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Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT)

GRIT is a social enterprise startup based in Boston, Massachusetts. We believe in a stakeholder driven design process, where the people who use a technology help to design it. We started as the MIT Mobility Lab where we invented the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC), a lever-powered all-terrain wheelchair. After four years of testing the LFC in the field, we founded GRIT in 2012 to bring the LFC to market. We help people with disabilities get off-road and on with their lives.


GRIT was founded by mechanical engineers who met in the MIT Mobility Lab and are passionate about using technology to improve people's lives.

Tish Scolnik Chief Executive Officer

Tish graduated from MIT in 2010 with an SB in mechanical engineering and a minor in applied international studies. At MIT she became hooked on using her engineering skills for public service. She put these skills to use in East Africa and India as the LFC was developed and tested. Tish has worked at the World Bank and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Mario Bollini Chief Technology Officer

Mario received his degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT (SB '09, MS '12) with a focus on robotics and mechanical design for highly constrained environments. While his research at MIT focused on motion and task planning for mobile manipulators in semistructured human environments, he has been working on wheelchair design since 2006 and the LFC since 2007.

Ben Judge Product Development Engineer

Ben received an SB in mechanical engineering from MIT in 2011, focusing his thesis on the design and market viability of the LFC for developed countries. Ben has been leveraging an ongoing relationship with Continuum Design to explore wheelchair concepts and will continue LFC product development research with support from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Amos Winter Chief Scientific Advisor

Amos is a member of the faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, where his research focuses on the marriage of mechanical design theory and user-centered product design to create simple, elegant technological solutions for use in highly constrained environments. Dr. Winter is the principal inventor of the LFC.


GRIT is fortunate to have incredible partners all around the world. A partial list: