important role in deciding the cost of elderly day care and geriatric health facilities. Major variations exist in the cost of these facilities in different states. Elderly day care facilities in States like Alaska charge as high as $2800 per month, while States like Alaska have a minimum monthly cost of only $400 for an elderly day care facility. 

How to Pay day care Bills? 

1. Medical Insurance

Paying the bills of an elderly day care facility can be easier if the elderly have access to medical insurance or are entitled to the government’s Veterans Benefits Fund money. Check the geriatric health insurance policies carefully because most of the prominent insurance policies like the Medicare policy do not offer coverage for elderly day care costs. 

Even with supplementary policies of the same category, there is no way in which a Medicare policy can contribute to lowering the elderly day care expenses. 

Most people confuse the Medicare policy with the Medicaid policy. The Medicaid policy, on the other hand, offers the most comprehensive coverage of elderly day care costs. The rules and regulations of the policy can vary between states. 

However, some amount of coverage is provided in all states through the Medicaid policy. Moreover, it is advised that geriatric patients who require regular health check-ups and nursing care should buy the Medicaid policy. 

2. Veteran’s Health Benefits Program

The U.S. government runs a Veteran’s Health Benefits program. The Veterans Health Benefits program provides reimbursement for elderly day care costs, apart from covering hospital expenses. 

If the purpose of visiting elderly day care is health monitoring, only then will the expenses be covered by the fund. Otherwise, cases where the aim of visiting day care facilities is only to give respite to caregivers or for social interactions, the person is not entitled to funding under the Veterans Health Benefits program. 

The governments of different States run many other schemes for the elderly. These can supplement the Veterans Health Benefits program to provide financial assistance for paying bills of an elderly social day care facility as well. 

3. Private Payment Options

People who do not have any long term insurance policy end up paying day care bills through retirement pensions, savings, etc. However, not all health insurance policies offer benefits for elderly day care funding. 

Most policies cover health-related expenses only and do not consider day care costs. People have been demanding the inclusion of elderly day care costs in the policies for years altogether. Many say that if other expenses like those on medications, supplements, health accessories, etc. can be covered, then day care costs can be covered as well. 

People who do not have any of these private payment options can apply for loans. Some people even have to reverse their home mortgages to pay the bills. Even though the elderly care costs do not find representation in some of the most prominent financial policies, it is seen that most States have a provision where one can at least quote the elderly day care costs for seeking tax deductions. 


In this article, we discussed how an adult day care facility assists the family members in looking after their elderly. However, not all old people get the affection and support of a family in the first place. Elderly day care units have helped in supporting those people who are isolated and lonely in the declining years of life. No matter how necessary the elderly day care facilities are, they are generally considered to be expensive. Therefore, people always ask, ‘how much does elderly day care cost?’ as they are doubtful if they can afford it or not. But, with geriatric medicine getting importance in the agenda of most states in the US today, more day care units are coming up that are affordable while some places might even have facilities that include exercise equipment for seniors and other things.

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