Adults Falling Out Of Bed – Causes And Solution

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According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans aged 65 and above falls every year. Moreover, falls are considered to be the largest cause for injuries among seniors in the United States.

Falling out of bed is neither pleasant to watch nor experience. You were on your bed last night and the next morning, you are on your floor, fatigued. These experiences might be nightmarish for you. There are various reasons why adults fall off the bed.

Why Do Adults Fall Out Of The Bed?

The trouble with sleeping is one of the important causes for this. The tendency to get out of the bed while asleep accompanied by the rolling motion of a person is cited as another major reason.

1. REM

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder is a sleep disorder in which you physically act out vivid, often unpleasant dreams with vocal sounds and sudden, often violent, arm and leg movements during REM sleep — sometimes called dream-enacting behavior.

But don’t consider riding a bicycle in your dream as a REM disorder!

2. Change Of Medication

A change in medication during the day can cause adults to roll their way out of bed. Utmost care should be given when daily medication is administered to adults. They are highly sensitive to sudden changes in medication.

So, if you’re a nurse and are reading this, keep an eye out.

3. Different Sleeping Environments

Changes in the sleeping environment of seniors often lead to a sense of confusion in them. When their bed is positioned at a different place from where it usually is, the possibility of falling is relatively higher.

Slippery bedsheets, slippery nightgowns, etc cause them distress. In such cases, the senior becomes more prone to falls from bed.

4. Incontinence

It means a lack of control. This causes the urge to rush to the bathroom. In these situations, they attempt to rush out of the bed but they end up falling. Increased chances of falling might occur in dark and cluttered areas.

Such falls can even lead to fractures.

5. Trauma

Trauma is a big determinant of falls. A traumatic medical event in the recent past that triggered a change of mobility like heart attack can cause serious falls. The fear of falling can also give elders a certain kind of trauma. As a result, this leads to various important health issues in elders.

6. Vision Problems

Worsening eyesight is the most common cause of falling in adults. During nights, they experience poor vision and, in extreme cases, no vision. This is highly dangerous as it increases the chances of falling.

7. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

This condition gives false signals to the brain. This has been identified as an important risk factor in falls. Consequently, the person experiences dizziness. This is seen among adults and can cause them to fall out of their beds.

8. Dementia

People who are living with dementia are prone to falling out of bed. In fact, 28% of severe falls in memory care communities happen when a resident is rolling out of bed or transferring to or from a bed. There are a number of factors that contribute to people with dementia falling out of bed.

As we’ve discussed in detail the major reasons for adults falling out of their beds, we’ll take a look at the risks caused by these falls.

Risks Of Falling Off The Bed

Falling causes minor to major injuries in an average human being. When it comes to seniors, the impact can be more grave. Falling can result in debilitating injuries. As a matter of fact, it not only poses a threat to the physical health and mental well being of an adult, it becomes a hindrance to their self-independence as well.

Falling out of bed results in various bone fractures among elders. Hip fracture is a common injury that affects this age group. This reduces their mobility and makes them less efficient. In some cases, the results are unlikely to be reversed.

Risk being greater in the case of adults, timely medical attention is vital. It is recommended that you seek medical attention as soon as possible within the first several days of the injury. In the case of head injuries, visit the physician as soon as possible.
The sooner, the better.

We’ve seen the adverse effects of falling. We all want to protect our loved ones as we can’t stand the sight of them getting hurt. Especially if the loved one is an elder person, you must definitely take the right measures to prevent them from falling.

Every problem needs a solution and here, we’ll give you the best solutions to prevent adults from falling off the bed.

How to Prevent Falling?

1. Bed Rails

This is a very effective way to prevent your loved one from rolling out of the bed. Installing bed rails can offer them adequate protection. It also assists them in getting a hold whenever they feel the need to wake up or sit themselves up.

This is a good way to help them get the perfect sleep they need. As for you, have a good night’s sleep too!

2. Pool Noodles

This is a cute yet powerful way to help adults stay in bed. Installing bed rails can sometimes give them a claustrophobic feeling, which is not a good sign. In several instances, rails can even hurt them.

Pool noodles to our rescue! This is a foam pool noodle that kids play within the water. Placing a spongy noodle on either side of the bed can prevent them from playing the roll game at night.

3. Falling Mat

If you love falling, then fall onto a falling mat. Job is done! A falling mat softens the potential injuries caused by falls. This is a very effective and practical solution. But once the adult falls onto the mat, they should be able to get back on their feet,

If not, a falling mat will fail to serve its purpose.

4. Bed Mattresses

You can always invest in buying them the best mattresses. Buying good quality, easy to sleep mattress that is closer to the floor, can prove to be a real game-changer. This can mitigate the impact of falls to a great extent. It also lets them sleep happily, smiling in their dreams.

Another awesome bed design is that of the hospital bed. A Posey bed is a kind of bed designed especially for the safety of elders. The bed is enclosed from all sides which makes it physically impossible for them to move.

Unless you are Batman, you’ll stay in bed all night.

5. Pillows

More the pillows, more the comfort. But they can act as a protective shield as well. Buying body length pillows will prevent them from falling off the bed in a very comfy way. You can either place more head pillows beside the bed or you can keep the full-length pillow at the edge.

Trust us, no one would go past those super fluffy pillows!

6. Wedges

Wedges can be easily bought from nearby medical supply stores and pharmacies. These wedges are made from foam and are proven and effective in helping prevent adults from falling from the bed.

Wedges can be placed at the edges of a bed to stop adults from rolling off the bed. These wedges can also multitask! They help seniors find their comfort at a specific angle by giving them relief from back and neck pain.

7. Balance Exercises

You might wonder what exercises have got to do with falling from beds. Though insignificant, it plays a major role. Adults are more prone to lose their balance. Even during nights, loss of balance can be a probable reason for falls.

Doing the right kind of balance exercises can also prevent elders from falling off the bed.

These are the important solutions that will help you prevent your loved ones from falling out of the bed.

Let’s Stop Them Rolling!

Rolling off the bed sounds like a nightmare. It becomes our prime concern to prevent our loved ones from falling off and it’s never late to do so. We’ve gone through the important causes of falls and the probable risks caused by these falls.

We dislike leaving you midway, so we’ve offered you the best effective solutions. We hope you will make use of this in the best possible way. Have a good sleep!

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