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Founded by Sandy Bush in 2019, Gogrit is a informative blog meant to help out senior citizens and their caregivers make their lives a little easier. At Gogrit, we provide reviews of products you might require and various other informative articles to give you reliable tips and knowledge on various aspects of old age. . 


We realise how challenging and difficult old age can be, especially for a generation that finds it increasingly difficult to cope with a world that is changing so rapidly. Coping with technological advancement and one’s daily needs can be cumbersome at that age. We, at Gogrit, aim to guide the elderly with specific articles on various products that they might require or important information on certain things. 

We work in different areas like technology, mobility, home modifications, etc. Some of the topics we’ve covered include best dental insurance, best TV for the elderly, best e-readers, best universal remotes, and such other products. Our thorough research helps us list some of the best products you can find for any need.. 

Other than these product reviews, we also write informative articles on things like social security income, medicare policies, balance exercises for the elderly, elderly care, and so on. These educate the aged and open them to a world of unending services that they can choose from. Our readers vouch for the authenticity and the superior quality of every article that is put up. 

About the Founder

Gogrit was founded by Sandy Bush who is a reputed and highly-skilled nurse at the State City Hospital in New Orleans. She has been in-charge of caring for aged patients and her time spent at the hospital made her realise how helpless some elderly individuals feel with nobody to guide them in buying the best products or helping them in other ways. 

Driven by this experience, Sandy decided to start a blog that would deal with all the information that can be important to the eldery And Gogrit was born as a result. Sandy is trained in nursing and she has quite a fair idea about all that an elderly person needs. Equipped with this knowledge, she has designed the website to truly help those elderly people who do not have anybody to be dependent on or wish to remain independent. 

Meet the Contributor

Joshua Winchester is our in-house writer and creator of all the informative and well-researched articles that you will come across on this website. Having worked as a consultant for some years, Joshua wished to take a break from corporate life when he chanced upon Gogrit. He channeled his love for writing, to start creating content for the website. 

With Joshua on board, you can be rest assured that each and every product that he reviews has been researched well and previous customer reviews have also been incorporated. The buyer guides he creates have proven useful for numerous people who have found our page to be very helpful

Joshua is also sympathetic to various other issues important to the elderly like financial planning, matters of health, and so on. The articles reflect this sympathy as the readers sense the tone of conviction and sensitivity with which he writes every word. When Joshua is not working or writing, he can be seen playing with his 2-year old retriever- Goldy or travelling to different parts of the world. 

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